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When Stella and Conrad collide once again, sparks fly. But is their bliss meant to be? Stella’s career is thriving, but her personal life is tragic. She’s made the painful decision to leave Conrad and be taken in by her family, but her world never returns to normal. When she successfully reunites with Conrad, their time apart helps them forge the sexy and emotional relat When Stella and Conrad collide once again, sparks fly. But is their bliss meant to be? Stella’s career is thriving, but her personal life is tragic. She’s made the painful decision to leave Conrad and be taken in by her family, but her world never returns to normal. When she successfully reunites with Conrad, their time apart helps them forge the sexy and emotional relationship they’ve always dreamed of. But the truth always has a way of bubbling to the surface… As they navigate their new life together, a mysterious woman shows up holding the key to Conrad’s hidden past. When Stella confronts Conrad, she learns his secrets are deeper and darker than she ever realized. Can she learn to accept Conrad for who he is, or will she run away, and this time for good?Stella’s Emancipation is the second book in a captivating erotic romance trilogy. If you like sophisticated storytelling mixed with sizzling hot romance, then you’ll love RK Ryde’s Stella Series. Buy Stella’s Emancipation to feel the heat of passion today! ...

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stella s emancipation stella series book 2 Reviews

  • Sahara
    2019-03-22 07:04

    OmgThis was sooooo worth the wait. It is a refreshing storyline. I am so team Conrad. I love the growth in Stella. She is facing all her fears. THIS IS A MUST READ

  • Stephanie Carr-Sutton
    2019-04-07 06:14

    Amazon!This book has a powerful love story, it's edgy and keeps your mind racy. If gives you the feeling as though you are actually living the story. Anyone should read this book, from a housewife,a busy wife or a single gal! You won't be disappointed!

  • Courtney Brown
    2019-04-03 00:48

    Omg Omg!!! No No ugh I need more and I need it now!!! What a way to leave a girl hanging!!! Arrr ok let me just say I started and finished this book in one day so there is definitely that I couldn't put it down.. and once again RK Ryde has done it again this series has all the right ingredients steamy hot highs and jaw dropping oh my gosh lows.. when an author has the ability to take you places you have never been and you feel like you are right there it's a truly beautiful experience.. this story is not forced and it's not drawn out like sometimes happens with series you can feel every experience my heart beat faster and my hands curled at my side you can just feel everything .. A definite must read!! And I want no I NEED more!!

  • MillsyLovesBooks
    2019-04-11 02:09

    "She took a leap of faith and grew her wings on the way down."David Brinkley This is a beautiful quote to describe what happens to Stella from the first book to this book. She did grow her wings and learnt to fly, it was amazing to be apart of this journey with Stella and Conrad.Stella's Emancipation is the Second book in Stella's Trilogy and MUST be read in order. Very much like the first book i was once again pulled into Stella's world right from the first chapter and boy did RK Ryde deliver with this second part. We jumped straight back into where book one left off and it was heartbreaking!! to watch Stella fall apart from the decision she made, due to the pressure that was forced upon her.When Stella takes that step away from her parent's i was gripping my kindle urging her to go to Conrad. But i understood why she didn't just go running to him. Even though she needs him her insecurities hold her back and we see her on a path of self doubt once again.But all it took was one word "Hello..." and my heart was in my mouth!! "Stella, are you there?" then me shouting answer him you fool. When they come together it was like coming home it felt right. Even though it's a stressful situation that brings them together, we get a very hot and explosive moment with Conrad's Alpha side coming out and Stella Submitting herself over to him."You. Are. Mine,"Stella jumps just like Conrad asked her to in the first book. She still has her doubts but with Conrad at her side life seems to be moving along beautifully. But Conrad still has his secrets can they go the distance as their world is turned upside down once again??We get everything we could want within this story passion, romance, just enough angst and a whole lotta hot erotic sexiness that we all love. As before Rhonda's has wrote another beautiful read with superb writing and if you can believe it, but this is only her second novel. I can't wait to see where Rhonda takes these two because omg that cliffhanger i need book three soon!!!Reviewed by MillsyLovesBooksBLOG: http://millsylovesbooks.blogspot.comFACEBOOK:

  • Roxy
    2019-04-04 02:54

    I adore this series. Book 2 was just as addictive as the first. It is an intelligent and surprising romance. I must admit, i was expecting it to be more difficult at the beginning. I thought she would be trapped in her situation and Conrad would have to swoop in and rescue her from the clutches of her parents and their beliefs. Or maybe find and enlist the assistance of Parker to help her disconnect. So that part went a little easier than i anticipated. But it flowed well and fit with the story. I love that we get some of Conrads past revealed, it clearly wasn't full disclosure though - there are hints that he was involved, or maybe even responsible, for the 'accident' and i am guessing it was to do with that meddling woman and her limp and his previous predilections. I am mildly mad at Conrad but i am hoping to discover it is for no reason at all. The night he didn't come home... i am guessing he was with that horrible woman - he better have just been there to talk or i will be mentally kicking his butt - i don't want to do that Ms Ryde I like Conrad and his butt! Please don't make me mad at him. There is still so much to reveal and i love how the story is progressing. I am looking forward to finally being introduced to Parker. Oh why did i have to read to book all in one go? Now i have an age to wait for book 3 and more of my new favourite leading man. If you love a steamy romance with some actual depth this is a great series for you.

  • Mina Love
    2019-04-01 03:16

    Stella's Emancipation is the second in Conrad and Stella's love story and this book was just as compelling as the first. RK does a phenomenal job at continuing the angst and heart wrenching tale of two people who are forbidden to love each other because of Stella's upbringing. But the love Conrad feels for her continues to pull them together in this tale of love and sacrifice.RK writes BEAUTIFULLY and articulates her characters in a way that will pull you inside and never let go. This book was superbly written and executed to the point of AWE! I read and read, grasping at my chest, sighing and even shed a few tears. THESE ARE MY TYPES OF READS. RK is best seller material. I can't even begin to tell you how impressive her writing is. Just fantastic.The way she choreographed the loved scenes between Conrad and Stella was hot and erotic, displaying the passion that festered between these two characters. Hot and steamy and truly, I felt the love between them and I continued to fight for them throughout the book. Now, with men like Conrad, there were things that resurfaced, tossing Stella back into her pool of insecurities until Conrad tossed his heart out there and he jumped!! But had he jumped too far?? I can't wait until the next book is finished. RK killed me all over again and I LOVED IT!!!!MUST READ! #Perfect

  • A. Hunt
    2019-04-14 06:10

    When you want a good story on romance, power, a bit of erotica and even information on Jehovah's Witnesses- look no further than Stella Welsh! Her story, will keep you turning page after incredible page. The Stella's Emancipation, written by Rhonda Rhyde, continues where Stella's Awakening left off. Stella is home, dealing with an inner battle; trying to figure out if she wants to remain under her parents' thumbs and the heavy hand of the Jehovah's Witness community. Filled with regret and a longing to get back home and to Conrad, she decides to take her life by the reigns for once. She's ready to leave the Witnesses behind, but will her newfound independence also find her leaving the man she loves behind as well?Book 2 of the Stella series was just as incredible as the first. From beginning to end, I found myself engaged within her story. The way Stella was written, I found her true to life and so realistic, I ached for her. I found her thoughts and reactions to situations near my own if faced with such issues. A few.I did see a bit of her troubles coming, such as Conrad kept things moving at a pace that I felt was dangerous, long before Stella identified them. BUT she did see what was happening and she reacted; she may have turned her back on issues, but she didn't ignore them. I loved that about her, because that's real. We've all done that.Because Stella's Emancipation is taken from such a personal background, it's easy to see how Rhyde was able to bring Stella to life. She's one of my favorite reads and I have her placed on a special shelf in my library. I'll always share her story, but not my books! They're special, just like her! I'm on to the next read now. Check out Stella's Awakening and Stella's Emancipation, available everywhere!*For the full review, with photo:'s Emancipation, Book 2Rhonda K. RydeCreateSpace, Independent PublishingNovember 18, 2016

  • R.K. Ryde
    2019-04-01 01:56