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Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereSilicone, surgery, and Hollywood starlets. The land of the stars was beckoning and I answered its call. Now that I was free, well, as free as anyone could be, I decided to pursue something for me. To grab life by the horns and ride that sucker until I found my place within it. That decision brought me back home to Malibu, CaliAlternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereSilicone, surgery, and Hollywood starlets. The land of the stars was beckoning and I answered its call. Now that I was free, well, as free as anyone could be, I decided to pursue something for me. To grab life by the horns and ride that sucker until I found my place within it. That decision brought me back home to Malibu, California, where I awaited the beginning of this next phase in my journey. The job? Create a segment surrounding Living Beautiful for celebrity doctor and daytime television guru, Dr. Hoffman. The man was known for his cunning wit, good looks, and no nonsense lifestyle. In a city that was filled with plastic Barbie dolls, and nothing you touched was real, I set out to find beauty. And in doing so, I found a lot more that, for me, for the man I loved, and for the rest of the nation. *** In the tenth book of the Calendar Girl serial, Mia is settled in her new home in Malibu, California. Now that her debt has been paid, and the threat from her ex is gone, she no longer has to live life as an escort. Only life has thrown her some new challenges to round out her year. Each installment in the Calendar Girl Serial will release every month throughout 2015. Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language and graphic sexual content....

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  • Thyago | MrsMargotBlog
    2019-03-06 17:54

    This book is about healing! Treat and heal the traumas to be able to leave the past and face the future with better prospects. It was difficult to watch the suffering of Mia and Wes, but I think it is necessary to go through this storm and then come the bonanza. And that bonanza begins with Mia's new career prospects.

  • Geo Marcovici
    2019-03-19 01:16

    Translation widget on The blog!!!Octombrie este luna emoțiilor intense. A rănilor și a coșmarurilor cu care fiecare dintre ei trebuie sa lupte. Este luna în care toți încearcă sa își revină. Ceea ce nu mi-a plăcut cu adevărat, a fost faptul ca pe Gina o urăște din tot sufletul, cu o gelozie ieșită din comun, deși este conștientă ca aceasta gelozie este irațională.Recenzia completă aici: https://justreadingmybooks.wordpress....

  • Angelique
    2019-03-16 00:04

    Mwa, nou ja, wat te zeggen. De liefde tussen Wes en Mia is wel schattig. Er zit echter geen enkele realiteit in deze serie als je het mij vraagt. Zo over the top. Wel vermakelijk om even tussendoor te lezen.

  • Lola
    2019-03-02 02:00

    This book took quite a different direction from the previous books in a sense and in another sense it also build upon the previous book quite well. I can't explain to much as I will try to avoid spoilers, but in the last book something big happened for both Mia and Wes. And in this book they are dealing with the aftermath of that in a sense. Mia isn't flying off to another client, but started working for a tv show from her house in Malibu.And while Mia is working in this book, the focus isn't on that at all. It's mostly on Mia and Wes and how they deal with what happened to Wes in the previous book. It touches upon some mental illness issues and gets quite sad and heavy at times. It was quite the difficult book to read, seeing how broken Wes was and I still dislike what happened, but the author does manage to make Wes his mental state seem believable. And I did like how they seem to grow even closer together being able to lean on each other and working through this difficult time together.There were some beautiful messages woven in, but I still don't like the whole plot line surrounding what happened with Wes, it felt a bit unrealistic/ different from the rest of the tone of this series which is also why I struggle a bit reading about the fallout of it. There are a lot of sex scenes, but also some that felt a bit off, due to the context. Which makes more sense if you read the book. I am glad with what happened in the end of the book as I think they made a right step.There also is a nice side plot line involving Ginelle, Mia her best friends, which was interesting. I do like the direction Mia her story has taken and enjoy following her journey. It's well written and overall still a quick read and enjoyable read.To summarize: things take a different turn in this book and I liked part of and other parts a bit less. Mia and Wes have to deal with the aftereffects of what happens in the last book and we get to see how this effects them and their lives. There are some beautiful and sweet scenes, but also some that are quite difficult to read and some that I didn't quite care for. I still enjoy following Mia her journey and I can't wait to see where she'll be at the end of this series. There are some interesting plot points in this one and overall I like the direction the story took. This episode is mainly focused on Mia and Wes and the mental issues Wes struggles with, so less focus on the side characters, but I was okay with that. It just felt like the other plot lines didn't get as much attention, but I am thinking they will continue in the next book.

  • Rachel
    2019-03-21 23:07

    This month Mia goes to Hollywood. It may be the land of the stars, and where dreams come true, but for Mia it was a very emotional month. She gets to spend more time with Wes, but while he is dealing with issues of his own, I felt for Mia and was glad that she was able to talk and reconnect with a few friends. Mia meets Dr. Drew Hoffman this month, and she was thrown for a loop when she discovers what he has in store for her, but she takes the challenge on and ultimately conquers her fears.Wes also deals with a lot this month. While it was difficult to read at times, I thought that Audrey portrayed the situation in an appropriate way. I thought that this month really showed how much Mia has grown and how strong she has become. It's hard to belive that we've been on Mia's journey along with her for 10 months, but I can't wait to see where November takes her.

  • Iris
    2019-03-03 19:49

    3,5 out of 5 stars The books keep getting better, which is great since the books weren't that good in the beginning. The story is developing and we finally have a real story with real issues. So yeah, pretty nice. Still not really my thing but it is nice to read this in between long books.

  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    2019-03-22 22:12

  • Lisa
    2019-03-08 19:17

    If you haven't read any of the Calendar Girl series by Audrey Carlan you need too!! This series is one of the best ever!! It follows Mia on her journey to find herself, save her family and possibly find love!! In October, Mia heads to Hollywood!! Back in California with her love, Wes, she's hired by Dr. Drew Hoffman to help with his medical show. She gets her own 15 minute segment every Friday on his show. It's a great month for Mia! Things are getting better and life is looking up!! Go grab this series! You won't be sorry!

  • Jacqueline McFaddin
    2019-03-16 19:51

    The story line just gets worse. she should have condensed it and lost the entire primise about Wes being held hostage!!! Now miraculously she has a segment on TV and is smart enough to help Wes deal with his nightmares? The same person who didn't realize that Max was her brother even after the vivid dream and the blatant signs? I'm not finishing this series I'm far to disgusted!

  • Frk. Hyms
    2019-03-23 20:54

    Er der overhovedet noget Mia ikke kan overkomme/finde på gode ideer til/fixe på en eller anden måde? Hvor er hun altså bare et helt specielt menneske..*Special little snowflake*

  • Cyndi Becker
    2019-03-04 01:52

    Topsy Turvy - these are the best words that I can think of to describe Mia’s experiences up to and including October, the 10th installment of Audrey Carlan's Calendar Girl series. October finds Mia awaiting Wes’s return to Malibu, and Mia beginning a very new chapter of a professional career in television. Yes, much has changed and with Mia off the hook with her debt, some of the edge is gone. Oh, there’s still plenty of drama, but the struggle has changed. I’m happy for the evolution, but I feel like I’m missing something and I’m just not sure I can pinpoint it...What’s still very evident is the smoothness of Audrey's story telling and once again I’m so impressed with how well Audrey write’s about a character struggling with PTSD (in both the Falling series and in the Trinity Trilogy), I’ve always felt she does a wonderful job with this. In this case, it’s with Wes who is now a character that is front and center, not simply someone Mia’s thinking about or a long distance conversation. How Mia and Wes deal with this says a lot about their connection and it seems real enough and true to them as they have a very physical relationship. A huge part of Wes’ turmoil is with what Gina experienced and what he witnessed, which Mia learns about and handles well enough (although she really has no right to be angry with Gina and the once casual relationship she had with Wes). But jealousy is usually not rational and Mia has always been a complex character with strong personality traits. Even with the decidedly different direction the story has taken, we are still getting a year in the life of Mia and her journey. I think we are certain to see more excitement and lots of strong emotions as the series heads into the big holiday months.

  • Misty
    2019-03-11 20:51

    This month was a bit difficult to read. I don't want to give away too much but I think as of right now it may be my least favorite month. Don't get me wrong, Audrey's writing is still great and the story is still there but I felt like this month was missing something for me. What that is I don't know and maybe I will change my tune in the next few days once the story sits with me a bit longer. If that ends up being the case I will for sure revise this. PS. I can't believe there are only two more months left in Mia's journey!! It's been a ride and I cannot wait to see how things work out.

  • Esra
    2019-02-23 22:06

    2.5/3Ay yok ben bunların aşkını hissedemiyorum... Ağustos, Eylül çok güzeldi ama bu ayı beğenmedim. Çok boş geldim bana!

  • Tania (Real-Listen-Feel)
    2019-03-23 18:54

    3.5 starsChronique à venir...

  • Kate
    2019-02-28 23:10

    5 stars for October.October is the hardest month! Gut wrenching ugly cry hard!Audrey Carlan writes of complex issues,and mind bending trauma with compassion love and empathy.Mia's strength is stretched to near breaking!It is through her self sacrifice,her undying love and her complete devotion for Wes that they survive!Already said too much!October is A must read, shout and ugly cry, can't put down til you finish every word story!!!Can Not wait for November♡♡♡

  • Paula Harp
    2019-03-02 19:59

    Audrey Carlan has done it again, every month has such a unique story line you keep turning the pages and wishing it didn't have to end. Mia and Wes's relationship has some problems after his ordeal. Mia is in Hollywood this month and her job may be permanent if she can get America to like her TV segment on what she finds beautiful. Can't wait for November! I received this book as an arc for a honest review.

  • CrazyDaisy
    2019-03-08 22:13

    5 Crazy Ass Must Read Stars!!!!!I'm so loving this series! I'm also loving how things have turned out for Mia "career-wise". Things with Wes are a little tense. I'm glad to see he's heading in the right direction. I'm not to sure about Gina though. Something feels off. Crap! Ok, no more spoilers. It's just so hard. If you haven't started this series, I highly recommend that you do. It's a great read that will have you turning pages to keep up with Mia's journey.

  • Tania J
    2019-02-28 00:09

    At some point, reading this book felt like a chore. Once again, this series is pretty fast to get through but not something I'd ever re-read.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-14 20:03

    I did enjoy this installment of Mia's story, but I didn't think it was as good as all the other months (so far).

  • Melissa
    2019-03-13 20:53

    Comme tous les mois, j’attendais avec impatience de pouvoir découvrir la suite des aventures de Mia, surtout qu’à partir de maintenant, elle n’est plus escort et va pouvoir reprendre sa vie professionnelle en main, en faisant quelque chose d’épanouissant pour elle.A partir de maintenant, plus rien ne sera jamais pareil. Wes est enfin de retour à Malibu mais il n’est plus le même après le traumatisme qu’il a vécu. Mia va tout mettre en oeuvre pour l’aider à remonter la pente même si ses efforts seront parfois vains.Côté travail, j’ai bien aimé la nouvelle mission de Mia, à savoir préparer des reportages vidéo sur des thèmes qui lui tiennent à cour et quoi de mieux pour elle que de travailler en compagnie de son fiancé ?!J’ai bien aimé que Ginelle, la meilleure amie de Mia soit plus présente, et je pense que nous la verrons encore plus par la suite !Encore une fois, un tome qui m’a beaucoup plu et même si on sent la fin approcher, je suis sûre qu’Audrey Carlan saura combler nos attentes dans les deux derniers tomes ! ♥

  • Hannie
    2019-03-18 22:14

    Uit. Gelukkig. Want hoewel het boek wel wat leuke elementen heeft zoals Mia's nieuwe baan, vond ik dit ook een erg ongeloofwaardig verhaal. Nu geldt dat voor alle boeken in de serie. Maar te denken dat seks een traumatische ervaring kan oplossen. Sorry, daar geloof ik niet in. (view spoiler)[Gelukkig ziet Mia dat uiteindelijk ook in. Maar daarvoor heeft ze zich wel tig keer laten verkrachten. Een ander woord heb ik er niet voor. Want ik kan me niet voorstellen dat een vrouw die zelf een paar maanden daarvoor nog is aangerand zo kickt op gewelddadige seks.(hide spoiler)] Natuurlijk kan iemands liefde je helpen in een moeilijke tijd, maar wat zij doen valt bij mij niet in de categorie liefde. Daardoor stond dit boek mij erg tegen.

  • Mélanie Lacroix
    2019-03-21 19:55

    Pffffffff.Je vous jure, j’ai presque envie de m’arrêter là niveau avis. On arrive à la fin de l’année et j’ai envie de dire : ENFIN. Mia n’est plus escort, elle retrouve Wes et donc elle couche avec toutes les cinq minutes. Parce que, vous comprenez, il a été otage et pour se reconnecter à la vie, il a besoin du vagin de Mia. La personne qui est autour? Bof, pas trop non. Donc en gros, il y a des scènes de cul toutes les dix pages, à peu près toujours la même chose d’ailleurs. Et c’est chiant. Et que dire de Ginelle, la meilleure amie qu’on va voir débarquer sans doute le mois prochain? Ah oui : qu’on a pas envie de la voir débarquer. Bon, je mets une étoile. Pour l’orthographe. (A noter que pour une fois, il n’y a pas de preview du tome suivant ce qui fait que le bouquin fait 80 pages. Tranquilou).

  • Juli
    2019-03-15 21:09

    Me continua pareciendo muy surrealista, pero ya estoy por terminar esta historia, asique continuare con ella

  • Janell Wheeler
    2019-03-04 21:54

    I'm glad that Mia & Wes have found their way but I have to admit I kind of miss the original concept behind this series. Don't get me wrong I love them together but I liked her going places and meeting new people and seeing her interaction with them. I guess it still holds true in this month just in a slightly different capacity. I love that she is kind of - sort of - not really working with Wes. I'm glad they are not slouching off of the trauma that has hit them. They are dealing with it together and I love that. At this point in the series now we are really going to see them grow as a couple and deal with life together. I may miss the original concept but I'm still loving this series and where each month is taking us. I can't wait to keep going.

  • Cecily Kyle
    2019-03-07 21:06

    I am going to miss this series when it is done! Mia is probably one of my favourite fictional characters! I love her spunk and pizazz and I love what she has with Wes. This book had a lot of emotional issues to overcome and if I didn't decide to read each book with their corresponding month then I would have finished them all right away! I am liking this though, makes me enjoy the story for a longer period of time. Such a great read!!

  • Sara
    2019-03-01 19:58

    To be honest; I've never liked the whole "you are my life, I love you soo much" story of Wes and Mia, so since this part is 99 % Wes and Mia love drama, I wasn't pleased. Well, let's se what November brings.

  • Jessica
    2019-02-23 21:57

    I can’t believe it’s October and that my time in Audrey Carlan’s Calendar Girl series is almost over. I have been completely addicted to Mia’s world and just the thought of the year being over bums me out. I’m going to really miss this set of characters – I look forward to reading the latest installment each month.So Mia’s October. This was the first month that I felt like Mia wasn’t reacting to what life was throwing at her but more so she was pushing it forward in the direction she wanted it to go. She was dictating her future not anyone else. Her life isn’t perfect but where Mia has landed is kind of awesome.All of the lessons and connections that Mia has made over the last 9 months have made her realize that she has this incredible inner strength. That knowledge that she can over come anything life puts in her path gave her confidence and she truly shined this month. She’s finding her rhythm with Wes, her career at the television station is more than she could have ever dreamed of and everything with her family and friends is falling into place.So as Mia settles into what looks like her happily ever after, I’m even more curious of what the author has planned for the last two months of her year. Her adventure has been so much more than I ever expected and I know the upcoming conclusion will be amazing. I can’t freaking wait.This series is a top recommendation from me. So if you’ve just stumbled onto October, my suggestion is that you grab the first few months and you’ll quickly understand why I feel this way. Don’t miss out on a moment in the Calendar Girl’s year – it’s a spectacular journey.

  • Karen Roma
    2019-03-23 23:10

    Deeply emotional on a visceral level, October delves into the tragedy of Wes` time in captivity and the atrocities inflicted on the survivors of this life-changing ordeal. Night terrors plague Wes and his memories threaten to destroy the fun loving, surfer guy that Mia feel madly in love with on the beach of Malibu. But Mia is not prepared to let the past mould their future, so she embarks on a personal mission to bring light and happiness back into Wes` fragile existence.However, being strong for Wes may have an unexpected price, when his regular meetings with Gina test the strength of their bond and create a constant reminder of intimate relationship her man and the beautiful actress once shared.I struggled with this month’s edition of the Calendar Girl, but only because it revealed the brutality of Wes` ordeal which was heartbreaking, and forced Mia to show compassion to someone I’m not sure that I could. Obviously Mia is a stronger person than I, because even knowing the heinous crimes Gina endured, I’m not sure I could welcome her into the home I shared with her ex-lover.Another month has come and gone too quickly, and once again I’m left eagerly waiting for the next enthralling instalment; hence why I’ve decided that once this year of Mia’s journey is complete, I will go back and read the Calendar Girl series from the beginning and revisit all the magical moments in months gone by.

  • Tonya
    2019-02-20 17:51

    Review from Abibliophobia Anonymous Book ReviewsThis is the tenth book in the Calendar Girl series. You must read them all in order. They are novellas, so they aren’t that long. I absolutely love this series and I can never wait for the next month! I’m sad there are only two more books, but I’m excited about it also. This adventure that Mia has been on for the past ten months, has been amazing. Yes, there have been extremely low points. But, she has finally found herself. Now she just needs to help Wes. Everything is coming together for Mia and working out for her. She’s doing her dream job in this book. Wes is also home, safe and alive. He’s not whole though. He’s struggling, especially at night. His night terrors are really bad. He needs more help than Mia can give him. It takes some time to realize that he does need a professional’s help for his PTSD from what happened to him in the last book. They really do love each other so much. And that love does help Wes, to a point. But is it enough?“You’re going to love me. Any way you want. For as long as you want. Until it all goes away. Because that’s what you do. My Mia. My everything. You take away all the horrid memories and replace with them new ones.”I have a feeling things will get very interesting with Gin moving. I can’t wait for the next book. I love these characters.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-03 19:59

    This was a great book in the series, although it is now easy to see that this series has taken a very severe dark turn in the name of character development and although the characters changing is clear to see I'm not sure if it's necessarily for the better. The main character in this book is Mia, now living with a slightly damaged Wes following his traumatic experience. She is looking after him as he attends counselling and returns to being friends with Gina has gone back to being a calendar girl for a TV program which she is being paid to do a segment in. In this book I feel like Mia is being stretched very thin between the different aspects in her life, and although her fundamentals remain the same she is very much a different character now.The secondary characters are the same as those mentioned in my other reviews.The storyline in this book is more to prove that Wes and Mia can make it together as a couple despite the obstacles put in their way; which in this series is very much needed as we were introduced to a few worthy partners for Mia, it's nice to know that Wes may be perfect. The pacing is good and keeps readers interested throughout; I am now reading November so am only a little bit late on writing this review.4 stars a good book