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Title : aucassin and nicolette and other mediaeval romances and legends
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ISBN : 4591834
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aucassin and nicolette and other mediaeval romances and legends Reviews

  • Chris
    2019-02-27 23:54

    There is something about Mediaeval Romances that modern day romances lack. Take for instance, "Aucassin and Nicolette". On the face of it, the story might look too simple, two lovers and his father doesn't like the girl. Yet, there is something far more touching about Aucassin's repeating "my sweet friend" when describing Nicolette. Somehow it makes his love seem far more real. I was even willing to forgive him his rather sexists views about women and love. (I actually wanted to introduce him to Anne from Persuasion and let her talk to him).Most of the other tales are similar to others. For instance, there is a form of Marie de France's "Lanvel". There is a fore runner of Shakespeare's Cymbeline. Of an interest, however, are the tale of King Florus and Jehne, which features one of those crossing dressing heroines that Shakespeare so likes. Also of interst is the "Tal of Asrenth", which is about Joseph's Egyptian wife.

  • Rusty
    2019-03-15 22:54

    Finished Aucassin & Nicolette and Other Medieval Romances and Legends translated by Eugene Mason. As the title states this is a collection of medieval stories - romances, religious tales and other legends, all French in origin. It's a wonderful read. The first, Aucassin & Nicolette, is a classic tale where two young people fall in love. In this one, father of the young man, believes that the young woman is not appropriate choice for his only son because she is of a lower class than his son. The rwo strive to convince the father that their love is just and right but to no avail. Can their love be fulfilled so that they may live out their lives together. There are other romances such as Story of King Flolrus and of the Fair Jehane, Lay of Graevlent, and The Palfrey, each of which has its own plot and ending. Stories of a religious nature include The Lady's Tumbler, A Jew Who Took as Surety the Image of Our Lady, The Knight Who Prayed While Our Lady Tourneyed in His Stead and the The Story of Asenath. Others are about what is just and fair, friendship, and the quirks of life.

  • Tony
    2019-02-25 17:53

    AUCASSIN AND NICOLETTE. (13th century). Anon. **. This was the title piece in an Everyman’s Library edition. After reading this “romance,” I decided to skip the others included. The only way I could get through this one was to imagine it as being staged by Monty Python. The story was absurd and the songs were collected from very old Hallmark cards. I can see this being assigned to a Lit. major who would quickly look to see if there was either a Cliffs Notes or a Classic Comics version that he could use. Well, it’s what people had during the medieval period. What can one say? If anything, this type of work has come down to us in the form of opera today, with a combination of recitative and arias, combined with a smarmy plot about love and sacrifice. This one does have some humor, however, which most tragic operas don’t. I’m afraid I can’t tell you to run out and get the latest copy of this one to read.