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Title : Golden Days Vol. 8
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9789792761788
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 195 Pages
Status : Available For Download
Last checked : 21 Minutes ago!

Golden Days Vol. 8 Reviews

  • Melanie Pieper
    2019-03-15 17:16

    It's been a little while since I wrote a review. I wanted to review Golden Days, which I read recently and really enjoyed. When I first finished this series, I thought of it as quite good, but I simply could not get it out of my head, so I had to review it.The plot of Golden Days seems, on its surface, a bit silly. There are plenty of ludicrous media out there that use time travel as a gag device, to pull a character into amusing or exciting circumstances without dealing with the implications of such a plot device. Golden Days doesn't do that. When Souma Mitsuya, a Japanese teenager from the mid 1990s is sent back in time to the year his great-grandfather was also sixteen—1921—he reacts realistically. Mitsuya happens to look exactly like his grandfather, Yoshimitsu, and Mitsuya is mistaken for the missing Yoshimitsu and taken to live in his place. Yoshimitsu is actually a nobleman in Japan's now-abolished aristocracy, and he and his sister Yuriko have been taken care of by the aristocratic Kasuga family since the death of their parents. The Kasuga family also has two children, who have been raised alongside the Soumas—Jin, also sixteen, and Aiko, twelve.Mitsuya doesn't know why he is in the past, but has a final message from his grandfather: “If I could turn back time, I would certainly run to save him... Jin!” But save him from what?Read more...Mitsuya falls into Yoshimitsu's place uncomfortably at first. He goes through withdrawals for modern food and technology, and doesn't understand many archaic Japanese cultural practices. But Jin, who was very close to Yoshimitsu (and had unrequited feelings for him), guides Mitsuya through some of his troubles adjusting. Jin begins to wonder how he can have feelings for both Yoshimitsu and Mitsuya...There are innumerable wonderful subplots going on simultaneously. Kei, Mitsuya's older cousin and Yoshimitsu's other grandson, has also been sent back in time. He finds work at a coffeehouse and begins to fall in love with a waitress there, all while wondering if it is okay for him to seize happiness in this time period, or if he will change history. Yuriko, Yoshimitsu's sister, tries to avoid an arranged marriage so she can reconnect with her childhood sweetheart, Kunimi Hayato. Aiko encounters discrimination because she is half-Japanese (she and Jin have an Italian mother) and tries to befriend the son of her governess.Ultimately, the slice-of-life tone escalates to a mystery, as Jin and Mitsuya learn about the reasons Yoshimitsu ran away from home, and reaches a tightly plotted climax that changes everything.Golden Days defies being neatly labeled. Please don't be scared off by this being boy's love—this manga is more like a shoujo with a boy's love subplot than a true boy's love. You will really miss out of you pass by it just for that reason, and you might even like it. It is quite different from most other boy's love stories, and not at all steamy or sexy. Just cute and sweet, but never lighthearted.The characters are wonderful, they all felt so real and in their world. Mitsuya looks pretty, but he's also kind of scrappy and doesn't hesitate to throw a punch if it's needed. Jin can be quite charming, but he also has many things that trouble him. Not only that, but for a series that starts out feeling like a slice-of-life, it is actually tightly packed with very little that might be called “filler.” It's full of symbolism and foreshadowing, which won't all be apparent until you read it a second time. The first volume mirrors the last so well, it's clear that the mangaka planned the entire story from the start. And the ending doesn't hold back either. The characters face realistic and inevitable fates.Yes, as a love story, Golden Days is quite sad, but it is also a beautiful coming-of-age story about understanding life and coming to terms with death. I hope you might enjoy it too.

  • Peach Pettes
    2019-03-09 12:13

    It's the kind of story that is simply beautiful.

  • Belindanyaan
    2019-02-18 14:31

    Saya jelas tertarik dengan buku ini karena yang pasti mangakanya adalah Shigeru sensei (salah satu mangaka favorit saya) dan ternyata genre manga ini adalah shounen ai (kyaaaaa panjang).Karena manga ini terbilang lumayan lama, jarang ditemukan di toko buku sekarang. Saya hunting ke toko buku bekas juga tidak ada. Setelah pemcarian yang cukup lama, mata saya langsung bersinar ketika melihat manga ini ada di sebuah rak diskon dan tanpa pikir panjang saya langsung membelinya.Begitu banyak misteri dan teka-teki dalam manga ini dan akhirnya semua terjawab sudah dalam volume terakhir ini(sebelumnya saya mendownload volume 1-5.6 dan 7 belum diterjemahkan:C).Saya harus mengulang membacanya dua kali karena alur cerita yang cukup rumit. Dan klimaksnya adalah saat hampir mendekati bagian akhir cerita dimana Jin dan Mitsuya berpisah untuk selamanya. saya ikutan mewek saat mereka sama-sama menangis karena enggak mau berpisah dan Jin mencium Mitsuya (jiwa fujoshi memuncak).Saat itulah gempa kecil terjadi dan Mitsuya tiba-tiba kembali ke masanya. akhirnya Jin masuk menjadi tentara (Jin dewasa cakep banget)dan meninggal dalam perang. "Aku akan melindungi dunia ini demi dia."Itulah alasan Jin masuk tentara agar Mitsuya dapat terlahir ke dunia ini.saya rasa daripada bestfriend mereka lebih dikatakan soulmate. begitu banyak hal yang mereka korbankan demi melindungi satu sama lain.meskipun Mitsuya tidak ingin ia dan Jin menjadi sepasang kekasih tapi dia tidak bisa menghentikan perasaannya yang akhirnya mencintai Jin karena perlakuan tulus darinya. tapi doushite naze nande manga ini harus dikategorikan sad ending...sedih banget saat baca endingnya. Sedih banget saat tahu Jin dan Mitsuya tidak bisa bersatu. Dan sedih banget saat mitsuya baru sadar dirinya begitu kehilangan Jin saat pemuda itu sudah tidak ada di sisinya lagi. 4 thumbs up buat Shigeru sensei yang berhasil membuat hati saya kembali nangis.

  • Yuniar Widiastuti
    2019-03-19 10:11

    This story is pretty much like a puzzle. You need to collect and arrange the pieces before you get to see the whole image. And even when you’ve put the pieces together, it gets you thinking and asking questions. Life isn’t so simple, but even less so when you have to assume the life of another and take on his part in life, while trying your best to change the course of his history. And, at the same time, you’re changing yours.Read the complete review on

  • Nattapan
    2019-03-20 15:20