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Love is calling...Wait for the beep! A widowed mother of two, Annie Harlowe has a secret: She likes to call her late husband's cell phone just to hear his voice, even if it is only a recording. Then one night she dials-and something extraordinary happens... Thomas Brannock IV has had his life mapped out since he was a kid, but a free-spirited woman with flowing hair and suLove is calling...Wait for the beep! A widowed mother of two, Annie Harlowe has a secret: She likes to call her late husband's cell phone just to hear his voice, even if it is only a recording. Then one night she dials-and something extraordinary happens... Thomas Brannock IV has had his life mapped out since he was a kid, but a free-spirited woman with flowing hair and sun-kissed cheeks is about to change all that. Still reeling from her heart-to-heart with the other side-and wondering if she's so lonely she's gone off her rocker-Annie literally bumps into Thom at the posh soiree she's catering at his family's Southampton mansion. From the moment she looks into his eyes she feels like she's experiencing a true heavenly intervention-as two people from totally different worlds begin to make the most passionate connection of all... With a little help from above!...

Title : Hello, It's Me
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ISBN : 9780446614535
Format Type : Paperback
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Hello, It's Me Reviews

  • Jennifer Wardrip
    2019-03-06 17:28

    For Annie Harlowe, her husband Andre's death was more than just the loss of her mate. Along with Andre, Annie lost her very foundation-her best friend, her lover, the father of her children. The spontaneous man who would take the kids off on "adventures", the man who let her work through the night on art projects that kept her sane, disappeared into the untamable waters of the Atlantic Ocean, taking with him the imperfect "perfect" life that was Annie's rock. So Annie muddles through the days, attempting to get her daughter Trixie through the inexplicable night terrors that haunt her, trying her best to answer her son Milo's incessant questions of why daddy can't come home. And even though money is tight, the roof leaks, and her financial future is questionable, Annie spends money every month to keep Andre's cell phone in service-so that when she needs to, Annie can call the familiar number and hear her dead husband's voice, for what she always swears will be the last time. Then the unimaginable happens, when during one phone call to listen to her husband's voice mail once again, he suddenly answers. "Hello." Just one word, but Annie knows immediately that it's Andre-that he's there, somewhere; that he loves her; that he misses his kids; that he's trying to tell her something about taking a catering job she has been offered. So, she does it. Still reeling from what she knows wasn't a dream or a simple hallucination, Annie takes a job catering a party for Thomas Brannock IV, a wealthy man whose future has been mapped out by other people for as long as he can remember. But when emotions become involved, and Annie and Thomas seem to be heading toward a relationship beyond mere employer and employee, how will Annie handle that mystic phone connection with her dead husband, the love of her life? HELLO, IT'S ME is a thought-provoking book about life and death-and how there are no boundaries when it comes to loving someone. Ms. Markham has done a wonderful job showing just how difficult it is to go from being part of a couple to a single parent, how death affects everyone it touches, and how, above all, there are miracles occurring every day-if we only know where to look.

  • Krista Braaten
    2019-02-22 18:23

    Annie still clings to the life she had with her husband and two awesome kids. Life is never perfect but her life changed abruptly. She is a strong confident woman who has a difficult time asking for help. Thom Brannock has lived a privileged life but never happy. Their worlds collide and both have a lot to think about.I picked up this book due to Hallmark doing a movie about it. I have also read other works by this author. The heat level was just perfect. I wanted to see if things would flicker out or they would figure how to keep it going. I won't give away the ending. This book is the first one I have finished in one day in a long long time. Definitely want to read more of her romance novels.

  • Louise Pledge
    2019-03-14 10:34

    Of course, since it was written by Wendy, I loved it! What a great story with voices from the dead, hidden treasure chest, billionaires who don't enjoy being billionaires, the usual staid mother, and best of all cute kids. So enjoy stories with young children. I must admit that I was up all night reading it. So be aware, you, most likely, will not be able to put it down once you start.

  • Julie
    2019-03-14 18:30

    Felt like the resolution was stretched out a bit...but really enjoyed this story. A fun read.

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-02-23 11:23

    2.5 stars. The story had charm and potential, but too much pondering and inaccurate second guessing by the h/h muddled it.Story Brief:Annie and Andre are married with two kids. Andre dies. Annie periodically calls Andre’s cell phone so she can hear his voice message. A year later she calls; and instead of hearing his voice message, she hears him saying different words among a lot of static. This happens a few times during the story. Annie makes a living baking cookies for a caterer and selling art sculptures. She also occasionally waitresses for the caterer. At one of the catered events, she meets Thom. Thom finds her wedding ring the next day and returns it to her where he meets her children. He’s a wealthy bachelor who is tired of wealthy women and gold diggers. He is drawn to Annie, but she is grieving too much and feels she will never be free to love another man.Opinion:I loved Thom. Annie was ok but I was annoyed with some of her thinking and actions. I was delighted and charmed with Thom and Annie’s first day together. But I was soon let down by too much pondering and second guessing within the minds of both of the characters. Annie kept thinking Andre wouldn’t want her to be with Thom. I was tired of Annie continuing to be sad and refusing to act on her feelings for Thom. I was also frustrated with Thom making his own inaccurate assumptions about Annie, telling himself she doesn’t want to see him for this or that reason. More action, conversation and events would have been better. The part about Andre’s ghost communicating with Annie also could have been better developed. I did not like Annie’s inconsistencies. She believed Andre’s ghost was talking to her via the telephone, but she wouldn’t believe that his ghost was talking to her two children at night. Both children told Annie that Andre’s ghost had said the same thing to each one of them separately. Yet she refused to believe them. I was also disappointed with something that wasn’t answered. Erika told Annie to put on some of Erika’s perfume. Annie chose the honeysuckle oil. Later Erika said she didn’t own any honeysuckle fragrance. That mystery was never answered. There were two sex scenes which were nice but don’t expect typical romance novel details. They were told rather than shown.Data:Story length: 372 pages. Swearing language: mild. Sexual language: none. Number of sex scenes: 2, told not shown. Setting: current day Long Island and Manhattan, NY. Copyright: 2005. Genre: contemporary romance with a touch of fantasy.

  • Wilhelmina Stolen
    2019-03-18 11:22

    A beautiful story.

  • Lynn
    2019-03-03 14:46

    This is a different kind of romance. Although I enjoyed it, if you can't believe in ghosts, or at least suspend belief in hard facts, this book is not for you. The story opens with the death of Annie's husband Andre, leaving her with a ramshackle home on Montauck Pt., and two small children. As a manner of coping, Annie keeps his cell activated, just so that she can call it and listen to his voice. But one night, something incredible happens. Andre answers. Though there is a lot of static, and most of the words are garbled, Annie KNOWS it is his voice. She just can't figure out what he is telling her. Of course, she has her doubts about the reality of the happening, who wouldn't? But she tries calling again, and sometimes gets through, and sometimes doesn't. When she does get through, the answers are no more clear than the first time. In order to make ends meet, Annie agrees to help out her caterer friend by waitressing at a posh party where she runs into (literally) the host, wealthy and highly eligible bachelor James Brannock. James, who has been feeling restricted by his life, takes one look at Annie, and knows she could change his world. When he finds her wedding ring after the party, he is disappointed to learn she is married, but insists on returning it in person. He discovers she is widowed, with two small children, a messy house and immediately is more drawn to her.Of course, there is angst. Andre had told Annie, jokingly, that if he ever died, she should never remarry, just pine for him. Although all her friends remind her that he was joking, and never expected to die so young, Annie takes this to heart, and tells herself she can't love James cause Andre said she should never love anyone other than him. It takes fortitude and planning on James' part, a hurricane, and some help from a ghost to finally get these two together.Evidently, in the original manuscript, James was named Thomas. (If you check some of the original reviews, you see he is listed as Thomas Brannock.) This should not be a problem, but in a couple of spots, James did not get renamed, and refering to him as Thom really pulled me out of the story. A little thing, I know, but something someone somewhere should have caught! As I said, I really enjoyed this book, but if you can't accept the ghostly aspect of the story, it may not be for you.

  • Rhea
    2019-03-15 15:19

    I've recently become a big fan of Wendy Corsi Staub's psychological thrillers so I thought I would give one of her romance novels a try (written under Wendy Markham). Since "Hello, It's Me" is being made into a TV movie, I decided to read that one. It's a cute book and I was certainly rooting for the couple (though I found Annie unlikable at times). It's a somewhat predictable love story and it makes a great quick, light summer read. My biggest issue with the book was that there were several places where the book led me to think it was going and then never picked up on those themes. Rather, in many places, those themes were addressed briefly in retrospect which made me feel like I was missing scenes that would have made the book more emotional, more complex and more engaging. That's the kind of thing I expect when a book is made into a movie and they need to cut stuff for time but books usually have all the details movies seem to lose. The lasting sense of the book was that it was rushed and we lost a lot of scenes that would have explained more or resolved more (i.e. the man with the familiar eyes and the scar on his hand, the honeysuckle oil). But it's a sweet book and I'm sure it will make a sweet movie as well.

  • L.A. Miller
    2019-03-03 18:38

    This book was a surprisingly enjoyable read. Normally I would pick a book based on the cover but I am glad I took a chance on this one. What happens when you meet your soul mate, fall in love and marry. You have the perfect life, two great kids and a dream of the future. What happens when your soul mate dies? This is what happens to the Annie who is suddenly left alone to raise two children on a limited income. As with anyone dealing with grief she has refused to let go. She keeps his clothes, his cell phone so that she can hear his voice from time to time. But what happens when he answers? How do you deal with a life where image is everything. Where women will do anything to hide the signs of aging. Where money is no object yet happiness is elusive. This is the world of Thom who is expected to carry on in his fathers image, marry to the proper bloodline and forget his own desires.Two people from opposite worlds meet accidently and with the guiding hand of the husband who died they will find happiness and love. A great love story of love, lost love and forever love.

  • Camille Maio
    2019-03-20 11:28

    This was an enjoyable beach read, but I feel like it's been one of a string of books that go like this: down-on-her-luck woman meets billionaire tycoon man who is perfect in every way. He instantly falls in love with her because she's unlike anyone else he's ever met. She can't believe that he could possibly love little ol' her.I'll give it this - this book had a few twists to add to that kind of storyline. She has kids. She communicates with her dead husband during stormy nights via cell phone. He appears as different incarnations throughout the book as someone paving the way for his wife to get together with the tycoon. And, as I think far too few people believe in miracles, it's refreshing to see them addressed in this kind of book.I heard that this is being made in to a TV movie, and I think it will carry over very well on to the screen.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-19 15:38

    The book was intense and bittersweet. I also thought that it was realistic in its portrayal of Annie who lost her husband a year ago, is struggling to raise her 2 small children and finds herself unable to move on after his death. So many times in romances, death and grief are glossed over and people get over it way too quickly. That was not the case in this book. Annie's doubts and struggle with overwhelming grief rang true to me. It was such a change to read a romance that dealt with this subject in a realistic manner. I also loved that in spite of the heavy subject matter, there were touches of humor in both Annie and Thom's private thoughts and I found myself laughing out loud a few time. Thom was a great hero and I was rooting for them both and enjoyed getting both of their POVs in the story. The one thing that I disliked was the use of the present tense.

  • Marcia
    2019-02-27 13:37

    This author writes her romances with a light humor. This book was a bit darker, because it deals with death of a love one and continuing to live afterwards. Andre, Annie's husband of 10 years, dies suddenly, leaving her with two young children and no life insurance. None of them seem to be able to move on, especially because Andre had jokingly told her once that if he died before her he did not want her to find anyone else. She takes him seriously, so when she meets Thom, a billionaire, who is drawn to her, she keeps pushing him away. The problem with this book, is I found Annie annoying. There is some paranormal activity, but it is haphazard. Some of it is explain, and some is just thrown in there at odds with the rest.

  • Patricia Solla
    2019-03-01 14:29

    The author puts forth a very strange premise in her storyline. It's a little far out but the development of the premise and the storyline are really good. Annie and her children are adorable and Todd is in a quandary about what he wants from life. Annie is a widow who was devoted to her husband and family and she believes that she is meant to remain faithful to her husband even after his death. Todd is highly impressed by Annie and her quirky ways. But, he's wealthy and she's down to earth and struggling, and he's not sure about what to do about his feelings. Well there's help with the romance and it's quite interesting to see how it will all work out.

  • Shannon
    2019-03-05 10:16

    I wanted to like this; I love supernatural romances. But this just wasn't good. The author writes in present tense which is jarring. Beyond that, while I'm good at suspending disbelief - you have to be for these books to work - this book pushed me too far. Example: the main character, a widow, is able to contact her dead husband by way of his cell phone, but she doesn't believe her children who say that Daddy has visited them. Please. I can imagine circumstances under which the protagonist would be a doubter, but the author just didn't work it out. Lame. I'm just glad I checked this book out from the library and didn't waste my money.

  • Nicole Galbraith
    2019-02-23 16:17

    Annie Harlowe is a widowed mother trying to survive. Thom Brannock is a millionaire stuck in a world of social snobs. An unlikely pair , but; when they meet the attraction is mutual. But, Annie made a promise to her husband that she'd never find anyone else and now he seems to be trying to contact her. This was a great, quick read. I like the way the author switches viewpoints so you know what both Annie and Thom are thinking. Both characters are appealing and you're really routing for them to get together.

  • Carol
    2019-03-04 18:24

    Watched the Hallmark movie so I thought I would read the book. There are some differences but the basic concept is the same. How do you move on after losing a husband? How do you deal with the guilt of losing your "forever" love but finding someone new. With the help of the spirit of her husband of course. Annie hears messages on the phone from her husband during storms? She needs to figure out what the message is and if it is okay to let him go and find someone new.

  • Dawn Byers
    2019-03-12 11:30

    This book was a wonderful love story. A woman whose husband died and left her with two children - the woman cannot get over the loss and calls his cellphone to hear his voice.She takes on a catering job for money and meets a man who courts her but is from totally different way of life. She cannot let herself commit

  • Roxann
    2019-02-18 14:27

    Annie is a woman who has to come to terms with widowhood before she can possibly allow a new love into her life. Thom is a man who has conformed to this societal Mother's demands and must learn to become the man he wishes to be. I really enjoyed reading about these two growing and eventually finding the happiness they deserve.

  • Julie
    2019-03-04 11:40

    For a quick read, not too bad. It was just a little too corney for my taste. The lady in the book could talk to her dead husband on the phone. I love a good ghost story but this took it a little too far.

  • Victoria LaRosa
    2019-03-03 16:31

    Good Book!I love anything from Wendy! This was a great story and a quick read. I couldn't stop reading! I also recommend her mystery books, written under her real name, Wendy Corsi Staub.

  • Courtney
    2019-03-20 15:20

    This book was what I wanted to read. I needed something light and sweet and this one hit the spot. It has just the right amount of romance and the right amount of cutely paranormal activity to keep me happy. I'll read more by Wendy Markham.

  • Marissa Crawford
    2019-03-17 10:36

    This is the 6th book I've read from this author and it was the least enjoyable. I've determined that I don't really enjoy Markham's books because the characters just sit around thinking to themselves. There is very little action occurring but a lot of thinking and that just gets dull.

  • Kelly
    2019-03-16 15:43

    Enjoyed this book. Would like read this author again.

  • Nancy Luebke
    2019-02-24 10:20

    It was funny, it was sad and it was so hard to put down, it almost got me into trouble with my husband.

  • Tonya
    2019-03-16 17:27

    Great book! Loved it, so super cute.

  • Deanna
    2019-03-18 12:40

    cute fast read

  • Carolyn
    2019-03-08 12:27

    Having everything in the present tense is kind of annoying. I prefer 'She picked up her keys' to 'She picks up her keys.' I don't know why this bugs me, but it does. The story was cute.

  • Rehab
    2019-03-16 17:40

    A sweet story with all my favorite components; Romance, fantasy, humor and nice secondary characters.I loved reading this book and I recommend it to everybody.

  • Kimberly Kincaid
    2019-03-13 12:18

    Sweet, heartwarming story that hooks you right from the start. I was emotionally invested by page ten, and couldn't stop reading after that. Wonderful.

  • Gaile
    2019-03-12 10:23