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Sexy. Famous. A player on and off the field.Cooper Knox has a body built for sex and sin, and he's my dirty little secret.He was supposed to be a one-night stand - but now he’s back in town, and he’s going to find out the truth. I’m his best friend’s little sister: off-limits and totally out of his league.We swore we’d stay away from each other.Our secret could destroy eveSexy. Famous. A player on and off the field.Cooper Knox has a body built for sex and sin, and he's my dirty little secret.He was supposed to be a one-night stand - but now he’s back in town, and he’s going to find out the truth. I’m his best friend’s little sister: off-limits and totally out of his league.We swore we’d stay away from each other.Our secret could destroy everything.But Knox always gets what he wants.And he wants me...

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knox Reviews

  • Sybil aka Lala
    2019-03-04 23:05

    Knox is a pro baseball player and has been traded by the Yankees. He’s back in Atlanta but maybe it isn’t all bad. At least now he’s so much closer to his friends and there is also the possibility that he might get to see his hot and mysterious one night stand from New Year’s Eve. He doesn’t know her name or have any way to contact her and she made it clear that it would be ‘one-and-done’, so it seems impossible he’ll see her again. Until the mysterious woman shows up and is introduced as his best friend’s little sister. Oops.Shelby is a sassy, intelligent woman living in a man’s world. She not only works for an overbearing football team, is constantly brushed aside by her male colleagues but she also has to live with an overbearing and overprotective older brother who is intent on ruining any relationship she may have.So what are two people to do when they are wildly attracted to each other but a relationship seems impossible? Well, what any rational, sane adult under the influence of hormones would do: keep the whole thing a secret! Because that always turns out SO well.It sucks for them but it worked for me! With all the sneaking around, using every opportunity (or available place) to get together for a hot hook-up and trying to hide their attraction from their friends, this book was dripping in delicious sexual tension, secret touches and long lingering looks. Knox had just enough drama and angst to make this an exciting read without seeming overblown or tiresome. And even aside from a great romantic story, the book also held some interesting side-plots that made this a well-rounded read.(ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review)

  • Denisa
    2019-03-04 18:57

    This was a really sweet read!Ok, so it's nothing special, same old, same old. It's your normal sports romance, with the really cute characters, a pretty nice plot and a pretty good writing.I did like the male character, despite him being pretty typical. But hey, a hot guy is a hot guy, no matter how many times you see him around!

  • Beverly
    2019-03-05 23:10

    The story of my life, I have read these books completely out of order. HOWEVER, I am so glad I stumbled across this author and series. I plan to go back and read the others. Knox is the third book in the series and I assume they can be read as standalone as they all feature different couples. Knox's story is a brother's best friend story, which are my favorites. I really enjoyed so much of this story. It's fun, sexy and entertaining. I love how easily I fell into the story and fell for the characters. I loved the sneaking around seeing their relationship turn into more. If you are a fan of brother's best friend stories, like me, I definitely recommend!

  • Eve Jagger
    2019-02-26 00:07

    Knox is now LIVE on Amazon!!!Amazon US:

  • Alyse
    2019-03-04 21:08

    Knox is the third full-length novel in Eve Jagger's Sexy Bastard series. Each book is considered a stand alone and can be read in any order. HOWEVER, Knox is introduced to us in A Night with Knox, a short novella that gives us a preview of the sexy times between Knox and Shelby.Knox begins shortly after A Night with Knox ends (links to order and see my review listed above). Cooper Knox has been traded from the New York Yankees to the Atlanta Braves. Knox can't stop thinking of his sexy New Years Eve hookup, and now that he is back in Atlanta, he hopes to run into her again. But Knox quickly finds out WHY Shelby wouldn't give her last name or her phone number to Knox... She is his best friend and business partner's little sister and that puts her squarely in the "do not touch" category. Something that Knox has a hard time accepting. Not being able to touch, taste, kiss, and lick is something Knox is having a VERY hard (pun intended) with. And Shelby is having just as hard keeping her hands off Knox as well. So what is there to do when you meet the woman of your dreams, but she is your best friend/business partner little sister? "Sneak" around, duh. But the longer that Knox and Shelby keep their relationship secret, the harder it is getting to NOT be to share the deep feelings that are developing. And Knox has Spring training starting again soon.What happens when you meet the woman of your dreams, but the timing couldn't be worse??Knox is a GREAT read. It is full of fun, sexy times between two people that can't seem to stay away from each other (nor want to). I fully recommend Eve Jagger's Sexy Bastards, and can't wait to see what she brings us next!RATING: 4.5 out of 5**I received an ARC from Gossip GirlsPR in exchange for a honest review.**Please subscribe so you don't miss a post!!!OTHER PLACES TO FIND ME: Blog: http://alysenovak.blogspot.comFacebook:':

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-03-10 20:57

    The only bright side of Cooper Knox being traded to the Atlanta Braves is that it puts him closer to his best friends and offers a lingering hope that he'll be able to reconnect with the blistering one night stand he had last New Year's Eve. However, without a name or number, Knox realizes that reconnection is probably a long shot. That is, until he realizes that the anonymous woman who gave him one of the hottest nights of his life is also his best friend's little sister. Worse? The attraction he still feels for her comes with an electric charge that won't be ignored—and Shelby Masters isn't one bit interested in ignoring it. Giving in to their attraction was the easy part. What happens when the feelings grow much deeper and begin to threaten the foundation of Knox's longest friendship? This book was hoooottttt. I don't even think I can calculate the times I spent practically drooling over my Kindle, and my panties were essentially ruined. It's hot. But it's not just a hot book, and that's what makes it so great. There's this really cute friendship underneath all of Knox and Shelby's sexy times. You can tell there's a genuine affection there, and it makes everything so much sweeter. They get each other on a level that others may not be able to get. It made it super easy to fall head over heels for this book.A little known fun fact about me: I usually skim over the conflict pieces in books. I take in enough to follow the storyline, but they're my least favorite parts. I'm addicted to the butterflies and that falling in love feeling—so the conflict hurts too much and I try to get through it as quickly as possible. That didn't happen here. I hung on every word and let the ache wash over me. Why? I think because I loved Shelby so much. She's so strong, and the fact that she wasn't going to take any bullshit—at any cost—meant so much to me. She was a heroine I could get behind, and I didn't want to miss out on that. Of course, I also loved Knox and felt like his struggle was authentic, never contrived or unnecessarily angsty. I wanted to be in on every part of their journey together and it was SO worth it!I think that each one of these books gets hotter as they go, and each one leaves me hungry for the next. These men are sexy, smart, alpha males brought to their knees by equally sexy, strong, smart females. It's sex on a stick—with heart. And I enjoyed the hell out of it. ~ Shelly. 5 stars

  • Liz ~ Liz's Reading Life
    2019-03-03 21:55

    The news of getting traded was a hard pill to swallow for Cooper Knox, but the silver lining would be finally being back home with his friends. Plus there is the opportunity to locate his New Year's one night stand that rocked his world.Shelby Masters is a woman on a mission... living a life by her own rules and not by her overprotective, yet loving, brother's. Everyone may still call her "Little Shelby" but she a fully grown woman with needs, wants, and desires just like any other woman out there.Their one night encounter was epic to say the least, and one that both wouldn't mind repeating. And now that Knox is back in Atlanta, he's been looking for her in the place they first met, The Library.So again he's out with his friends, thinking about the one he let get away, when he finds out that she's the one woman that he should stay far, far away from. She's his best friend's little sister.Their physical attraction is explosive, to say the least, but they both fight it with all they've got. It's not just her brother's reaction to worry about, but also their very tight circle of friends. If they date and it doesn't work out, their friends might have to take sides and neither want that.However, some things are too undeniable to fight. So they start a clandestine relationship that is scorching. And the more time they spend together, the stronger their connection become and not just in the physical sense. But pressure to keep their relationship secret is starting to build, so they need to come clean.How will their friends take the news? How will Jackson react? Can they withstand the consequences once their relationship is made public? This is a spectacular book that will hook you from the start and leave you sated at the end. Even if you're not a baseball fan, you can't help by swoon all over Knox. He is seriously talented on the field, in bed, and everywhere inbetween. He's new to the whole relationship thing, so you may want to smack him from time to time, but you'll fall in love with him with each passing page. He will have you and your panties in no time flat.Shelby is by far my favorite so far and she sure is a feisty little thing. She's a woman that knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it. I love that through everything, she stays true to herself; she's one tough cookie. She's also a very loyal and caring friend, always willing to help those she cares about. She's defiantly someone you want to have your back.I thoroughly enjoyed this book, Knox, Shelby, and all the other Sexy Bastard family. Eve has knack for writing exhilarating, heartfelt stories and this one is incredible. It is full of passion, seduction, courage and tenderness. A love story that will have you cheering from the grandstands.

  • Tash
    2019-02-28 01:59

    Reviewed @ Confessions From Romaholics Review copy kindly provided by author in exchange for a honest reviewSo this was a whim read. And Knox didn’t disappoint. This is a sport read of a different kind. Yes it has the baseball but Knox is a sexy bastard and definitely lives up to the series name. Whilst this was proclaimed as a standalone . There is heavy reference to the previous novella, that set this book up and you must read it as you want to know how Shelby and Knox meet on New Year’s Eve and a had a night to remember.Cooper Knox has returned to his roots by being traded to Atlanta and to his friends. It means he finally can search for the mysterious Shelly who he had a memorable night that he can’t get out of his head. However returning to his old stomping grounds means a surprise that will knock him out of the water and leaving him trying to change his ways and stay under the radar. Returning to the Library , a bombshell is dropped on him that lives wanting her more and worried.As Shelby Masters is not just his mysterious woman. She the sister of one of his best friends…. Jackson and he is very protective of his sister. Something that Shelby is trying to change. She loves him but ‘ Little Shelby’ isn’t little anymore. She is a grown woman playing with the big boys and wants respect. She doesn’t need her brother’s protection anymore and she ready to mingle.However she got one steadfast rule. No sport guys , she got enough of it at work. However that one night at The Library change things for her and she wouldn’t mind a second round with him. Despite her thoughts as the attraction between them is off the charts.However with all that against them. Will Knox get his girl?Knox isn’t just about a sexy bastard. He wants the woman who got away despite the issues. He knows that going for but with a protective brother and the same circle of friends. A clandestine relationship that will hook you from the start as they deal with what life throws at time whilst sneaking around with the man she wants. There is plenty more to the storyline then their relationship. Think some of those other series that involves circle of friends. Well this book is all that and more.I enjoy the secondary plots and devoured this book in a matter of hours.I definitely want to meet the other sexy bastards now.4 couplesFor more of my reviews, visit Confessions From Romaholics.And drop by the blog's Facebook page

  • Heather andrews
    2019-03-15 20:45

    Woo baby Knox has a way with words (panties are wet ladies, he's a total dirty talker,) “I could pound this delicious *** of yours all night, Shelby. But I’m going to need to see the rest of your sexy body.” Knox he's a hands on type of guy, "that was nothing." He tilts his forehead close to mine, until they're touching. We gaze up at one another, a nose length apart. "Just wait until I pitch for you tonight," he murmurs, his hands tightening on my ***. I shiver against him, and he laughs." I really enjoyed this book Knox was sexy, sweet and an all around great guy.

  • J. McCoy
    2019-03-09 19:47

    You know a book is good when you sit down to read a couple chapters and the next thing you know, you’re at 73% and NOTHING you’ve planned to do that day has happened. So I figured why not just finished the whole thing! And so I did. And now I don’t have any groceries in the house. I blame you, Eve Jagger! LOL Knox was SO GOOD! He’s a perfect book boyfriend and I’m going to add him to my list of hotties I’d like to spend repeat time with. He seriously made me swoon on more than one occasion! We know from A Night with Knox, Shelby and Knox have some pretty powerful chemistry. So when Knox makes his return to Atlanta after being traded to the Braves, and they run into each other, it’s impossible for them to ignore what happened on NYE. Only… Shelby’s brother Jackson stands in the way.Jackson is more than over-protective, and he’s Knox’s best friend so when Shelby and Knox start things up, it’s all secret. Sneaking around and not telling any of the Sexy Bastard group proves to take a toll on things but what starts out and hot and sexy quickly becomes about more than just sex. I absolutely adored Shelby’s character. She’s feisty and playful and perfect for Knox. The girl can eat junk food like nobody's business and she felt like a chick you could hang out with and be real. She and Knox really complimented each other; They both are down to earth, have dirty mouths, and their careers are very important to them. And so is Jackson… So when he finds out… holy hell… Shit goes south and you just don’t know if and how things are going to work out. That side of Jackson really made me intrigued about him! This installment of the Sexy Bastard series is fun, sexy, suspenseful! As always Eve gives us lovable characters and it was great to see the rest of group throughout this book. I'm especially excited for getting to know Jackson better in the future!

  • K.L. Kreig
    2019-03-07 21:05

    Holy hell! This series just gets better and better. The sexy bastards are sexy, that's a given. But they are so much more than that. They're the perfect combination of sweet and dirty. I fell in love with Knox immediately in A Night With Knox novella. In the novella, Knox has a one night stand with his best friend's sister, Shelby, on NYE (unbeknownst to him). She wouldn't give him her phone # (b/c she knew EXACTLY what she was doing.) He couldn't stop thinking about her. She wanted another taste, but knew she couldn't risk it. At the end of A Night With Knox, we find out the pro baseball pitcher has been traded to the Atlanta Braves, where he'll return to the scene of the crime. A great setup for the full story of Knox and a MUST READ if you've not read it yet (but not necessary to enjoy Knox).In Knox, Knox quickly finds out the woman he's now obsessed over is his best friend's sister. Per guy code...that's one pooch you stay away from! Especially when you're a player. But he can't. He won't. And Shelby is just as fascinated with Knox as he is with her. So what do they do? Sneak around, of course. But when Jackson finds out what's going on behind his back...shit blows up in both of their faces and their relationship is put to the test.Knox and Shelby's smoking hot story did not disappoint! In fact, this sexy bastard jumped up to the top of my list. I laughed. I swooned. I had to change my panties a couple of times. In other words, I enjoyed every single brilliant word Ms. Jagger penned. Oh how I love her writing style. This is fun, sexy series NOT to be missed! Knox owns me now...heart and soul. We'll see if he can be knocked off in the next installment!Bring on the rest of the sexy bastards, Ms. Jagger...I CANNOT wait!

  • Mitch Castro
    2019-03-04 01:50

    Ah so. This series keeps getting better.Cooper Knox, pro baseball player and shadow business partner of Ryder, Cash and Jackson, has been womanizing prior to New Year’s Eve. Same old tune until he met Shelby Masters.Shelby Masters, Jackson’s little sister and the master of flirtation, met Cooper, knew him firsthand but acted as if she doesn’t know him at all.And so the night begins. And the months after that.IMO, this is, by far, the most interesting book in the series. Knox easily captured my curiosity. He’s well-defined, hot as a home run, sweet and considerate, but still has uncertainty towards himself. Someone who I’ll kiss ass just to have my merry way with it.Shelby is surprisingly not an irritating character either. Thank God for that. Even though at first, her character impressed me as tacky for a one-night fling.The only thing that annoyed me was Jackson, which happens to be the next MC in this series. His protectiveness to Shelby was OTT and I don’t even exactly know why other than because they were abruptly become orphans and turn to one another for support. I was rooting for a more emotional depth. So I hope it’ll be explained on the next book as to why Jackson behaves like that towards Shelby.Overall, a good book.

  • Hilary
    2019-03-16 18:48

    I asked for another night with Knox and, man, did Jagger deliver. Knox is a forbidden seduction that will leave you breathless, amped up, and cursing that you don't have this sexy bastard for yourself.Cooper Knox is back in Atlanta after being traded by the Yankees to the Braves. Unable to stop thinking about the New Years tryst with an unforgettably sexy, spitfire, he heads to the one place he can find nourishment, brotherhood and babes. While hoping that he can run into the woman he has been dreaming about, he does just that and, boy, it is the surprise of a lifetime. Not only is this woman irresistible, she is off limits! After one taste of the forbidden fruit that is Cooper Knox, Shelby cannot sate her appetite. But with her overprotective big brother always on watch how will she ever feel that satisfaction again?Knox is passionate, suspenseful and ridiculously sexy. Eve Jagger and her Sexy Bastards do everything, but disappoint. Which one will be burning up Kindles next? I'm voting for the slightly damaged, controlling ,work-a-holic that goes by the name of Jackson. **I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

  • Heroesinbooks
    2019-02-20 21:51

    Such a good series! I loved Hard ( Cassie & Ryder) and Cash ( Savannah & Cash) and the Sexy Bastards gang are back with a vengeance in Knox. Shelby is Jackson's sister and is very much 'off limits' to his friends but one hot encounter over New Year ( you really should read the short but scintillating A Night With Knox as it gives all the deets on their steamy first connection) with his best friend, hot baseball player Cooper Knox and the bond between them is made. Knox thinks he will never see his mystery girl again as he doesn't realise Shelby is Jackson's sister. Then he gets traded to his hometown Atlanta team, they cross paths and crikey , does the sexual tension ramp up!!!! If you want a book about an excellent group of characters that has heat, a good storyline, sass, sweet times and just a dash of angst then read this. Lovely ending . Jackson is up next and I adored him in this book so can't wait for his story.

  • Karen
    2019-03-19 22:11

    Not happy with Eve! Not happy at all! It's a Small World! My afternoon thoughts were full of freaky little dolls singing their freaky little song!And mounds. I thought of mounds. I did read a night with Knox so I know Shelby hooked up on New Year's Eve with the Sexy Bastard that is Cooper Knox. Best friend of her brother Jackson. Knox is back in town. The attraction is real. Electric touches. Eyes that connect for a second too long. Sparks flying here, there and everywhere. I love that Eve writes strong career women. Shelby, Cassie, Savannah - girl power (and yes you do need to check out Hard and Cash). Each book has a good balance of sexy times with plot. Bring on architect boy - Jackson.

  • Yamina
    2019-03-11 22:45

    3.5 I enjoyed reading the story of Knox and Shelby. I feel like I should have read the novella beforehand , because the story starts after the New Year Hook up . As a result something was missing for me to get hooked from the start. Easy read - Knox and Shelby

  • Tina
    2019-03-01 19:59

    Can somebody please tell me if he slept with anybody after ons with heroine? Thank you :)

  • Reanell Tisdale
    2019-03-22 22:51

    4 Knox stars!LOVED Cooper Knox! Eve Jagger is a new to me author and I am impressed! I seem to be into the sports theme books, I just can't get enough! Full Review to come

  • Kimberly / Love Notes Book Blog
    2019-03-21 19:01

    3.5 stars. This was a pretty good book. It started off strong and ended a little weaker. Knox and Shelby pick up after the novella, A Night with Knox, with Knox having just moved to Atlanta. He finds out that his hot New Year's hookup was with his best friend Jackson's little sister, Shelby. They decide they have to just be friends so that Jackson doesn't find out about them and want to kill Knox. But they can't keep their hands off each other, so they get together and try to hide it from Jackson. They soon realize that what they have is real and they want to be in a real relationship long term without hiding. Shelby wants to tell Jackson right away, but Knox keeps putting it off and trying to hide. Over and over he does this and hurts Shelby in the process of hiding. Eventually Jackson finds out and drama ensues, but everything works out in the end. I liked the story and felt like it was an original idea. They characters were well developed and had depth. The writing was good. Knox and Shelby had really great chemistry and good sexy banter. They were hot together. But Knox frustrated me at times. He was kind of a coward and kept pushing Shelby away for fear of ruining his relationship with Jackson and his other friends. I felt bad for Shelby because I really liked her character and felt like she deserved better. I wanted Knox to come to her willing to fight for her and show her how much he wanted to be with her. He did get his act together in the end and she took him back, but I felt like it was left to the very last page. I wished he would have groveled more or made a dramatic gesture or something to prove he loved her. Also, I would have liked to see them happy and see how their relationship ended up working out long term. There was an epilogue but it didn't really tell us anything. Overall, I liked the book, even if it was a little frustrating, and I will continue to read books in this series.

  • Heather / Obsessed With Myshelf
    2019-03-10 01:49

    We knew that Knox and Shelby were hot from a night with KNOX. I mean, if you read the novella (which you totally fucking SHOULD) then you knew to expect some serious sex and intense chemistry. Jagger does not disappoint.I absolutely loved that Knox and Shelby don’t play the lie game with each other. They know they’re attracted to the other. They know that they probably shouldn’t start something because Knox is her brother’s best friend. They know that this could end badly. BUT they can’t help themselves. And then it turns into SO.MUCH.MORE.The emotional twists in this book threw my surprised face on. Like REALLY JACKSON?! FUCKING REALLY?! You’re desperate to fix all the things that have gone wrong and you’re cheering for Shelby and Knox throughout the whole book. Especially when their relationship suffers Murphy’s Law of Relationship Drama. I mean, they knew that they’d have to keep a lid on their love, but when they have to shove those feelings in the closet *cough* nothing good can come of that.You will be entertained, endeared and engaged. Jagger does sexy bastards so well that they’re not really….uhhh…bastards. Knox throws his stick around and doesn’t let a foul ball throw him off course. This book gets five stars for my complete enjoyment and seriously hot sex scenes. Love this, Eve![I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

  • Heather Pollock
    2019-03-12 20:49

    Review ~~ KnoxKnoxby Eve JaggerQueenZany 5 STAR REVIEWOh MY My!!!!I really didn't have a ton exceptions for “Knox Sexy Bastard”!But I so pleased by the brilliant writing in this book. I was captivated from the start. Cooper Knox was the star of this story. Eve Jagger brought us the perfect lead. He is a talented baseball pitcher with ever lasting charm. I can also say he a hot to. I'm pretty sure any woman would fall hard for him.Then bring in Shelby a PR director of the Falcons football Team. She's spunky and has some sass to her. It was a forbidden love. Oh the steam level is off the charts!! Yes they hid a patch in the road and bam they hit the breaks. But in the end there is a HEA!!!It's so nice a refreshing to read a book that not gritty or has cheating going on. ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

  • Darlene Avery
    2019-02-27 00:59

    ARC Review:Knox: A Sexy Bastard Novel by Eve Jagger is one of those books you'll enjoy for both the chemistry between the characters, and the obstacles they fight to overcome.Cooper Knox is returning to his hometown to play MLB for the Atlanta Braves. He has a bright pitching career and all the world at his feet.What Knox doesn't count on his being brought to his knees by Shelby Masters.Shelby has her own successful career as Vice President of PR for the Atlanta Falcons, and she is not a fan of baseball players. Both Knox and Shelby will face huge obstacles and question what the future holds. Leaving the question, is their future meant to be together or apart ?A fun read, especially for sports fans.3.75 Fun Angsty Stars !

  • Lucy
    2019-03-06 19:43

    I cannot wait to read this, OMG! March 21st where you at?!

  • A
    2019-03-23 22:49

    ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review :)First of all, a few sentences of explanation :) I am able to post this review on the day of the release because I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the author :) and before you all get into "since she got the book for free her opinion will be biased" let me stop you right there :) I am extremely proud of the fact that this blog and the fb page of it are mine and that I always write my own, personal and honest opinions :) even if sometimes they are different from yours :) but hey, I respect that :) so was I excited about this whole situation? hell yeah :) but my opinion would be the same if I would find that book and got it on my own :) in fact, I was reading it with a much more critical eye than usual... :) why, you ask? well I'll tell you :) before I read a book I do a lot of research on it, checking my #BookBesties opinions and so on, so generally reviews I write are positive :) that's because I end up reading a book I really want to :) but this time I knew nothing about it :) which was exciting and new :) I actually chanted to my kindle "please be good, please be good, please be good..." before I started reading, because I would hate to write a bad review if the book would suck (although I would do it if that was the case) after Eve wrote to me... and she's such a nice person :) so imagine my joy when the book turned out to be fantastic :) and after my longer than expected explanation, let me dive right into the actual review :)This book is #3 in the Sexy basterd series, but can totally be read as a standalone ;) I mean, I read it this way cause it was the first book ever written by this author that I came across :) although I would recommend you to read the prequel novella before reading this story, but it's currently free on Amazon so grab it while you can, you are not gonna regret it :) that novella describes a one night stand between Knox and Shelby... or what they thought would be a one night stand ;) and it gives you a great insight into both of the main characters of the story :) the actual book picks up a week after that :) it's a contemporary sports themed romance :) and believe me, even though I know basically nothing about most sports in general, it never stopped me from enjoying books about athletes ;)So about our main couple... :) I absolutely loved Shelby :) she was funny and clever and you know how I love me a smart and sassy heroine :) she recently got promoted to VP of PR for Atlanta's football team :) she believes that baseball is not a real sport... just slightly better than golf really... which is hilarious when you take into the account that Knox is a... yeah, you guessed it... a baseball player ;) and he's definitely not just a hot and sexy athlete... :) he's funny and smart as well... :) he gets traded from New York to Atlanta and that's why the one night stand turns into something more... but there's a catch... :)But before I go into more details about that, I need to tell you more about the secondary characters in this book :) so we got the couples from previous stories :) Ryder and Cassie from Hard, and Cash and Savannah from Cash :) and after seeing them in this story I am definitely gonna want to know how they ended up together :) so it's great that in this book there are absolutely no spoilers about their histories :) and because Eve Jagger was such a sweetheart and sent them both to me, I am definitely gonna be reading them sooner than later... :) there was also Jackson, a very overprotective older brother of Shelby... seriously, there's overprotective and then there's whatever Jackson was doing... no wonder Shelby took the opportunity to go wild when she could ;) more about that in a second :) I also adored Ruby and Avery, Shelby's friends :) they were funny and supportive and surprising voices of reason on more than one occasion so basically best besties ever ;) but they all took second place after our fantastic main couple :)So the catch that I mentioned earlier is about this... Ryder, Cash, Knox, Jackson and Parker are friends... and I mean they've been friends for years and hooking up with your friends sister is a big no-no in bro code... or so I've been told ;) but before you get all mad at Knox I have to say in his defense, that he didn't knew that on New Year's Eve, when he spent the night with Shelby... but she did... bad Shelby ;) in her defense, she really needed a break from her brother blocking every attempt at a relationship with a guy... :) besides it was suppose to be a one night only thing, since she lives in Atlanta and he in New York... so you can imagine his surprise when they meet again... :) they quickly decide to be just friends and to keep that one night a secret from everyone else, but since the attraction between them only grew and the chemistry is sizzling hot it's not long before there's a repeat of that New Year's Eve magic ;) and after that, they decide to see if there can be more between them... but in secret from others... of course stuff gets complicated along the way... some stupid decisions are made, but fortunately for me they are handled afterwards in a pretty grown up way... :) not to mention that the book ends with a fantastic epilogue... :)I can honestly say that I adored this book :) the writing style was fantastic and there were two perspectives guys... and you know how much I love that :) especially when it's done as great as here, when you can actually see the difference between the way that Shelby and Knox think and talk... :) it was funny and emotional and sexy as hell... :) and I mean sizzling-hot-blushing-all-over-biting-your-lip sexy :);) just the right amount that makes you all hot and bothered without crossing the line into the "his hand is... where??? wait... and then the leg goes around and twists and... how's that even physically possible?!?" territory :) I devoured the prequel novella and the actual book in two days :) and I can't wait to read other books in this series :) and dearest Eve, I am seriously hoping that you are already working on or at least plotting out book #4 because I need more awesomeness from you :) the fact that I might have not heard of her if she hadn't contacted me is too scary to think about...;) so I'm just gonna concentrate insted on the fact that I now have one more amazing author to look for when I need a smart and sexy romance that will make me laugh and make "aaawww" noises in all the right places :) if you don't know her yet, do yourselves a favor and go check her out right now :) it's gonna be sooo worth it :)I have for you some quotes today :) they are both from the novella and the full lenght book, because those two goes really good together ;) I wanted to share more, but some of them were too spoilerific or straight up too sexy to share in public ;) so this is just a glimpse into all the awesomeness that awaits you in the actual story :) oh, and the quotes from the novel are from the ARC version of it, so there might be slight differences in the finished version :) happy reading :)If you are wondering why I would like to have a friend like Ruby, here's your answer ;) it's her advice about Jackson :)"'Give him hell,' Ruby says as I zero in on him. 'And if that fails, give him a kick to the balls. At the very least, it might buy you time for sexcapades while he recovers.'"One of the first conversations between Knox and Shelby :)"Knox pulls the car up to the side of a community baseball diamond and I raise my eyebrows. Looks like every other field in suburban America. My mom and dad used to drag me to a similar one every summer to watch Jackson play. They'd even tried to get me into softball, but it hadn't stuck.I give Knox a side-eye. 'I know diamonds are a girl's best friend, but for the record I prefer them shiny and encased in platinum.''I hope you find a guy with deep pockets for those expensive tastes.'"Part of another conversation between our main couple :)"'So.' Shelby takes a swig of her whiskey. 'Why baseball?' She needles me with her foot and I grab it before she can pull it away.'Because I like to play a fake sport.' I run a finger lazily up and down her calf, loving the way she trembles at my touch. 'Why football?' I ask. 'Wait, no, let me guess - it's a real sport with plenty of eye candy?''You think you're cute, don't you?' she asks.'Absolutely not. I'm hot as hell.'"One of Shelby's inner monologues... and I totally get it ;)"Dangerously sexy and masculine, but with a clean-cut, all-American ball player's swagger that makes you want to rip off that checkered button-down shirt he was wearing friday night to find out what's underneath. Only I already know.And I also know what comes next. Kisses that just about melt your panties off, and hands that will have you writhing with a wild, animal desire in a record amount of time. The Atlanta Braves' new starting pitcher is very, very good with his hands.Shit.I've been staring at the same spot on my screen for the past five minutes. Focus, Shelby."One of the reasons why I am so curious about other books in this series :)"'Ladies' night has officially begun!' Savannah pops the cork on a bottle of Merlot as she kicks off her shoes. 'Speaking of which. Shouldn't Ryder be off running a fight club or tending a bar?''Don't worry, Savy, I've got my prize fighter well-trained,' Cassie responds as she curls up in Ryder's lap. 'He knows he's bound to the girls' night code of secrecy.''My lips are sealed,' Ryder says. 'Besides, you can't kick a man out of his house when he's supplying the booze.'"Just one more reason why I love sassy Shelby ;)"'Don't forget that my overprotective older sibling will be around to cockblock any potential love connections I might come across.'I swear that guy has a way of smelling any potential action that's coming my way. It's a wonder Jackson didn't sniff out the fact that something was going on between me and Knox up on that roof deck on New Year's. I wouldn't have been surprised to see him somersaulting over the building with a fire extinguisher, ready to douse even the tiniest spark."I absolutely loved this part of a conversation between Knox and Jackson after Knox helped out Shelby ;)"'What's going on, man?' I say as casually as I can.'I'm calling about Shelby.'Shit. I freeze in the midde of my house like he's going to pop through my door with a baseball bat in hand, ready to take his revenge.How did he find out?I panic, running through possible excuses. It's not what it looks like, I was just dropping her off at home. And staying over. And leaving looking like my head was stuck into a wind tunnel the next morning. Um...'Thanks for taking one for the team last night, dude. I owe you one.'I practically collapse against the sink in relief."One of the reasons why I love group scenes so much... :) and no, I can't explain what exactly they are discussing, I'll leave that little gem to discover for you on your own ;)"'Avert your eyes,' Ryder says as I come down the stairs. 'It's the third member of the fabulous streaking trio.'We thought you guys were coming later,' I say with a scowl.'And miss the annual meeting of the Naked Ladies' Water Ballet society?' Cash says. 'Not a chance.''Heard we missed quite the show,' Savannah says. 'No one thought to snap a pic?''Thankfully they didn't. And we agreed never to discuss this topic again,' Avery reminds the group.'We're legends, Avery' says Ruby. 'I'm comfortable with that.'"XOXOAfor more book-ish stuff visit:my blog -> facebook page ->

  • Kimberly
    2019-02-28 18:02

    So far this is my favorite Sexy Bastard! We got a taste of Shelby and Knox's chemistry in the novella A Night with Knox,this story starts off a few weeks after. Cooper Knox is a former NY Yankee and has been traded to the Atlanta Braves, he is upset about it, but happy to be back in Atlanta where all of his friends are. He can't seem to get a hot one night stand named Shelby out of his head, and wishes he had at least given her his number! Well, surprise, surprise he won't have to wonder about her for long! He finally finds out she is his best friend Jackson's little sister! OOPS! Awkward! Shelby has some explaining to do! Shelby and Knox decide it will be best to keep things platonic because Jackson is over protective and won't take kindly to Knox dating her. But, their chemistry can't be denied and they start a clandestine relationship. Things don't go smoothly of course, and when real life starts to intervene, Shelby and Knox realize maybe they don't have as deep of a connection as they thought.I have to say I loved the characters in this book. Shelby is a strong willed woman with a high profile job as the Vice President PR for the Atlanta Falcons, so her feathers do not ruffle easy. That is until she falls for Cooper Knox! Knox is a strapping hunk of a man, but has a soft side that is so endearing, I really fell in love with him. Even though they are two people with very high profile jobs, I felt I was reading about two regular people falling in love. Everything about this story felt authentic like I was really reading a true love story. The supporting cast of characters add humor and depth to this story, they are like one big happy family. I enjoyed the camaraderie between all of the characters. I think the only thing that put me off a bit was Jackson trying to control his sister's love life even though she is a grown woman. That was a little over the top. That and the fact that Knox and Jackson had been friends for years but he had never met Shelby, that's a bit of a stretch, but it didn't take anything away from the story for me.All in all this is just a great love story with a little angst, a lot of sexiness and wonderful characters. I really enjoyed it and can not wait for the next book in this series!***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review***

  • Ashley Scales
    2019-02-28 19:08

    Eve Jagger hits the latest Sexy Bastard novel Knox right out of the park. Knox is my favorite of the three books so far and Knox and Shelby are my favorite couple. Knox ain't your momma's sister dating her brother's friend type of book. This book is full of super hot sex scenes, hilarious banter between friends, and of course baseball and a little football thrown into the mix. Shelby knew who Knox was from the beginning - one of her brother's oldest friends. But no way was that gonna stop her. When Knox finds out who Shelby was it was like he had a devil and an angel on each shoulder. On one shoulder don't mess with her, leave her alone, she is your best friend's sister and on the other go for it dude, best sex you've ever had, you enjoy everything about her. Will Knox put his fears aside and take a chance with Shelby? What will happen if Shelby's brother Jackson finds out? I am such a huge fan of Eve Jagger and her writing. The way she makes you feel like you are one of her character and lost in the story is just perfect. I can't tell you how many times I have told her I wish I was dating one of the sexy bastards, friends with the females and just begged to be written as one of her characters. Knox is no different. You get to catch up with the gang. There is no shortage of laughs there as well as enjoy their company. At the same time your heart swells with love for Knox as you see him start realizing he wants more with Shelby. With Shelby you are constantly laughing and feeling for her as she is a sharp shooter honest tell it like it is woman. She knows what she wants when she wants it and knows how to get it. I can't wait to see what Eve has next for this series. Whatever it is I know it will be amazing. P.S. I love that Knox plays for the Braves. That is my team.

  • Alexa Ayana
    2019-03-06 23:54

    Copy is provided for exchange with a honest review.Instead of giving only another a billionaire hero who owns several luxury club in Atlanta, Eve gave another touch for Knox's background. He is a famous MVP Baseball whose shadowed by paparazzi, groupies and fans. Knox saturated with popularity and hoping for have a normal love relationship. With the news of Knox's return to his hometown club, obviously opened up opportunities for him to be with Shelby.Shelby is a typical heroine created by Ms. Jagger. Beautiful, sexy, smart, charming and super comfortable with her sexual side. At the time he was frustrated with her love life is always gloomy because her overprotective brother, Jackson. She discovered the thrill from an affair behind her brother's back with Knox.I thought the book #1 and #2 already fiery HOT but this book is clearly breaking the title. I liked the tension and chemistry between the MCs that has been built from scratch since the novella. Interaction and flirting battle between them were super entertaining with intense hide-and-seek sex scenes which dominated most of the story.The main conflict was quite light, and feels a bit empty. The author added another problem with some intrigue in the baseball club and from Shelby's football office. I loved every scene that involved another sexy bastards. This is a VERY HOT story with sexy charming characters. The conclusion from their relationship too rushed and I need more heart warming scene in the end. But I couldn't wait to read two next books from this series, the sexy architect, Jackson and the last one is about a HOT ex-Navy Seal , Parker.My Rating :Star : 3.7/5Bikini : 3/5

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2019-03-10 01:57

    =>Review in Portuguese and English<==Eu estou acompanhando a série desde o início e gostando muito tanto da história quanto da maneira de escrever da autora. Os heróis tem um romance muito quente e atribulado porque ela é irmã do melhor amigo do herói.Nossa heroína perdeu os pais muito cedo e ficou sendo de responsabilidade do irmão mais velho que é super protetor e muito cuidadoso com ela.Existe um conflito pois o casal está se relacionando escondido pois os dois temem a reação do irmão da heroína.Gostei muito da história e da interação dos amigos do casal e também do ambiente profissional dos dois. Recomendo toda a série e estou louca para ler a próxima história.============I'm following the series since the beginning and really enjoying so much of the story as the way of writing of the author.The heroes have a very hot romance and rocky because she is the sister of the hero's best friend.Our heroine lost her parents very early and became the responsibility of the older brother who is overprotective and very careful with her.There is a conflict because the couple's relationship hidden because the two fear the reaction of the heroine's brother.I enjoyed the story and interaction of the friends of the couple and also of the professional environment of the two.I recommend the entire series and I can't wait to read the next story.

  • Tara Smith
    2019-03-21 22:52

    Cooper Knox is a confident, at the top of his game, handsome as hell, sexy bastard that has just been traded from the Yankees to the Braves. It's a shocking trade but Knox is ok with it because he will be in Atlanta with his friends and he can find the sexy one night stand from New Years Eve. What he finds when he gets there is NOT what he expected! Shelby is self assured, strong willed and does a great job in PR for the Falcons, but her older brother Jackson is way too overprotective!! Knox and Shelby have an attraction that cannot be denied but can Jackson keep this relationship going and keep it from his best friend and Shelby's brother? Holy hell!! This series blows my mind everytime! I am so in love with Knox and Shelby's story. I love their intense connection and the fact that even though Knox is sexy as hell, that when he screws up, Shelby doesn't let him get away with it. Their white hot chemistry cannot be hidden. I love the way they just gravitate towards one another no matter how hard they fight it. This book even got me emotional. I will say I shed a tear or twenty. I laughed at their humor as always. I loved the sexy bastards egos floating around as always. But I loved the outcome! The epilogue was nothing short of perfect! These books just get better and better! Definitely a 5 sar read!!!

  • Karen Gagnon
    2019-03-18 22:10

    This Sexy Bastard story is the best yet! Knox and Shelby were explosive in their New Years Eve one-night stand from the 'A Night With Knox' novella. Knox went back to New York not knowing who Shelby really was. Shelby knew him tho and was resigned that the best sex of her life could never happen again. Fast forward 3 month's and the Yankees have traded Cooper Knox to the Atlanta Braves. Knox is home and looking for the woman he can't get out of his head only to be blindsided to find out she is his best friend Jackson's little sister. According to bro code she is totally off limits! But Knox is attracted to how sexy, fun and witty Shelby is. He can now see himself settling down... with her. Shelby is tired of her brother's smothering protection and being known and treated as 'Little Shelby'. She loves how Knox treats her as a grown woman and sex with him is a natural instinct. Can they deny their fiery attraction and forget the passion they share because of their love and loyalty to Jackson? I love Knox and Shelby together, they are my favorite couple!!! They have fun together, challenge each other and their chemistry is off the charts. Ms Jagger created a fun, sexy, heartfelt story that can't be missed! I love this Sexy Bastard series and am looking forward to more!