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Spending the summer together on Fire Island brought Collin and Tanner closer than ever, but back in their conservative college town, challenges confront them at every turn. As they search for their new normal in their old environment, Collin's brother Sean surprises them with help when they need it most. But when word about their relationship gets out, trouble erupts withSpending the summer together on Fire Island brought Collin and Tanner closer than ever, but back in their conservative college town, challenges confront them at every turn. As they search for their new normal in their old environment, Collin's brother Sean surprises them with help when they need it most. But when word about their relationship gets out, trouble erupts with friends and family. When Collin's relationship with Tanner becomes an issue in his brother's custody battle and Tanner struggles with his feelings for a heartbroken Wendy, Collin wonders if everyone he cares about would be better off without him in the picture.In order to save them both, Tanner must make it clear to Collin that their love for each other is all that matters....

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  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2019-04-03 00:21

    This is the final novella in the Moments in Time series, which I still hold should have been published as one longer novel. Moment of Clarity is an easy, somewhat steamy read. Stivali's writing is polished and fairly engaging.Collin and Tanner get their HEA (or at least strong HFN), but not without buckets of (mostly unnecessary) angst. Look, life sometimes flips you the finger. I get that. But what befalls Collin and Tanner is a veritable shitstorm of homophobia and hysteria. Collin reconnects with his brother Sean, but Sean's estranged wife Laura barges in spouting homophobic slurs and threatening everyone in the vicinity. Not only was this over the top, it was also not believable. AT. ALL. (view spoiler)[Where is she getting the money for legal counsel? What judge would overlook the fact that she dumped her kids and disappeared for a month? That's called ABANDONMENT, and it doesn't sit well.(hide spoiler)]To add insult to inury, the MCs deal with flooded dorms and more homophobia on campus. Again, the latter was too much. Colleges do have policies protecting students from hate crimes and vicious slurs. Tim's harassment and destruction of property were cray-cray and would have been at least acknowledged in some way.Then of course we have ever-present Wendy. UGH. Let's not forget she was the one Tanner was screwing in front of Collin every Monday night. I was over Wendy in book one. And she's still fucking here. Let's be clear: I don't give a shit about Wendy, her love life, her torn leggings, or her tears. She's dumb and manipulative, and the attempts at painting her as a sympathetic character were irritating as fuck. And, finally, we get Collin the martyr, sacrificing himself for the good of the world. Or whatever. That's a tired plot device, and it wasn't successful here. Even so, I liked the tenderness between Collin and Tanner, and I was happy to get an epilogue. ~reluctant three stars despite the abundant WTF moments~["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Sheziss
    2019-04-07 03:34

    This began well but then all hell broke loose."Good." I leaned forward, kissing his new, his chest. "Because I believe I owe you a cargasm."Collin and Tanner come back from an "idyllic" summer in Fire Island. When they reach their dorm, they get the news there was a problem in a room that messed up the electricity system and that repairs could take weeks. So they seek a place to sleep. Till then, it's ok. Just remember it, I actually liked the book.BUTSean, Collin's brother, is getting a divorce after he caught his wife cheating on him in book #2. She abandoned her children to "live a little" and there is only need to sign the official documents. Sean apologized to Collin for nor supporting him when he came out of the closet, and invites them to spend the time in his house till they can move to the dorm again. They grow desperate because there is no moment for them to be alone together, so when the chance comes, they begin kissing and all of a sudden, the wife appears and, disgusted, pushes her lawyer to fight for the kids' custody. So, in a few words, she left her children behind but now she has real chances to keep the kids? Only because a pair was kissing in an empty house? So now the house is a knocking shop and she has serious evidence of such, because, apparently, now she has the power.So they have to find another place to crash and that's when they ask for (view spoiler)[Wendy's (hide spoiler)] help and she, reluctantly, agrees. You are so nice, girl, above all because you are not even spending that weekend in your flat.Secondly, when they finally move to the dorm, Tim, (view spoiler)[an homophobic asshole, hears some moans and gets into their room, finding out they are a gay couple (hide spoiler)]. So he gets very angry and (view spoiler)[writes some message on their door (hide spoiler)] for all the world to see. And surprise surprise, the RA mostly (view spoiler)[agrees with him! (hide spoiler)] All the (view spoiler)[dorm (hide spoiler)] now talks about them, so Collin and Tanner are eager to leave the place and that's when Gino, Collin's boss, (view spoiler)[offers a little apartment on the pizzeria (hide spoiler)]. I'm pretty glad he is Catholic and an open-minded one *rolls eye*.Thirdly, I wanted Wendy to die. It was tiring she attracted so much attention in book #2. Now she monopolizes the story. Again. She is egocentric and brainless. She doesn't live in the adult world, she keeps thinking that her actions don't have consequences. She is still dating the same bastard that cheated on her and then she comes crying due for the same reason. What did she expect? And then she dares to get in the middle of the relationship. Why Tanner doesn't stop her in her tracks is something I will never understand. Why Collin doesn't dot the i's and cross the t's. There are some bounds you cannot cross and sometimes, if you give your hand, they take your arm. Sometimes you just have to mark the territory. Wendy is a bitch, but Collin and Tanner are too soft.Fourthly, I seriously didn't get why Collin (view spoiler)[flees (hide spoiler)]. Suddenly, everything is his fault, with no logical arguments and reasonings. He simply takes all responsibility about things that are just beyond his control. I can understand that he feels guilty of how things turned out. But there is a huge distance between that and assuming that the world is fucked up because you made it that way. I couldn't see any mind road by which his guilt went so out of hand. This is another Big Misunderstanding and I didn't appreciate it. Of course, he is wrecked after he (view spoiler)[writes a letter to Tanner and pushes him to Wendy's opportunistic arms (hide spoiler)] without giving him the chance to defend himself. Collin doesn't respect Tanner's right to fight back and have an opinion of things. It's quite one-sided and I didn't like it. Not at all. So, after some weeks (view spoiler)[secluded in Tanner's mom's house (hide spoiler)], watching Meg Ryan movies and eating chocolate ice-cream (no, he doesn't but he could have perfectly done all of that, for all it's worth), Tanner (view spoiler)[comes home to save the day and kiss and make up (hide spoiler)] and happily ever after *snorts*.In some moment Wendy, when she is (view spoiler)[leaving with Tanner to some friend's wedding, she writes a message to Collin: "Thanks". Thanks for what? Thanks for letting me have him? Thanks for spoiling it all after I jumped on Tanner and he rejected me? Thanks for giving him to me because it was the exact moment I realized this is not meant to be and that I'm an cunthole? (hide spoiler)] That is not explained!The ending is OTT sweet. I thought I'd die due to a sugar rush. They are celebrating the (view spoiler)[anniversary with Sean's kids, Wendy, who found the best boyfriend ever at the critic moment, and Quinn the Catholic priest accepting Collin's reality as if he has been brainwashed (hide spoiler)]. Please.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Elsa Bravante
    2019-03-31 02:47

    Final de la historia de Collin y Tanner, pero no el final de la serie. Aunque la autora se repite en algunos patrones, y creo que el sexo a veces es demasiado protagonista, sigue estando bien escrito, es entretenido, y la pareja es adorable.Es una serie perfecta para pasar un rato agradable, sin muchas complicaciones, pero sin tener que entornar los ojos cada dos por tres.Me ha gustado.

  • Tess
    2019-04-07 05:22

    *2.5 stars* Warning -- I've tried to stay away from it, but there could be spoilers in this review.After enjoying the first two books in this series (I gave them both 4.25 stars), the final book of the trilogy was a major disappointment to me. Sorry, this review is going to be of the venting/ranting type … I guess my main frustration with this book was that all of the tension/conflict felt manufactured and the secondary characters were just not believable to me. A few examples:- Laura (Collin's sister-in-law) -- Okay, I know there are evil people in this world … BUT … she was just OTT. Her husband catches her cheating on him. She then leaves him and walks out on her three young kids (she said she was "done being a mother and wanted to live a little"). Apparently she's gone for at least a whole month. The day she returns, her ex and kids aren't at home but she catches Collin and Tanner making out. She then starts calling them perverts, depraved, etc. and is immediately on the phone to her lawyer pushing for full custody of her kids because he let Collin and Tanner stay in the same house as them. I just didn't buy this.- Tim (Collin and Tanner's "friend") -- As I mentioned above, I know there are evil people in this world … BUT … Tim's immediate reaction to finding out Collin and Tanner were gay and together??? Again, this read OTT to me. Immediately being abusive, calling them fags, writing graffiti, suggesting they shouldn't be allowed to stay in the dorm, etc., etc. This didn't feel real to me but more manufactured to add conflict. - And then there's Wendy -- Wendy was Tanner's long-term friend and fuck buddy at the beginning of book 1. First, she just kinda bugged me because she was trying to work things out with her asshole cheating boyfriend. But then she tells Collin that she's actually "in love" with Tanner. Of course she does … because, remember, Tanner is bisexual. You can probably guess which direction this is going to go …-- The final straw on this one was Collin and his "martyr" actions near the end of the book. I was already mad and skimming by this part and actually had to backtrack to figure out what Collin was doing. I don't want to spoiler what happens but, honestly, WTF!!! Lots of eye rolling at this part.So, yeah, to sum it up this was a pretty disappointing and frustrating experience especially since I really liked the first two books!!

  • Veronica of V's Reads
    2019-03-23 03:30

    Trepidation:a feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen.I'll admit to a bit of trepidation regarding this third installment of the Moments In Time series. I adored the first book. Loving Collin's first foray into a relationship with *gasp* his roommate, Tanner, a bisexual. The Gay hate from his family when his mother learned was rough, but not as rough as the lack of communication in book two which almost broke Collin and Tanner up for good. Still, reading the blurb on book three and knowing I was walking into more coming out drama and possibly a love triangle with a weepy Wendy wishing Tanner would choose her, again, plus Collin's brother struggling to keep custody of his kids against his homophobic ex....well, I was mighty trepidatious.Silly me! This book is a whole lot of YES! though this is mostly at the end...Return to college is problematic thanks to a dorm "fire" that dislocates Collin and Tanner from their private room into a gymnasium with fifty other students. Moving in with Collin's brother and his three kids is a better option, until his adulterous ex pitches a fit on "moral" grounds. Leaning on Wendy is a bad option--she is still angry that they didn't tell her what a sleazeball her boyfriend was over the summer, and she's not quite sure letting Tanner go was the best choice. In that she has a partner: Collin. Yeah, see, Tanner and Collin get outed on campus, and the homophobic backlash is suffocating their relationship. They do get some assistance, but Collin's sure Tanner can have a normal life if only he wasn't tied down to a dude. Bisexuals can love either sex, right? Saint Collin makes some heavy-handed decisions which end up being mostly a train wreck of epic missteps and lead to an HEA that is tender and honest. Plus, his cry for help actually makes life easier for everyone. Who knew? I thoroughly enjoyed this end to the series, and the whole set. The three novellas are filled with fast-paced plots, deep feels and some seriously smokin' sexytimes. It's good stuff, and I'm glad I didn't let my trepidation get in the way of enjoying a great conclusion.

  • Jewel
    2019-03-27 02:20

    3.5 StarsMoment of Clarity was a decent conclusion to Tanner and Collin's story. They start a new school year and Collin is trying to navigate school and family and finally having Tanner to himself again. Except that not everyone at school is thrilled to have a gay couple around.So there are challenges and Collin is reconnecting with his brother Sean and some other fucked up stuff happens. You know, life. And Wendy is around just a bit too much and is making like she wants to take Tanner away from Collin, but she says Collin is too nice. Like Collin, I'd still be wary of that. And then Collin shows his lack of maturity by making an important decision that effects both him and Tanner - but he does it without even talking to Tanner first. Bad Collin. But then I remind myself that he is young and inexperienced. At least Tanner has a clue and gives Collin what for. Queue hot make up sex.I've read that there will be two more books in this series that will feature two other couples. I might give them a shot. I think they will be complete novels, as well, rather than serials, which would be a plus.

  • Amy
    2019-04-19 03:28

    Loved this series! Yes, this one had some over the top drama, but I still loved it! And I'm glad Collin and Tanner got their happily ever after :)

  • Maria
    2019-04-12 07:43

    Good lord, the angst. The ANGST! And so much of it is unnecessary as hell. The third book in the Moments In Time series finally brings a HEA for Collin and Tanner - or at least a strong HFN. However, the way to get there was... hard. In many ways. And not all of them pleasant. Back at college, Collin and Tanner are not only faced with a homophobia and angst to the max, but they also need to find a place to live since their dorm was flooded. After reconnecting with his brother Sean, Collin can stay with him and his daughters in his house. Even Tanner is allowed to come, and they both enjoy the (somewhat) quiet, the relative privacy and the babysitting inbetween. Until the bitch-y and absent mother of the girls, Laura, shows up in all her homophobic and hysterical glory. After that nice little meeting, the boys are back on the streets looking for a place to stay. Because Laura is suing Sean for custody and the boys don't want to "damage" Sean's image or destroy his chances of keeping the kids. Which is... yeah, no. What?! That woman abandoned her kids, hasn't been around for weeks and NOW she wants sole custody? Also, in what world would a big brother throw his little brother plus boyfriend out on the streets when he is starting to fight for custody? It was a temporary solution anyway to let the boys stay until they could back to their dorm, and while I am well aware of how fucked up custody cases can get, and how homophobic judges can be, in my opinion there was absolutely NO REASON to throw the boys out immediately and without looking for another place for them to sleep first. It didn't make any sense, and it pissed me off.So then, in all their desperation, Collin and Tanner try to reconnect somewhat with Wendy (Tanner's former fuck buddy) and maybe stay with her and her roommates. And let me tell you, I couldn't care less about this woman. She's manipulative, she's mean, and one big self-centred bitch most of the time. Even when she was fucking up her friendships for all the wrong reasons, even when her douchebag of a cheating boyfriend finally went a step too far, I couldn't muster up a lot of sympathy for her. And I was even less impressed with how she handled all the drama. I just disliked her way too much. The big drama also was too much for me. First you get the homophobic assholes who didn't even get expelled or suspended for criminal property damage - in a freaking college dorm! Then Collin, the martyr, completely looses his shit and is looking in the most unlikely place for help/a place to hide. Which was not only an overused and old plot device, but also didn't make a lick of sense. But... I still couldn't stop reading. And I still can't just give the book one or two stars. Because for one, I really enjoyed Karen Stivalis writing style. It was engaging and smooth, and I actually enjoyed the writing as such. And while they aren't flawless, I liked the two MCs and their on-page time together. Tanner and Collin are sweet, sexy, sometimes too cute, sometimes a little heartbreaking, but always likeable as characters. I liked to read about their relationship and I enjoyed the parts of their journey that actually was between the two and the two alone. I could have done with a better ending, though. While it wasn't a complete HEA, in other parts it was just too much. Too much of in an "everything is absolutely fine for EVERYONE"-way. I really didn't buy it. And while I know that there is a new book out in the series, I'm not sure I'm going to pick it up. I think I'm just finished with this series for now, no matter who's staring in the next book.

  • Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie
    2019-03-29 03:31

    5++ Stars*copy provided by author/publisher via Pride Promotions in exchange for an honest review*I wish I could give this more than 5 stars! This was an amazing end to Tanner and Collin's story. I'm so sad to say goodbye, but I know Karen is writing a few more books with some of the secondary characters, so hopefully we'll get future updates on Tanner and Collin. Karen wove an angst filled, heartbreaking, yet beautiful and loving story, from the first page of "Moment of Impact" until the last page of "Moment of Clarity". She held me captivated and turning the pages to see what would happen next. I debated reading this slow. I didn't want Tanner and Collin's story to ever end. Some characters you just connect with and that's how these two are for me. Karen managed to capture the chemistry between these young men so well. It is so electric sparks practically fly off the pages, and it was captured in all three installments. The sex is smoking hot, but also sweet and tender, and there's a LOT of it! The prejudice and hate in this book makes me not only angry, but also sad. Sad that their are people out there in real life that are so closed minded and bigoted. It just leaves me shaking my head. I could talk for days, but instead I'm just going to tell you if you haven't read these books, go get them. You won't be disappointed. Karen is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors in the m/m genre and I hope to see MUCH more from her the the future!!

  • Helen Kerr
    2019-04-19 01:35

    She's only gone and bloody done it again! Moment of Clarity is the final (although I'm hoping for more) instalment of Karen's brilliant Moment of Impact series. Yet again I was blessed with a preview and although I'm desperate to give spoilers (mainly because I want to talk to someone about it) I won't.All I will say is that it's rare for a book to immerse you in a cocoon a love, hate, passion and prejudice, to leave you exhausted and elated in only just over 100 pages but that's exactly what Karen has achieved yet again with Collin and Tanner. A beautifully told love story from page one of Moment of Impact to the final page of Moment of Clarity. A moving tale with deeply real and relatable characters. I truly hope there is more from Collin and Tanner in the future. I've cried, laughed and wanted to start a petition in the past couple of hours and like all great books, I was most sad when it ended!

  • Stella ╰☆╮╰☆╮
    2019-04-11 04:27

    REVIEW @Scattered Thoughts and Rogue WordsIn general I’m not a huge fan of YA and NA books but this series is really well done. After reading Moment of Clarity the last one in the series, I can say it was totally worth my time and I’m happy to have discovered Karen’s work.The book starts where Moment of Truth ended. After spending the summer together on the Fire Island, Collin and Tanner are back to college just to find out their room not available due to some flooding. Spending weeks in the campus gym sleeping with other guys and having no time alone with Tanner is not what Collin was expecting. Luckly Sean, Collin’s brother, is back in his life and the only one in his family to support the relationship with Tanner. Sean offers not only his apologies but a place to be to Collin and Tanner while waiting for their college room back.Hereafter some things will happen. First of all these young men meet hatred again in the character of Laura first, Sean’s ex-wife, and some college mates then. The scenes and the words used are really hard to take. The author chooses to send Collin and Tanner through homophobia again even if it’s a theme she already talked about in the first book (and I would have preferred some new elements, not the old ones again, risking to be repetitive, too angst and last boring. It becomes hard to find positiveness in this central part). Only this time the one more hurt by is Tanner, not used to be rejected and treat like that. On a good note I love how Sean is supportive and never have a wrong word to say to Collin, even if he’s threatened to take his kids from him.Next we get a break from the drama with some “cargasm” (LOL). Nope I’m not going to post a snippet of the cargasm scenes but a sweet moment between Collin and Tanner at the end of it.Our lives were still a mess—no place to live, Wendy still pissed, my family in a shambles—but I’d never been more thankful, because I had Tanner. As we reached the main road, I stopped.“What’s wrong?” he asked.“Nothing.” I pulled my shoulder strap aside and leaned across to give him one more kiss. “I just love you.”At that moment, nothing else mattered.Most of all be ready to at least a couple of WTH moments with Tanner and Collin too, I was so ready to beat some sense into them (sorry for the violent streak). Especially Collin goes out of him mind. The feeling of guilty about everything happening in his life, even the hate Tanner got, will bring him to put on really unbelievable moves.And after a while all these became too much to me and in some way it lost realism. I’m not sure if this drama was necessary in the final book of the series. I’m positive I could have gone without it. I wasn’t going to give it 4 stars cause I was hoping in something different for the final installment in this series, something lighter maybe but the ending part was perfect (almost too much and that’s why I liked it!). I couldn’t overlook on all the sweetness, rightness and great sense of family I got. And the fact that love overcome everything.So my opinion on the Moments In Time series is definitely a positive one, I want to recommend it. It was a lovely journey reading about Collin and Tanner and all their struggles and fears. Moreover I discovered a new to me author and now I’m curious to see what she’ll write next.Cover art by Anna Sikorska My feeling on this third cover is the same I got from the second one. Of course it’s a well done cover, but the one of the first book is absolutely my favorite.

  • MorganSkye
    2019-03-31 05:17

    (Spoilers- be forewarned.)Oh! The Drama! For such a short book, this is chock full of angst and drama.So we left our boys in the gym, temporarily homeless after a flood put their dorm room off limits for repairs. This made them sad and horny.They get together with Sean, and as he leaves the house to them for a bit of alone time, the estranged wife surprises them and shouts horrible things at them. This leaves them sad and horny.But – that’s not enough, she uses this information – Sean’s association with a gay brother to try to keep Sean from his kids. This makes the boys sad and horny.Though they manage to get some time together it’s never enough until finally they area able to move back into their own room. Finally they relieve some of their tension, but they have an audience, their “friend” Tim, who figures out there were no women in the room when he heard the sex sounds. He shouts ugly things and outs them on campus, making both guys, but especially Tanner scared, nervous and angry at the reception they get. This makes them sad and horny.Luckily there’s Wendy, Tanner’s friend and ex-lover who was sad and horny so she and Tanner almost hook up. This shakes Collin, along with the thing with Sean and Tim, so much that he decides to LEAVE Tanner. You guessed it. Sad. Horny.But where does he go? Tanner’s mom? Strange choice? Maybe. But she’s always supported him and he doesn’t have anywhere to turn. She houses him, but of course rats him out to Tanner who in turn comes for him and tells him he’s an idiot. And they make up. Not sad. Still horny.We end on a fairly HEA note… the future only defined a few months later, but the boys seem to be making their way in the world, together.**Though this may seem like I didn’t like the story, it’s not true. I mostly did. I love the chemistry between the boys and really like them as a couple. I did get tired of the drama and it seemed like there could have been more organic and emotionally satisfying hurdles for our boys to handle. (IE just being an actual couple, coming out bravely, dealing with the family itself without the extreme courtroom drama.) I was especially confused as to why Collin would think leaving made any sense and why Tanner’s mom was a good choice of refuge. Unless he wanted to be caught and was just show-boating… but that didn’t feel like the Collin we knew…Anyhow, if you’ve read the first two you will want to read this last installment for closure if nothing else. Karen is still an excellent writer and her smexy times are top-notch!3.5 of 5 stars

  • T.M. Smith
    2019-04-08 07:26

    Collin and Tanner return to college after a summer spent on Fire Island working, vacationing and facing some fears. But there are more hurdles they will have to jump before they can have their happy ever after. There was a fire in the dorms so everyone is forced into close quarters in the school gym. And then once they finally get the safe, secure, privacy of their dorm room back Collin thinks it will be smooth sailing from there. Wrong again.Another one of their “friends” finds out the truth about Collin and Tanner and to say he reacts badly would be an understatement. When Collins brother offers them an alternative they take it, but wind up causing more harm than good. Collin starts to believe that everyone would be better off without him, so he removes himself from the equation. Alone and miserable, Collin reaches out to Tanner’s mother who becomes the friend he never knew she could be.Let me start by saying I am completely enamored with these two characters. Stivali created two young men that are such a realistic portrayal of young gay reality today. Tanner’s mother is very accepting of his sexuality while Collins family is not, they are the ‘oh my god you are going to hell this is immoral religious ridiculousness’ family. There is the hard truth of how people you believe to be friends react when they learn you are in love with another man. Then there are the people that realize love is love, friendship is to be treasured and sometimes you have to break a confidence when someone is acting like an ass.This is a very well written story with three dimensional characters that are perfectly flawed. There is hatred, bigotry and ignorance… but there is also love, passion and understanding. So it all balances out quite well in the end. There were a few intense moments in the story where I held my breath, but then by the end I was smiling and I even got a little misty eyed. If this is just a trilogy then this is the perfect ending to a long, hard road for these two guys that deserve their own version of a happy ending.Loved it, just go buy it now you won’t be disappointed! But start with the first installment if you haven’t read any of the three yet, this series must be read in order. * I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

  • Joyfully Jay
    2019-04-12 05:46

    A Joyfully Jay review. 3.5 starsI had become fully invested in Collin and Tanner’s story and was looking forward to this one. After spending their summer together and taking their relationship to another level, everything is looking good for Collin and Tanner. That is until they return to school. For a novella, there is a tremendous amount going on here and so much comes down on these guys one thing after the other. Collin’s brother reaches out to make amends, but that quickly blows up, as well as trying to keep their relationship low profile on campus. These guys cannot get a moment to themselves, between sharing living space and everyone constantly flinging open doors on them. The sex scenes felt rushed and like they were worked in as if they had to be there, as there just wasn’t enough time for the guys to be together.The only way to convey this is that everyone, with the exception of Collin’s boss and Tanner’s mother, was pretty shitty to Collin, even Tanner at times. Especially Collin’s brother who only could be bothered to have a relationship with Collin when it worked to his own benefit. Then we have the Wendy story line. I have been patient with her story line up until this point. Her actions, not surprisingly, were incredibly selfish and that entire story line did not work for me. The conclusion of it was attempted to be settled with an ambiguous text. There was no resolution that we are made aware of, and without giving anything anyway, Collin never even asked about what happened with that situation and the reader is never informed. Collin just kept taking being poorly treated and saying that it was all okay. There were many frustrating reading moments.Read Michelle's review in its entirety here.

  • Daphne
    2019-03-24 23:30

    I just wanted to scratch Wendy's eyes out in this book. I mean, who does that? Why was everyone so chill about this stuff? Clearly my friends and I were just a *little* bit more immature when we were in college because none of that would have gone down that way. The first three books in this series were engaging - I read them quickly and back to back, so I liked them well enough. But it almost seems like this story was a caricature in some ways. The bad guys were so Dr. Evilish bad. And the good guys were saints. The lack of nuanced humanity and the extreme amounts of sex kept me from really loving these books.Also, there were some consistency issues - there were three nieces, with four little girl names used and a reference to "nieces and nephew" (when there were no other kids). It's picky but a little annoying when reading.

  • Andrea
    2019-04-13 07:23

    It's starting to really annoy me how most of the women side characters in this series are despicable people.

  • Silvia
    2019-04-20 07:42

    Well now, book 3 continues with Collin and Tanner heading back to college after finishing up their summer jobs on Fire Island. Upon return they find themselves homeless due to an accident in their dorm which set off the sprinkling system causing water damage throughout their floor. Extensive renovations cause them to seek shelter elsewhere and guess where? Oh joy oh joy, Wendy's dorm room. So needless to say there is more drama both in school and also unnecessary drama involving Collin's family and, you guessed it...Wendy. Ugh, Wendy.....I came to hate that needy bitch. In my not at all humble opinion, she's an unnecessary character and deserved to have only been a side note at most in this book. For her unnecessary inclusion or should I say intrusion in Collin and Tanner's happiness I'm deducting 1/2 a star from would have been a solid 4 stars. My rating is through clenched teeth: 3.5 I-hate-Wendy stars!

  • Pianisuparse
    2019-04-15 00:43

    4 'Laura and Wendy did my head in but so glad Colin and Tanner finally got a solid HFN at any rate' stars.

  • Sadonna
    2019-04-13 23:26

    2.5 stars. The full review can be found at The Novel Approach Note: This is the final installment of a three novella arc, and as such is full of major spoilers for the first two books. Definitely not recommended to read out of order. In this last chapter of Collin and Tanner’s story, the boys return from their angst-ridden summer on Fire Island. They have spent some time at Tanner’s mom’s place and haven’t been alone for a week! The n they get to their college and discover that they will not having housing for a couple of weeks because of a fire. They really don’t want to be stuck in a crowded gym on cots and it just so happens that Collin’s brother Sean decides to reach out to him. He is experiencing a marital separation and along with having plenty of room, feeling guilt over how the rest of Collin’s family has treated them and needing some help with his kids, he volunteers a place for the guys to stay until their dorm is ready. All is well until the wife who cheated on him decides she hasn’t made Sean and Collin suffer enough and decides to try to turn the situation to her advantage. I found this character to be a bit cartoonish and she is only a vehicle to move the story along with the guys once again facing a housing crisis. Wendy has not forgiven them for the events on Fire Island (which I had a hard time with her blaming them anyway), but she does come through. Eventually the guys finally make their way back to the dorm and then of course there is some overblown drama there as well. Honestly, unless it’s a bible college, I found this kind of reaction from fellow students did not ring very true to what I am led to believe to be the case (by my nephew and other college students of my acquaintance). Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I kind of was rolling my eyes at the events of the dorm confrontation. Most colleges have a nondiscrimination policy and if ANY student reacted this way, they would be asked to leave. Even when I was in college – back in the dark ages – and granted I went to a music and liberal arts college (although there was also very big science and business colleges as well), it wasn’t a big deal and everybody got on with their lives.As a result of the some of the backlash, then Collin decides that he has to do something to try to make things right. This is where I had the most trouble with the story, I guess. No spoilers here, but Collin’s plan and Tanner’s reaction just seemed pretty trite to me. I did however, love Tanner’s mom. She’s a lovely character and I would have liked more interaction with her and the boys.I’ve really struggled with this entire series. I’m not a fan of these “novellas” being strung together over the space of several months. I’m also think with pricing of $4.99 for each, it’s a lot to pay for what is essentially one novel length story told in three rather discrete parts. When you compare it to something like Amy Lane’s Beneath the Stain, it rather pales in comparison from a volume/price point.

  • multitaskingmomma
    2019-04-21 23:17

    Original Blog Post:Happy Happy Release Day!!! Mini Book Tour, eARC Review, Excerpt& #Giveaway: Moment of Clarity by Karen StivaliThe last installment of Karen Stivali’s Moments in Time series, Moment of Clarity, has just been released. At the same time, the paperback Moments in Time that contains all three novellas in the series has also been published!Review by: multitaskingmommaMy Rating: 4.5 of 5 StarsThis is the third and last installment to the Moments in Time series of novellas and I am glad. I am glad because now I can sleep for I found out what I wanted to and I got the HEA I so desperately needed. Despite all the angst and drama these two young men had to go through, despite the very fact they are experiencing something what many are experiencing on a daily basis, they are happy now. Yes!The two young men are back in school after that experience in Fire Island. Unfortunately, if they thought they would get a break from bigotry, they did not. This time though, Collin's brother gets the brunt of that bigotry, from a round about way. Who would have thought of bringing up Collin and Tanner's relationship into a custody battle? It is strange to me how some people can just nit pick and find the means and ways so another is set aside and totally rejected. I don't know if these happen here where I am but I have definitely not heard of it. I guess, only in America? What? With the bigotry spouted off left, right, and center daily online and on paper, no wonder the LGBTQ community is up in arms. But that is an aside, just gets the truth home, you know, after seeing all the hate on the news. (See? That is how real the author made this book, I get to ramble in frustration! Means it's really, really good!)Who gets the full impact of what life really is? It's Collin. Poor guy. Really, if it were not for the unlikeliest of behavior which was a cry for help, I wonder how he would have handled things and issues. Could he have decided to off himself, or leave Tanner (no freaking way!), their story would have been very, very different. Thank you, Karen Stivali for not giving us the bad endings and instead giving us the good ones. We need a lot of good ones.The only thing I had to gripe on is: when will these two young men catch a break? That question was on my mind all throughout this series and thankfully, they get it, in spades. Read individually, these novellas are quite long, for their story ends without endings. With the third finally done, I am satisfied. Well, more than.

  • Sandra
    2019-04-04 23:28

    2.5 stars This is going to be a very hard review to write. I wasn't enjoying this book as much as the first two, but figured I would round up to 3 star. By book 3 in a series I guess I expect the couple to be more established, they were still rehashing the same insecurities and issues as book 1! And then Collin tried to pull some bullshit woe-is-me martyr crap that is honestly so immature and pathetic that I wanted to throw him off a fucking ledge... soooo you could say that dimmed my enjoyment a bit.I put the book down at 80% for upwards of 6 months! And really only finished it because I hate not finishing things and wanted to wipe it's existence from my audible account. I'm trying not to give spoilers, but this basically felt like the author just needed a dramatic ending. There was no point to it. It didn't progress the plot. It didn't further their relationship. It didn't do jack shit but piss me off. I don't appreciate being emotionally manipulated, and that's what this felt like. This may be a bad habit from this author, as I just re-read my review for Moment of Truth, and this quote from my review could easily apply to this book as well:We all felt it coming but I still couldn't help but roll my eyes at Collin's idiocy. It happened really fast, really out of nowhere, and then was resolved quickly right as the book ends.Anywho, so much time has gone by since I read the parts of this book that I actually enjoyed that it's hard to review those parts except with my status updates. Overall it is a nice series, and most people probably won't get so enraged as I did. But as a close to what was a lovely series about a sweet couple of boys who are leaning how to navigate college and life as they fall in love and discover their own sexuality, I was disappointed. If you want to read this series then I would recommend it as an audiobook. Robert Nieman narrated the entire series, and I always appreciate that consistency for characters voices and tone. He did well with voices, pacing, and tone, which are the things I look for in audiobooks, and I've listen to him read several other books that I've enjoyed as well.Received audio version from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, reviewed for Hearts On Fire

  • Toni FGMAMTC
    2019-03-30 00:28

    I really enjoyed this series. These two worked their way into my heart. They started out so clueless and have slowly figured things out as they go along. Through all the hardships and heartaches, they continue to be there for each other, and their love grows. I love their youth, inexperience and excitement in life.This installment is more of them having to prove to the world how real their feelings are and endure more abuse. They're both such great guys, my heart hurt for them during this journey.Moment of Clarity was a great way to wrap up the Moments in Time novella series. ***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***toniFangirlMoments and My Two CentsFULL REVIEW CAN BE FOUND AT

  • Gay Media Review
    2019-03-24 03:39

    Blog Post: Of Clarity-Moment In Time Series-Book 3 by Karen Stivali! It is recommended to read the series in order! When Collin and Tanner spent summer together on Fire Island, it was amazing and they got really close. Now they're back in their uptight college town and the challenges they once faced are back full force. Collins brother Sean came to their rescue when they most needed it but when word got out about their relationship is when things got very messy with family and friends. Collins relationship with Tanner becomes a huge problem in his brothers custody battle and Tanner also has some issues with Wendy. Now Collin is thinking that maybe the people he loves will be better off without him. It was really nice to see Collin re-connect with his brother Sean even though his sexuality comes to be an impact on Sean's life. I just love the sexual and romantic connection that Collin and Tanner have as its creates a beautiful love story. The way these characters have grown from book one to the current novel is quite beautiful and very organic. The sub-characters add so much to the series and makes for a very realistic and brilliantly written story. The fact that Tanners mom was so open and accepting of his sexuality and then Collins family are so against his sexuality, brings a raw and honest view to what these characters face and what so many gay men face. Karen Stivali completely nailed the honesty in such a realistic way and was beautifully told. I have loved all the books in this series and the author doesn't disappoint at all with Moment Of Clarity! I completely fell for Collin and Tanner and you will too. I highly recommend this novel as well as the entire series.....Moments In Time by Karen Stivali!!"Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review."Reviewed by Paul at Gay Media Reviews

  • Cathy Brockman
    2019-03-26 02:32

    This is a book three of a series and you do have to read all books in order as they follow a sequence of Collin and Tanner’s romance. But you are in luck through May 5 and 13th both books are on sale for only 99 cents. I also suggest buying the paperback which contains all three books in one!I enjoyed this story as much as I did the last two. The moments in Time series is a very sweet love story of two men finding each other and struggling through college with their sexuality. It is a coming out story, as well as a romance. I will say it feels more like a serial to me than a series, but it’s all that is thrown at him. Taylor though, I was hoping I would learn to love him as much as Collin does or at least like him and if I have to admit it…I liked him even less in this story. There are a couple twists and I would have loved to see more of what happened when Taylor and Wendy went to the wedding for two weeks. But all in all things worked out and it is a happy ending. I won’t say HEA since these boys are young and their relationship is only 1 year old but it does end happy.If you like new adult stories, college life, coming out, life struggles, a sweet romance with some very hot man-sex then this is for you.still good and they come out fast enough that I didn’t lose any feel of the previous stories.I liked Collin. He seems to be such a smart man, knowing what he wants, and I feel so sorry for him with

  • Bo
    2019-04-19 00:46

    Surprising Conclusion First things first: Though awfully stylized (please, who looks like that in real life?), at least we get both Tanner (on the left?) and Collin (on the right?) on the same cover at last. Second thing: If you are ready for a serious roller-coaster ride of unlikely happenstances, crummy people, wonderful people, and complete and total angst on the part of two college seniors who desperately want to be with each other forever, this book will do it for you.Told by Collin, this plot has them back from openly friendly Fire Island to an exaggeratedly homophobic Pennsylvania college town, and every stupid thing one can imagine that would block their paths to happiness comes along. Yet, they put up with it until Collin has what can only be considered a "saintly" breakdown typical of his family's values, and then the real angst begins.What we got in the end was a snapshot of the kinds of lives men like this are still subject to when they fall in love with each other in some places. Despite that (no spoilers) we are left with the thought that this series needs another installment, one that will be filled with laughter and smiles from beginning to end, and that can be handled in a story or a short novella very easily.

  • Maria Rose
    2019-04-09 03:44

    This third and final installment in the Moments in Time series starts off with Tanner and Collin returning back to school from their summer together. I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the series as they adjust to life at school again, and the difficulties in being a gay couple in a small town, particularly in a college dorm environment. Collin's point of view is spot on and I really felt a connection to him. His thoughts and actions ring true. It was great to see him reconnecting with his brother Sean, even as that new found relationship adds to the tension of the story. I think both Tanner and Collin are well described, interesting and likeable characters, each with their own foibles and charms. The sexual attraction between them leads to some well written, steamy and touching scenes. The relationships they have with friends and family highlight all the nuances of being young gay males and made for an interesting and enjoyable read. 4.5 stars for this, and the series overall. Note: a copy of this story was provided by the author for review.

  • Kara
    2019-04-09 04:38

    What can I say other then I am so disappointed right now... I loved Collin and Tanner together but after this book and what happens I honestly feel like Collin deserves so much better then Tanner.I think my biggest pet peeve in a book is "beware this is a spoiler" cheating. Especially when it is just shrugged off like no big deal. Unfortunately that happened in this book.Let me say after the first book I never liked Wendy and after what she does with.. I can't say without a spoiler but its bad and there is no way I can see someone who is truly in love just shrugging it off and honestly just made me dislike her so much more now.So while I did like what the author did with the couple in the first book and Collins character I have to say sadly this book was just not for me...I received this book free in exchange for an honest review from Inked Rainbow Reads.

  • Amanda
    2019-03-28 00:37


  • Cheryl
    2019-04-19 01:20

    Will someone please remind me exactly why it is that it has taken me so long to read this series? *slaps self silly* Never mind, as they say, better late than never.As with the previous books, this one is a continuation from Tanner and Collins time away on Fire Island. They're now back in school and looking forward to some alone time in their dorm room, only to discover that two entire floors have been water damaged and they'll now be sleeping with all the other affected students, in the gym. This makes life difficult when they're still trying to keep their relationship under the radar and act like they're just good friends in public. Collin has been estranged from his family for months so when his brother Sean reaches out to him and offers the couple a place to stay, the boys jump at the chance. Sean is trying to bring up his three kids on his own in his wifes absence and having them around is a massive help but when Sean's wife finds out about the living arrangements, she decides that she will get lawyers involved and this is just the beginning of the problems Collin and Tanner Face. When their secret comes out and the people they thought were friends, aren't true friends after all, Collin makes some life-altering decisions on behalf of them both, under the guise of doing whatever it takes to make Tanner happy. At this point in the book, the voice in my head started screaming 'no no no no!!!'. I mean, seriously, that plan makes no-one happy! I started reading faster than the speed of light just to get to the part where they got their act together and I could start to breathe again. I really liked that Tanner's vulnerability came through and we get to see that he isn't always the cocky, confident guy that he makes himself out to be and in a bit of role reversal, Collin becomes his protector. They're just such lovely characters and the fact that they are sizzling together doesn't do any harm either. This book has a bit of everything with the chemistry, the romance and more drama than you can poke a stick at, oh, and did I mention that the ending had me grinning like a crazy person?! What can I say, I'm away to read book 4....... Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.Reviewed by Cheryl from Alpha Book Club Alpha Book ClubAll Alpha Males

  • Michael Eaton
    2019-04-11 03:30

    Great storyI loved all three books. I could not put them down. I highly recommend these books, such great writing. Collin is a guy who is unsure of himself and his part is written so good. I laughed , cried, was worried for their love. And of course turned on by the love scenes. I will be definitely be reading more