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The prim librarian is finally getting her chance to direct Avalon’s annual holiday pageant, and she’s determined to make it truly spectacular. But it might just require one of those Christmas miracles she’s always read about.The problem is her codirector is recovering former child star Eddie Haven, a long-haired, tattooed lump of coal in Maureen’s pageant stocking. Eddie cThe prim librarian is finally getting her chance to direct Avalon’s annual holiday pageant, and she’s determined to make it truly spectacular. But it might just require one of those Christmas miracles she’s always read about.The problem is her codirector is recovering former child star Eddie Haven, a long-haired, tattooed lump of coal in Maureen’s pageant stocking. Eddie can’t stand Christmas, but a court order from a judge has landed him right in the middle of the merrymaking.Maureen and Eddie spar over every detail of the pageant, from casting troubled kids to Eddie’s original—and distinctly untraditional—music. Is he trying to sabotage the performance to spite her? Or is she trying too hard to fit the show into her storybook-perfect notion of Christmas?And how is it possible that they’re falling in love?#1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs conjures the heartwarming holiday tale of two people looking beyond the disappointments of the past to the promise of the future. Amid the holiday bustle of crackling fires, caroling singers and delicious secrets, the season of goodwill becomes the backdrop for Willow Lake’s most unlikely love story yet....

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Lakeshore Christmas Reviews

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2019-02-17 17:29

    I feel like I really could have liked this book. Really. I could have. Maybe. If not for the blatantly pious, purse-mouthed, sanctimonious, rod-far-up-her-ass librarian. I just couldn't like Maureen. And yes, I know she's been through some shit and it made her all emotionally distant, but really? She was, what? 19, 20 when she went through it? She had a relatively happy childhood, an emotionally supportive upbringing amongst a large, emotionally supportive family? And Eddie? Eddie was cute and sweet and all, but whenever he got to boo-hooing about his parents, I kinda wanted to hit him for acting like a spoiled brat. So his holidays were spent on the road. So what? His parents didn't beat him, ignore him, sell him to strangers, or force him into any kind of slave labor. I can understand resenting your childhood when you're a child, but there comes a point where you need to grow the hell up and get over it. Especially when it wasn't that bad. The writing itself is technically good, but it's obvious that Wiggs' style is just not my thing. Everything about Christmas was magical and heartwarming and magical...come on. I like Christmas. I really do. What I don't like are the over-the-top, saccharine Hallmark sentiments tossed at me every other day. Give me a real story without all the smarmy BS, please. Oh, and WTH was with the Daisy/Logan/Julian storyline? We spent several chapters on that shit (chapters that interrupted time with the two main protagonists), and it's just left hanging? For the next book, no doubt. Well, sod off, Wiggs, I don't like being toyed with.

  • Rhonda Rae Baker
    2019-02-22 12:41

    I was so surprised about this is so much more than a Christmas story! After reading the first five books in the Lakeshore Chronicles, I couldn't bring myself to read this one. Have had it along with the next two in the series on my bookshelf. Wanted to read #7 and #8...which are waiting on my self...but in a series, I have to read them in order. Would never dream of reading this story around Christmas...well, that is until I read it today.Oh my...the story hit my heart strings with such deep resonation that I found myself choked up at every turn and couldn't put it down. The message was so touching and I would venture there are others who struggle around the holidays just as these characters and will relate like I did. My heart wrenched at some of the realizations...they hit home for me. So I don't spoil the read for others, I am speaking around the true message of this novel. It is so much more than a Christmas story! It is one of love, family, forgiving onself, pressing forward, and healing.Thank you Susan...I think that it is time for some changes in my holiday expectations. Maybe coming out of hiding in stories and avoidance...reach out to the grandchildren more. Thank you for writing such a beautifully far-reaching are amazing! It's as if you read my mail in this one...bless you!Now for The Summer Hideaway and Marrying Daily Bellamy...woot!

  • Katherine Coble
    2019-03-05 11:42

    I have to start by saying I love Susan Wiggs. She writes wonderfully fun and escapist books that are like a safe place to curl up and just relax. I save her books for times when I want to have the novellish equivalent of a spa treatment. This was not one of my favourite books of hers. The main heroine is a librarian straight out of Central Casting circa 1963. Because of that I never felt--unlike with other Wiggs books--that I was reading about a real person. Which was extremely ironic, because of all Wiggs' characters, Maureen Davenport is by far the most like me. (She's both dramatic and bookish.) I confess that after the third or fourth time we read about Maureen hiding from Her Tragic Past in a world of books I felt as though I were drowning in Lake Cliche. Take it from me. It is entirely possible to love to read AND be perfectly well-adjusted socially. This is the first Christmas themed novel I've read in many years, as I tend to shy away from them. But I plunged into this one because I've enjoyed thus far all of the Lakeshore Chronicles and was eager for another visit to Avalon. Sadly, not even the town of Avalon with it's lovable Bellamys could get me to love the general idea of the Christmas Romance. Angels, cartoonish town baddies and the rest are just not my cup of tea.

  • Liesl
    2019-03-15 15:19

    While Susan Wiggs is a good writer and I love some of her books (especially her earlier ones like Lightkeeper) I couldn't enjoy this one at all. The whole romance/christmas story consists of one cliché followed by another. The narrative is peppered with cheesy and simplistic oneliners about christmas and the main character Maureen was not engaging at all. I even hoped her romantic interest Eddie (the only character I found interesting) would fall in love with someone less self righteous and emotionally shut-in than her.

  • Steve Pifer
    2019-02-27 17:38

    Every year, just before Thanksgiving, I begin to crave and then search, sometimes extensively, for a good "Holiday Read". I have to admit, more often than not, I end the holiday season disappointed. I find several books from the 3 or 4 libraries that I frequent and reasearch man more on Amazon and other sites, but I find that the overwhelming majority of holiday theme books are either non-fiction, craftsy, or historical type of books, OR are a quickly written, not well though out novel by trendy authors who have 20 books or so on their shelves and decide to write a christmas theme novel to add to their collection.Everyone BUT Stephen King, it seems, have given in to this quick cash flow idea. The problem is, these books are not interesting, amazingly similar to other stories written by the author, and leave me frustrated and wondering why nobody can write a good novel with a holiday theme.This book, Lakeshore Christmas, has helped to revive my hopes that my search is not in vain. Even though the jacket does it injustice....(it looks like just another cheap, shallow holiday romance novel), I decided to put it in my large stack of Christmas hopefuls at one of my library trips. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the characters, who were not shallow, but had some depth, some believable traits that made you want to know them more. A bit of a stray from the cookie-cutter characters found in most holiday novels. The plot is well laid out and there was enough mystery and controversy to keep me interested. She added just enough of the supernatural element to give me that holiday miracle type of buzz. I enjoyed this book enough to find another by Ms. Wiggs.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-03-19 12:40

    This is a beautiful Christmas story!

  • Becky
    2019-03-05 13:16

    Ugh. What a total waste. I had picked this book to listen to on audio to put me in the Christmas mood while I worked on holiday presents, but instead it gave me no end of frustration. I couldn't stand Maureen. She did more to perpetuate the prim-librarian-who-has-no-life label herself than anyone else did for her. She instantly judged other people harshly, and then decided how they in turn would view her and went with her views even when actual facts went in another direction. Even finding out what was really "wrong" with her didn't garner her any sympathy in my book. She was annoyingly obtuse and went out of her way to keep others a good couple of feet away from her at all times and I have no idea why the other characters even kept trying to be close to her at all, let alone what on earth drew Eddie to her.Eddie's character alone might have bumped my review up a star, but by the end of the book he was just as annoying as Maureen, love libraries. I can't even begin to calculate the number of happy hours I've spent in them throughout the years. The fact that we could walk to ours from our house was a big selling point when we bought it, actually. I have myself been involved in efforts to keep our local branch open in recent years so that my kids can have as many good memories there as I did. The way librarians were portrayed in this book was fairly insulting to the librarians I have known and do know, and the struggle to keep their local library open was, quite frankly, just not at all inspiring. Daisy's character was just thrown in the novel for no apparent reason (okay, I've read book eight so I know WHY she was there. But I don't understand what she was doing in THIS book. Her connection with Maureen is so laughingly tenuous that she really can't even be considered a secondary character here. It's as if Wiggs took another story and just crudely smashed it into the one that she was originally writing and voila--there's Daisy!) and it was extremely distracting. Every time she was the focus I was drawn right out of the story--and I really wasn't all that connected to it in the first place, so it was particularly annoying. Plus, knowing that we'll hear all about the pertinent details later on in Daisy's book just make having to read them here completely unnecessary.Which brings me to my final point--there was constant telling and retelling in this book. It honestly made the whole experience twice as long and painful. How many times do we need to hear that Eddie spent every childhood Christmas driving from venue to venue? That Maureen's always found magic in Christmas? That Eddie's always taken refuge in alcohol, just like his parents? That Maureen has a close and loving family? (Who, by the way, always knew that Maureen wanted a nickname, but never thought to give her one? What the heck? Why wouldn't they give her one, then, being so close and loving and all? And it's not like it takes a genius to come up with "Mo", it's pretty standard.) I could go on and on here...the book does!...but I really just need for it to all be over, so I can begin to try to forget. Ugh.

  • EZRead eBookstore
    2019-02-25 10:43

    Susan Wiggs’ book covers have the same font and Thomas Kincade paintings as Debbie Macomber, so you can understand what I expected with “Lakeshore Christmas”. Shockingly, while this book is filled with poinsettias and cookies, it’s really nothing like Macomber’s style. I gave myself a wrist-slap for judging a book by its charming snowy cover.Both Wiggs and Macomber write romantic tales of small-town splendor, but Wiggs is actually a little more “adult” than Macomber, leaning more towards the romance novel side of things. You know what I mean. Also, you can see the plot coming like a giant blimp in a Macomber book, but the writing is so sweet and self-aware that you don’t care. Let the plot blimp come! In Wiggs’ “Lakeshore Christmas”, the tone and content takes itself too seriously, and is frustratingly predictable. I really hated the immediate cranky banter between uptight librarian Maureen and rockstar Eddie Haven. The awful stereotypes fell like snowflakes in a blizzard, and I never once believed Maureen let her guard down enough to let Eddie get all moogly googly with her.Opposites attract, but in “Lakeshore Christmas”, it takes the Hand of God to bring Maureen and Eddie together logically. Maureen is really, really cranky. As such, I felt “meh” about the whole love story, thereby ruining the joy of the ending. If I read a story about a small town in Christmas, I expect my money’s worth in heartwarming joy. Unfortunately, “Lakeshore Christmas” is bogged down by crabby main characters and stiff romance.Bah humbug.-EZ Read Staffer Jenifer

  • Kate Vale
    2019-03-01 16:20

    Yet another Lakeshore Chronicles, we watch as Maureen Davenport, unlucky in love in the worst possible place (Paris, France) who has declined into curve-hiding clothes and a wearing her hair in a bun. But she loves being librarian in little Avalon. Unfortunately, the library may have to close owing to not enough funds to keep it going. In the meantime, she promised to run the annual Christmas pageant, but oh no, former child star and local rocker, Eddie Haven, is required to be her co-producer, the result of a judge's court order following his DUI years earlier.Eddie is certain Maureen is NOT his type, but she keeps reappearing in his dreams as the angel who saved him after his crash into the nativity scene and the front of the church when his van burst into flames. Maureen knows Eddie could never be attracted to her. He's into big-bosomed blondes with long legs. Besides, they do not like the same kind of music and he professes to hate Christmas.What to do? Well, get on with it and make the pageant the best ever, even while Maureen is grieving the loss of her job and the library as of New Year's Day. But what further complicates matters is she finds herself falling for him and he can't get her out of his mind. What's a person to do?

  • Jonel Boyko
    2019-03-12 11:22

    This is a very well written and put together story that will tug at your heart. Wiggs makes her story pop with her very vivid descriptions while carrying it forward with realistic events and warm Christmas cheer. That said, the story itself is far from stereotypical. It leaves you with a warm sense of contentment at the ending that will have you smiling. I found the contrast between the two main characters simultaneously astounding and captivating. Wiggs definitely proves that opposites attract with these two. The interactions between the two are so real that when they finally do come together it seems so natural. The supporting cast was equally well developed. There was almost a secondary main couple in this tale. One can only assume that their story is a lead-in for future novels as this story doesn’t come to a conclusion, but rather just starts.Overall, this imaginative and heartfelt tale will put you in the mood for Christmas and for romance.

  • Sue
    2019-03-18 16:21

    Of all the books I've ever read, (and I can't believe I'm going to finish this one)this book hits absolutely every steretype image that you've ever had about a. Librarians, b.child actors, c. romance and the prim librarian, There are more but I am appalled at this book.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-18 17:45

    First of all, I am a big fan of how Susan Wiggs writes her books! She has great character development and emotions and you feel like you have an emotional connection with the characters which I really love in a book! However... I feel in this book the development of the relationship between Maureen and Eddie was very stereotypical and drawn out. It didn't feel exciting or interesting and went from really slow to very fast. Also, we were introduced to a character called Jabez and I was interested in finding out what his mystery was but to my displeasure, the author didn't elaborate on who this character was other than he was mysterious. Since this is a chronicle, maybe he will show up in a later book. Overall, the book had an interesting story line that had me turning the page to see what would happen next. I liked the plot and was satisfied with the way the book ended. I of course feel the end result was a tad unrealistic because everything turned out perfectly but since this is a "Christmas" novel, I guess I understand why there was such a happy ending. It was still a great book despite the faults I had with it!

  • Sev
    2019-03-15 12:28

    Eddie Haven, ancien enfant star devenu rockeur, est condamné à des travaux d’intérêt général: depuis plusieurs années, il doit s’occuper de mettre en place le spectacle de Noël de l’église de la petite ville d’Avalon. Maureen Davenport, bibliothécaire, est fascinée par Noël, et cette année elle peut enfin réaliser son rêve: organiser le spectacle de Noël. Seulement, elle devra composer avec Eddie, qui lui est imposé. Ces deux là n’ont rien en commun, et pourtant, la magie de Noël va opérer…C’est une romance cousue de fil blanc, on sait que les personnages principaux vont finir ensemble. L’auteur sème tout un tas d’embûches entre ses personnages afin de les séparer pour qu’ils se retrouvent mieux à la fin.A Lakeshore Christmas est presque caricatural dans sa stéréotypisation des personnages. Maureen, la bibliothécaire, a un look de bibliothécaire. Elle a essayé une fois de changer de style, sur les conseils de sa soeur, mais elle avait l’air déguisée… donc elle s’est résolue à porter ses lunettes, ses cheveux très longs en chignon, des jupes sous le genou et des cardigans de mémé. Et elle vit avec ses chats!!!Maureen a vécu un traumatisme affreux qui fait qu’elle se sent très bien dans sa vie de célibataire. Le traumatisme en question, c’est qu’elle est tombée amoureuse d’un homme marié lorsqu’elle était étudiante à Paris. So much for the French lover… Anyway. Maureen a donc le coeur brisé, mais pour en rajouter une couche, elle se met à saigner abondamment, ce qui la conduit aux urgences… et là elle découvre qu’elle était enceinte et qu’elle est en train de faire une fausse couche. Rajoutez-moi une couche de mélodrame en plus, s’il vous plaît!!! Oui? Oui. Maureen est orpheline depuis sa plus tendre enfance, mais elle a une belle mère en or, qu’elle adore. Au secours, j’ai la nausée, arrêtez cette avalanche de bons sentiments larmoyants!!Maureen, qui était donc une jeune fille extravertie qui étudiait le théâtre, rentre chez elle pour Noël, et la messe de Noël lui fait reprendre espoir. Mais bon, elle change quand même radicalement de voie, et décide que Paris, les planches et les spot lights, ce n’est plus pour elle. Non, elle va rester près de sa famille et devenir bibliothécaire. Un refuge sur, où rien de peut l’atteindre, et où elle peut vivre des aventures par procuration en lisant tout son saoul.Eddie, de son côté, est un ancien enfant star (genre Mackauley Culkin) qui fait maintenant de la musique, et qui déteste Noël. Pourquoi? Parce que ses parents, acteurs, l’amenaient en tournée à chaque Noël, et qu’il ne sait pas ce qu’est un Noël traditionnel.Nous voilà donc avec deux écorchés de la vie, l’une coincée et qui adore Noël, et l’autre über cool mais qui déteste Noël, qui vont devoir collaborer pour mettre en place le spectacle de Noël de la paroisse. Voilà, nos deux tourtereaux vont se tourner autour, Maureen la pète-sec va s’enfermer dans sa carapace, et Eddie, qui rejette au début ses sentiments, va tout faire pour conquérir Maureen une fois qu’il les aura admis.Seulement, le truc qui me gène, c’est que Maureen est tellement réticente qu’il faut qu’Eddie la force. Il la force à aller faire une rando en raquettes avec lui en la piégeant. Il la force à le laisser entrer chez elle après une charmante soirée romantique, et là, tranquillement, il se déshabille et emmène une Maureen toute surprise au lit. Pouf crac boum. Maureen n’a rien à dire, elle subit (avec plaisir bien sur), mais à part faire sa mijaurée et dire « non, je sais, je ne suis pas sûre », c’est une potiche.Ce qui est encore plus gênant dans ce livre, c’est « la magie de Noël » qui nous est vraiment servie à toutes les sauces. Il y a même la réincarnation de Jésus qui vient aider nos tourtereaux à se trouver. Un certain Jabez Canter (vous voyez les initiales: JC). On comprend tout de suite que Jabez, en plus de partager ses initiales avec un mec célèbre depuis plus de 2.000 ans, est le fantôme du gamin décédé dans l’incendie de la précédente bibliothèque, il y a 100 ans de cela. Tout de suite. Aucun mystère, que dalle, rien.Le pire, c’est que je n’ai toujours pas compris quel était son rôle, exactement. Il est là, il aide un peu à droite à gauche, il facilite la vie… mais on nous dit qu’il est là pour aider Maureen et Eddie à tomber amoureux… ben j’ai loupé le truc alors.Le point positif du livre: le dilemme du financement des bibliothèques aux USA, du soutien à l’art en général. Quand il faut couper dans le budget, ce sont toutes ces institutions qui en pâtissent en premier lieu. A quoi ça sert, un cours de musique ou d’art plastique? la philo? La lecture? Ca ne sert à rien de « concret ». Donc c’est par là que commencent les coupes budgétaires.Maureen donne notamment des cours d’alphabétisation aux adultes qui ne savent pas lire et écrire. Elle lit des histoires aux enfants. Sa bibliothèque est un lieu de convergence pour petits et grands. Bref, la disparition de la bibliothèque, financée par un riche industriel local, serait une catastrophe culturelle pour la petite ville d’Avalon.Au niveau du style, c’est agréable à lire. C’est bien construit aussi, même si cousu de fil blanc. Je n’ai pas laissé mon livre avant de l’avoir fini, car, sachant que ces deux là allaient finir ensemble, je voulais absolument savoir comment tout cela finirait! Pas de grosse surprise, mais une lecture de Noël agréable et de circonstance. Vite lu, vite apprécié pour ce qu’il est, et vite oublié. Je l’ai d’ailleurs libéré dans ma boite à livre de quartier, autant que d’autres en profitent.Les critiques que j’ai lues, de personnes qui connaissent l’auteure, sont toutes un peu déçues par ce livre, qui est un peu trop facile et manichéen. Stéréotypé. J’ai beaucoup aimé Maureen et Eddie, mais leurs « problèmes » m’ont semblé surfaits. Il fallait une excuse pour que Maureen soit allergique à l’amour et une grenouille de bénitier, et une autre pour qu’Eddie soit blessé par Noël. je ne suis pas certaine que les excuses trouvées par l’auteure soient les meilleures, mais ça fonctionne plus ou moins, même si c’est un peu gros.Bon, il est facile de critiquer, je ne sais pas si j’aurais fait mieux!!! Donc je rends tout de même hommage à Susan Wiggs et à son travail, qui m’ont fait passer un agréable moment alors que j’étais malade et ma choupette aussi.Un autre bémol: j’ai lu ce livre en anglais, et il y a quelques phrases de français de ci, de là. Très, très mauvaise traduction!!! Complètement littérale, c’est du franglais de haut niveau. Dommage. Quand on veut crâner avec son français (ou toute autre langue étrangère), on fait vérifier par une copine qui sait de quoi elle parle!

  • Jenny
    2019-02-22 18:32

    What drew me to this book (besides the fact that I've read the previous 5 in the's the type of series that's about the same town so you don't necessarily have to read all of them) is the fact that the main character is a librarian. I'm glad to report that the librarian wasn't portrayed in the stereotypical way. I also like that she wore glasses but did point out that contacts irritate her eyes. I have that same problem. I'm not trying to look like a librarian just like the book character isn't. We can't help it that our eyes reject contacts. On a serious note this book does tackle a serious issue...library funding. A lot of towns are dealing with this. It does reference some famous cases like how the libraries in John Steinbeck's hometown were being closed but they were saved. Of course, not all stories can have happy endings. I'm not going to ruin this for you but it does also mention of real life library funding issues that weren't solved. :( There isn't enough "library talk" in here to scare away non-library people. I just think if you are a library user to completely understand what they're going through.

  • Mollie *scoutrmom*
    2019-02-26 14:46

    I love the series, and this plot ranks with the best of them. I was not happy with the two lead characters, I thought the description of the alcoholic's motivations and struggle for sobriety were not deeply enough described to be convincing. The female lead's insecurities were well described, but the description of her causes for them did not seem to me to be a sufficient catalyst to have caused the result. I did enjoy the updates of what's going on in the lives of ongoing characters, especially the unwed teen mom. This was well-written except for what I've noted above.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-06 15:22

    Fun, but, as with all of her books, overwritten, redundant, contrived. She excels at dialog and story. She just needs a better editor to move beyond the forceful way she tries to get her points across and let the story do it for her. I will be reading more, however, because she left multiple plot lines unfinished--and one was more important to me than the primary story. They should have been separate books but they weren't. Now I'm sucked in. Oh well.

  • Julie
    2019-02-17 12:27

    Wasn't too sure about this book, but as soon as I started reading was drawn into the story. It's just a lovely read, easy to lose yourself in. Am looking forward to reading more about the town of Avalon.Re-read in Jan 2016. Loved this cute little story just as much.

  • Dorothy Timm
    2019-03-20 14:19

    A very superficial read about a librarian, a "sexy" rock star, and a Christmas pageant. Although sometimes I like this kind of book because you don't have to think too much, this was just way too superficial for me

  • Rachael Johns
    2019-02-26 17:34

    LOVED it! I read this book because I'm going to the Australian Romance Writers' conf next week and wanted to have read some Susan Wiggs before hearing her speak. WOW - I'm hooked. I love contemporary romance and this is feel-good, emotional romance at it's best. I'll be buying her back list!

  • Chrissy
    2019-03-19 17:44

    I love the Lakeshore series and this latest book was no exception. I enjoy reading updates on the previous characters, while being introduced to new ones. The ongoing story of Daisy and Julian keeps me wanting more. Can't wait until there's a book devoted to the two of them. Thanks Susan!!!

  • Lizz
    2019-02-28 16:38

    I've enjoyed this series, but I find that I need to reread some of the older ones as I've forgotten how some of the relationships work.

  • Carla
    2019-02-24 17:33


  • Dee
    2019-03-02 18:46

    Two-haiku review:She directs pageantHe's court ordered to assistThey can't help lovingSuper sweet storyGreat characters plus angelPerfect for Christmas

  • Linda
    2019-03-14 14:45

    I loved this book!!! This is a series about the town of Avalon, NY and I just love the characters and setting. Great holiday book.

  • Shirlene
    2019-03-16 10:18

    A new kid had come to town. His name was Jabez Canton. He was standing outside the library when he was nearly run over by the librarian, Maureen Davenport. She was in a hurry and hadn't seen him. She introduced herself but he already knew who she was. Maureen was headed to the Sky River Bakery to meet with Eddie Haven. Eddie had been in a Christmas movie as a child and his popularity led to his entertainment parents taking him out on the road every Christmas to do shows. It was on Christmas Eve that Eddie proposed to his girlfriend and she turned him down. Eddie proceeded to get drunk and drive home that night and his van skidded off the road. The van ran through the nativity scene and into the church before exploding. It was a miracle that Eddie survived. Eddie hated Christmas. Maureen loved Christmas and it was her favorite time of year. She had returned home after having her heart broken while studying abroad. She had fallen in love with a frenchman and discovered that he was married and had two children. She left him to find out that she was pregnant. She miscarried the child and returned home to her family. She decided changed her major from drama to library science and never looked back. Eddie was late and was fascinated by Maureen. He didn't understand his fascination with her. She asked him if he wanted to stay and discuss the program over dinner but he had somewhere else that he had to be. Maureen thought he might have a date but he was actually on his way to an AA meeting. They saw each other the next evening when they were setting up the nativity scene at the church. It started to snow. Maureen took off her glasses and she noticed Eddie looking at her. She blushed but knew that he couldn't be looking at her like he was interested in her. She wasn't an interesting person. She asked Eddie about the night of the accident and wondered if it was due to the accident that he hated Christmas. He told her that partly it was. He told her what led up to the accident but he didn't mention that she had found him that night in the snow. She wondered if he even remembered her from that night. What he remembered was an angel being there when he was waking up, not realizing that he was remembering Maureen.Daisy Bellamy had a son, Charlie, who was about a year and a half old this year. He was to spend Christmas Eve with his father's family. Logan surprised Daisy and invited Daisy to come with them to his parents house to which she accepted. She was taking classes to become a professional photographer and she was kept busy with events occurring around town. The owner of the library property approached Maureen and requested that his grandson be given the leading part in the town pageant in exchange for help in keeping the library open. Maureen and Eddie held auditions and Jabez was given the leading part rather than Lionel. Maureen was nervous but knew that it was the right thing to do. She thought about changing the positions but ran into Jabez first thing in the morning. She watched him leave the church where the positions were posted and didn't see any footprints.Maureen decided to go see Eddie at the radio station where he was taking over as the guest DJ for one of the regulars who had taken off for the holidays. Eddie agreed to help raise funds for the library. The annual library Christmas tree was being decorated and Maureen was afraid of heights but even more afraid to let the people in the library know that. She didn't secure the angel on the top of the tree well and it fell and broke. One of the children helping decorate had made an angel for his father who was away at war. His angel became the tree topper and his smile made the day. He hadn't smiled like that in quite a while due to missing his father. Eddie was there to suggest that his angel be used. He had come to give Maureen the air schedule so that she would know when to come to the radio station to plug her library fund raising campaign. On air, Maureen brought up the fact that she was working with someone who she was helping learn to read. That person was Lonnie. He came by to work with Maureen and he told her that he would write some letters to help her get funding to keep the library open and she told him that would let people know that he was just learning to read and he told her that after a year, he had learned a lot and wasn't afraid of people finding out anymore. She thanked him with a kiss on his cheek. Eddie just happened to be peering in the library door to see it. His car was in the shop and he stopped by to see her and was hoping to get a ride to work with her. He walked to work and was slightly late. Maureen came by as he was finishing up his playing gig. She had come by to see if he had finished his original song for the Christmas pageant. He told her no so she took him to the library to work on the song. He wrote a song and she insisted that he sing in for her. It was a love song and she complained. She told him that it was a love song, not a Christmas song. He told her that nothing would make her happy and he kissed her. He then told her that if she wasn't afraid of having fun that she would go out with him. She told him she would be busy the next evening so he told her that he would take her out the next day after the play practice. He took her snowshoeing. When they returned home, Maureen told Eddie about the guy in France but avoided discussing the pregnancy. They continued working together with the play production and Eddie came by one night and asked her to come hear him play with his group called the Inner Child. Maureen agreed and went to see her best friend, Olivia, to get some help with her outfit. She let her hair down from the bun she always wore and put in contacts. She changed from her shapeless skirt to tight fitting jeans and shirt. It took a few minutes for Eddie to realize that it was her when she walked into the bar to hear the band play. He took her home that night stayed overnight.Maureen was going to deliver a fund raising speech in the town where Eddie's parents lived. She decided to stop in and visit them while she was in town. While she was gone, Cecil, Jabez and the three brothers that Eddie was watching to keep out of trouble formed an unlikely friendship. Eddie had written a new song for the Christmas play and they had taken the song and created a you tube video. They used Daisy's pictures and every time the video was watched, money went into a fund for the library.Daisy and Charlie were headed to spend Christmas Eve with Logan and his family when Julian arrived at the train station. He had told Daisy that he wasn't coming home for Christmas but it worked out so that he had time for a 24 hour visit. He and Daisy liked each other but their timing was always off to spend time together. Daisy was also hesitant about getting too involved with now having Charlie. Anyway, Logan saw Daisy talking to Julian and they got into a fist fight. Daisy broke it up.Eddie's parents paid a visit to him and he was furious. He tried to find time to tell Maureen but she was busy getting the play ready and things were going wrong in a big way. The costumes had all been destroyed due to a chemical leak where they were stored and some of the children were getting sick. Eddie's parents finally made the time to talk to Eddie before he talked to Maureen and he found out that they had spent the holidays traveling because they needed the money to pay for medical bills for a family member. His parents also thought that Eddie enjoyed the traveling because he always seemed so happy. Eddie began to look at them in a new light and some of his anger towards Christmas and his parents began to dissipate.The night of the play came and Maureen was informed just prior to leaving her house that the library would be closing at the end of the year. She had received a job offer at a library in Boston. She also knew that Eddie was furious at her. The play was a success and after it was over Maureen snuck out a back door and left the Inn.Maureen woke up alone on Christmas morning. She missed having Eddie there even though he had only spent one night. She drank her coffee, loaded her car with presents for her nieces and nephews and drove to her parents house. She arrived with a warm welcome. A short time later the doorbell rang and her step mother asked her to get it. It was Eddie. He had arrived with numerous town members and was told that with all the fund raising efforts, along with going door-to-door collecting donations and the you tube video, they had raised enough money to keep the library open. Maureen got the best Christmas present ever. Eddie thanked her for getting him and has parents back together too. A year later, they were working on creating an office for Maureen in the library. She ran across an article about the boy who had burned in the fire a hundred years ago. She noticed it was a dead ringer for Jabez. He even had the same last name. Jabez hadn't been seen since the last Christmas eve and all the footage of the play didn't have a single image of him. Maureen asked Eddie if he believed in angels and he said that he did because she was there when he had his wreck. Maureen didn't think that he remembered. Eddie asked Maureen to marry him this Christmas eve. Maureen didn't think that this day would ever arrive. She had never been happier and she said "Yes!"

  • Eva
    2019-03-17 13:30

    I liked this book well enough, but it just fell short for me when it came to the two main characters. I felt they were too cliche'd and there wasn't any real character development. Bland, single, mousy, cat-lady librarian meets attractive, coarse-talking, outgoing celebrity and dislikes him initially, but he "grows on her" as time goes by. Introduce the crisis of finances and the potential closing of the library and resolve it with the male lead character saving the day. Pretty predictable. There's even a predictable "angel" in the story. Oh... And then there's the little Christmas pageant these two characters are co-directing, which always felt like an afterthought. I was hoping for more and I got less. All the same, a nice little holiday read if you like Christmas themed romance novels.

  • April Rogers
    2019-02-22 10:37

    To be fair I don’t care for romance and only read this for a book club. Also to be fair I haven’t read any of her other books and even fans of Wiggs seem to not find this on par with her other books. I could have almost given this 2 stars- library in need of funding and threatened with closure and important but overlooked programs that libraries provide for the community were highlighted but it wasn’t enough to get me past the clichéd BS and annoying repetition. This is book #6 and normally I’m the type that needs to complete a series but I feel no need to go back and read 1-5 or continue on.

  • Jojo
    2019-02-23 16:31

    I will eat up endless Hallmark Christmas movies, but apparently the same kind of thing in book form just doesn't work for me. It's not a badly written book by any means (although this is definitely part of a series and there are things not wrapped up, but that's on me for jumping into book 6 with no intention of reading anything before or after it), but it just wasn't for me. I couldn't handle all the magic of Christmas stuff.But pretty sure if this had been a Hallmark movie, I would've been into it. I wonder why it is? Maybe it's just easier to suspend my disbelief and cynicism for the length of a movie than it is for the time it takes to get through a book?

  • Becky Tatar
    2019-03-03 15:21

    Another in the Lakeshore Chronicles, this has Maureen Davenport, the local branch librarian, working with a court ordered volunteer, Eddie Havens. Eddie is a former child star, having played the lead at 5 years old in what became a Christmas Classic film. Eddie finds he likes nothing better than to shake up Maureen, who has her own ideas on how the pageant should be run. Past characters from previous books show up - Daisy, Logan, Olivia, Bo, and a host of others. The magic of Christmas may not be enough to save the library, though, which is being shut down due to lack of a funded budget.

  • Lu
    2019-02-23 16:37

    This was such an amazing book to escape the world from and go into a Christmas story of a small town with the doom of the library about to shut down but in the mist of that Love is found thru a Christmas play. Its enchanting and thriller as well as a on edge cant put down this book!!! You really do feel as if you are right there with all the main Characters. Eddie is one heck of a character!Susan Wiggs is by the best romance writer ive had read since starting to read romance. This will NOT be my last Susan Wiggs book!