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Carter Gabel had to overcome a lot in the last year, and time travel as a side effect of his “genetic disease” was only the beginning. He’s lost his mother, reunited with his estranged father, crippled a city and destroyed his school. If he thought he could fade into the sunset, Carter has another thing coming. A terrorist group known as Pirates has infiltrated his hometowCarter Gabel had to overcome a lot in the last year, and time travel as a side effect of his “genetic disease” was only the beginning. He’s lost his mother, reunited with his estranged father, crippled a city and destroyed his school. If he thought he could fade into the sunset, Carter has another thing coming. A terrorist group known as Pirates has infiltrated his hometown to overthrow the Program designed to monitor those with potentially harmful abilities. Carter is a teenager, but he’s forced back into the mix as his grandson, David, has been put into a coma. He will have to try and stay out of sight as much as possible and work with new Eventuals along the way in order to stop the Pirates from turning Lincoln Square into a ghost town....

Title : A Time to Live
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A Time to Live Reviews

  • Yvonne (bookishpanda)
    2019-03-14 19:18

    More like 4.5 stars*received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*In the second book we continue to follow Carter Gabel trying to live a normal life, this time however he has to stop the so-called "Pirates" from killing innocent people. There's a lot more action in this second installment than in the first one. Carter matured a lot and you clearly notice it by the writing style of Jonas - everything seems a bit darker and a bit more brutal even but I quite liked that! We know that everything that had happened so far influenced the characters in one way or another and it's good to finally see the outcome of it.I usually write something about the characters now but I'll try to focus on the main ones instead because there were so many of them - the author introduced a lot of new (and therefore also unique) characters and to be honest I had a hard time remembering all the names and what their abilities are. If you thought you finally figured out who is who, a new character showed up and you had to start all over again - nevertheless I loved all of them! Jonas Lee definitely has a talent for creating different characters and making them "real"! Rook, for example, is one I absolutely loved - she's loyal, fierce and has a really cool ability. I would love to see her more often and hope that Carter and Rook will have an amazing friendship - they already shared some emotional moments that are seriously heartbreaking!Carter has matured a lot, like I said before, but I'm so happy he's still snarky, sarcastic and funny! He does stupid things in the most dangerous moments and even though he's in danger he still manages to joke and make me smile - he's a great character! Another one I really, really, really loved was little Scarlett! Carter's relationship with her was absolutely amazing and probably my favorite from this book - he's so protective and just loves her with all of his heart. So cute!The story was as usual very fast-paced and action-packed but it never seemed too forced. Everything made sense and while reading it I even questioned myself who The Driver is and what would happen next - if a book manages to do that to me I already know I'll love it! Overall I enjoyed "A Time to Live" a lot and can't wait for the third book, which is probably also the last, so I hope we get answers to all the questions and that everything turns out well!

  • Jonas Lee
    2019-03-19 01:57

    So...there's a teenager named Carter Gabel. He can travel in time:He's made some mistakes and starts off having to move from home with his girlfriend and take a job as a barista: During his shift, trouble walks in. It comes in the form of a slightly hyperactive Eventual who is there to pull him back home: He has to say goodbye to his new family for a while, particularly his new favorite little girl, Scarlett: Turns out new enemies arrived when they left and they are far from kind...or sane:More people join up, more powers, more awesomeness:A final stand-off, good vs. evil, all the world will know the extent the "disease" goes and tension is palpable: In typical fashion, sadness ensues: But, Mo and Carter find some alone time to realize how much they love each other...:And just when you think the series is done...surprise guest and the epic wait for the next book:

  • Jacqueline Smith
    2019-02-28 21:55

    Just as the first installment in Mr. Lee's Carter Gabel series, A Time to Live left me riveted, on the edge of my seat, an anxious for more!The story begins with the aftermath of the last novel. I don't want to go into any spoilers for anyone who hasn't read the first book, but it's very obvious how much Carter has matured and changed as a result of the events that have just taken place. There are several strengths to Jonas Lee's compelling time travel novels, but I'm tempted to say the greatest of these strengths are his storytelling and the voice that he gives to Carter. Lee's characters are strong and discernible, which is something I always seek out in literature.The plot of A Time To Live is exciting and fast paced, and like A Time to Reap, engages and pulls the reader into this futuristic society. I quickly found myself once again invested in Carter's story, and the cliff hanger ending certainly left me wanting to know more. I look forward to the third installment in this fantastic series!

  • Liz Tailor
    2019-03-12 01:49

    I loved this book! It had so many great things that I was hoping for after reading the first book, A Time to Reap. But there were also a lot of surprises as well.I had some moments, while reading, when my jaw literally dropped open.I love watching the romance between Carter and Mo continue to grow deeper as everything around them goes to hell! We also get a glimpse into where Mo comes from, something not even she was aware of! Such great twists in store.Can't wait for book 3!!!

  • Myhisha
    2019-03-19 22:14

    I loved this book! It wasn't as light hearted as the first, but after all that the characters have been through, how could it be? The author is still able to surprise us through his many twists and turns and the unexpected ending of this second book. I anxiously await the final installment of this awesome trilogy.

  • Hailey Morgen
    2019-03-07 01:08

    In this second installment of the Carter Gabel series we are reunited with Carter and Mo - now in hiding and presumed dead - as the dust settles from A Time to Reap. In this slightly darker sequel, we discover a more mature Carter, read of reconciliation and loss, and smile at the budding romance between Carter and Mo. Author Jonas Lee kept me on the edge of my seat from the opening pages, through explosive twists and turns all the way to the unexpected ending. I can't wait to find out what happens in the long awaited conclusion, A Time to Die.

  • Lizzy Baldwin
    2019-03-23 00:13

    So I absolutely loved the first instalment of Jonas Lee’s Carter Gabel series and that made me even more excited to get my teeth stuck into A Time to Live. The book really does pick up where the last one leaves off and I thought that was really brilliant. If you haven’t read the first book go and get hold of a copy first (please!) In the second book it almost immediately becomes obvious how much Carter has matured as a character as a result of the events that occur in the first book. Authors have to really hone a number of skills but Jonas has really worked on his ability to tell a story and give a voice to his main character. Sometimes in book it feel like the author is detached from their main character but here you feel as though they are at one and that is wonderful to read. It also comes from Lee’s ability to construct strongly engaging and well built up characters and without that the storyline could fall apart but Jonas works the novel with both skill and understanding and I applaud him for it.I must admit that I found that the second addition left me even more invested in Carter’s story, and the cliff hanger at the end of the first book helped to reinforce this. I think it was a clever idea to keep Carter attempting to lead a normal life and infiltrating this with the Pirates attempting to kill innocent people. I loved the introduction of the new characters it really helped to boost the excitement by including these new and exciting characters. At times there were so many new characters that I found myself a little lost but I think that because they were all so varied in their different powers that it was just interesting to get to know them all as individuals. Rook however continues to be my favourite and loved her even more in this book that in the first; class act Jonas. Carter additionally although a little more mature is still sarcastic and comedic with quips at just the right time and that really helped to add a sour/sweet edge to the book as a whole. He’s got a laid back style that is wonderful and is even more pronounced in the second book and I loved him for it.In terms of technical critique I think the writing was a lot darker in terms of style and I think that by maturing Carter in this way it allowed Lee to explore this murky way of writing to really capture the reader. Couple of grammatical errors throughout but not enough to warrant getting your knickers in a twist as a reviewer. There are a few really special moments played out between Carter and Rook especially and this has made me become even more invested in the story as a whole and I can’t wait to read more!So the only quibble other than a couple of grammatical errors was that at the start of the book you’re introduced to so many new characters one after the other you could feel a little overwhelmed. I think that honestly Jonas manages it just but you have to keep your eye on the ball. Overall I loved this book I thought it was not only smart and clever but also showed that Jonas has matured as an author and it’s brilliant. It feels both murkier and darker and also both fresher and more exciting. As a reader Jonas excites me and if I love his book I recon you might to!*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

  • Heather
    2019-02-23 21:58

    It took me a little longer to read the second book, but not because it was boring. It was far from it. The first book I flew through, because I knew I had another book in the series. And that is not the case with the recent novel. Nope, I now have to wait for the next book and I can already tell you, it’s going to kill me.The second book picks up where the last one left off. Carter and his girlfriend, Mo, are in hiding, staying under the radar, letting people believe they are dead. Let me just say, I adore the relationship between Carter and Mo. It makes my little nerd heart squee in excitement because their love for one another is so rare, perfect, and pure. It’s not beyond believable and were basically created to be soul mates. Read the books and you will understand.Of course, like any good book, the calmness that comes with the world thinking you are dead, doesn’t last long. Soon, Carter has been tracked down by a brother and sister, to tell him that his grandson is in trouble. Yes, Carters grandson. Again, you have to read these books! There is a crazy thing going on within these pages and there isn’t much more I can tell you without giving it all away.Looking At a Few ThingsThe writing is on point. You can tell that the novel has been well edited and polished to near perfection. I only say near perfection because nothing is ever perfect, though I couldn’t tell you anything that was wrong with the story.The dialogue, which some authors have issues with, stayed on track. The story features mostly teenagers and the dialogue stayed within what you would think a teenager would sound like.I have this issue with endings. They have to be perfect. I have read to many books where the ending takes place in the middle of the story. This one wasn’t like that. The story is left with questions and things left open, but it ends in a way that you are comfortable with, but it keeps you on edge waiting for the next book.The cover is amazing! If I had seen this book on the shelf at my local book store I would have picked it up in a heart beat. I am one of the people that will judge a book by it’s cover and I have no shame in that!Once more can I say how much I love the relationship between Carter and Mo? I just love them so much and I may get a little sick to my stomach every time something comes up that could jeopardize their happily ever after.OverallThis book was just as amazing as the first one. It’s fast paced so you don’t get bored. Not once did I stop and think “Get on with the story already.” I would read this book again and probably will when the third installment comes out.A quick warning though, towards the end you will cry. I swear to you! I don’t cry often when it comes to reading, but I got teary eyed so I thank the author for sharing emotions so strong that I feel it my cold heart.If you haven’t read the first book, you need to read it. If you have read it and haven’t read this one, you need to buy it. Seriously, what are you waiting on?Read Original Post at my blog Awkward Life Of Heather

  • Nina Soden
    2019-03-22 19:19

    Rating overviewWriting: ★★★★Story: ★★★★1/2Characters: ★★★★1/2Appearance: ★★★★★Overall: ★★★★★ (4.5)---I was given this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This is the second book in The Legend of Carter Gabel series by Jonas Lee. We continue to follow the story of young Carter Gabel, a leaper who has the ability to time travel both back in time and into the future. Jonas has a wonderful ability to tie his stories together, bringing moments from the previous book into this book as either flash backs, memories, or present day (previously a time traveled moment). Writing: Jonas’ writing style has changed with this second book. The lighthearted nature of his main character has gotten darker, more mature and so has his writing style. There were grammar/editing errors scattered throughout the book, but nothing so substantial that it took you out of the story. Story: I have to say that this story started off slightly difficult to understand and follow. The writing style felt different somehow, less playful and more mature, than the previous book. The first few chapters brought with them so many new characters with new abilities that it was hard to keep them all straight. However, you quickly get immersed in the world that Jonas has created and learn to adapt to the changes, just as the characters within his story are trying to do. Once the action starts, it is fast paced and intense. The fight scenes are easy to visualize and yet captivating enough that you can’t anticipate what will happen next. Without giving away anything I can say that one of Jonas’ best moments (my favorite scene within this book and maybe both books) was a short, interment (not sexual in nature) moment shared between Carter and Rook. It will pull at your heart and make you feel immense grief and pain. That was the moment when I realized I was invested in reading these stories and finding out what could possibly happen next. Characters: The characters we met in the first book have grown, developed, and matured. Jonas has a natural ability to see into his characters and make you not only understand them but relate to them on a personal level. The new characters he introduces, in this second book, are each unique in their own way. No two characters are exactly the same, nor are their abilities the same. That is both a blessing and a curse – On one hand you can see how well Jonas is able to develop characters, but on the other hand there are so many new characters it can be difficult, at first, to keep track of who can do what. Which characters leap, which snap, which talk to dead people, and… well, you get the point. Appearance: I love the cover of this book. Much like the first book with the symbolism of the clock, Jonas uses pocket watches on this book, it gives a sense of time running out. Not only do we feel a sense of urgency, but time within the story also becomes vital. Time can mean life and death, and in Carter Gabel’s case it can mean the difference between either saving hundreds of people or letting them die.

  • Karen
    2019-03-03 17:54

    My review of Jonas Lee's book, "A Time to Rep" asked, "Where is the next one?" I have now read the next one, "A Time to Live". And, it is equally as amazing as his first book. The well written story has some of the same characters that you loved and wished were your friends. The story continues with the twists and turns that keep you guessing what is just around the corner. The outstanding dialog makes you think that you are watching a movie. You not only know Carter, but you feel you are standing right next to him. The wonderful humor and story line makes this a very exciting and entertaining book. You WILL want to read more. I will definitely read his next book, which I hope is available very soon!

  • Lindsay Boitnott
    2019-02-21 20:55

    First I have to let y’all know that Jonas Lee is one awesome dude! He writes fun, action packed young adult novels and is a co-host for the web series, Cross-country Nerds. Plus he’s an amazingly patient friend who has waited far too long for this review! A Time to Live is the second novel in The Legend of Carter Gabel series. Be sure to check out my review of the first novel, A Time to Reap, before continuing. Gifted teens Carter and Mo are listed as dead and are in hiding while they wait for the effects of the Pemberton explosion to die down. But, they receive news that their grandson, David, is under a mysterious illness and learn of the destruction caused by a terrorist group known as The Pirates. The dynamic duo are back for a fight!Jonas Lee is a master of snarky characters! Carter and I could definitely be friends with his sharp whit and love for pop culture. It’s the characters that keep me coming back to these novels. The core characters are well developed and have plenty of flaws melded in with their good points. They are characters you find yourself rooting for and I love the team Carter develops.The plot is twisted and intricate. We learn more about the Carter’s world and I was happy to finally learn what caused the genetic mutation we see throughout the story. I like that we are introduced to a larger ‘playing field’ in A Time to Live. We went from Carter destroying the Academy to learning about the various resistant movements against the Program. I’m excited to learn even more in the next book!First person POV is one of my favorite and least favorite aspects of A Time to Live. I love hearing Carter’s inner monologue. He’s hilarious and his observations push the story along. But, first person makes it difficult to provide setting. I wish there was more world building. More descriptions of the technology and environment. More history lessons on Carter’s world. I keep forgetting that A Time to Live is set in the future. Small details, such as the phone watches, are a quick reminder but I’d like to see more. But, Jonas’ writing just keeps getting better and better, so I’m excited to read the next installment!There is only one thing that irks me about A Time to Live. I am not a fan of how Mo channels important info to Carter while the rest of the group has to stand around and wait. I get their connection but I would be so pissed if I was in the group watching them silently plan. I like their quiet personal convos but not when it deals with big plot points. That’s if for complaints. I definitely recommend this series! It’s fun, snarky, and different…all good points in my opinion! Plus, take some time to check out all of Jonas’ other activities!Lindsay Check out more reviews at

  • Cianna Sunshine & Mountains Book Reviews
    2019-03-09 20:51

    ** This review was done in conjunction with NerdGirl. For more information, visit them on Facebook - **Great follow up novel! I enjoyed book one, but book 2 is even better! In this novel we get way more action then in the first one, and some deeper levels to the character development. It’s a darker world for the time traveling Carter, and his character has developed due to all her experienced in the first book. Despite his wants for a normal life, he’s thrust into another more dangerous adventure. I love that Carter didn’t lose his sarcastic side in this novel. It’s a really endearing trait in the character, and I’m glad it still comes through in this second novel.There’s a lot of characters in this book, so many that you don’t always keep them straight, and I think that’s my only flaw with this book. I tend to bond with main characters, but when there’s too many things get a bit confusing for me to follow along with. But the character, though many, are all really developed. Lee took time to make his characters more 3D then you experience in most other novels. I appreciate this because as a reader, it makes it easier for me to connect and get involved in the story.I really felt Lee came into his stride as an author with this second book. Writing was strong, pace was good, and the plot was complex and didn’t unravel quickly at all. We’ve still got some questions that will hopefully be answered in the next book, but all in all, outstanding second book and I am excited for the third!*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  • K.T. Webb
    2019-03-12 18:05

    Jonas Lee rocks! The sequel to A Time to Reap did not let me down. Carter Gabel takes us on an amazing adventure with his bold, sarcastic and quick-witted personality. This installment opened up new mysteries and possibilities that will take this series to a whole new level as the story continues. Carter went through some pretty deep stuff in both the first and second books, so it makes sense that this one gets a little darker than the first. I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment!

  • Layla
    2019-03-22 01:03

    I feel like this is where the story really begins! In this book Carter has to stop a terrorist group called the pirates...I must say, I do like that name! Let me tell you, if you thought A Time to Reap was fast paced and full of excitement, you haven't seen anything yet! A Time to Live kicks up the action a lot...and the snarky comments...oh the snarky comments! SO GOOD, so many laughs. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys action, super human powers, and sassy characters!

  • Matte Bulman
    2019-03-05 22:19

    A Time to Live is a great book, i enjoyed reading it because the characters were relatable, funny, and kept to their personalities. I also enjoyed this book because it was non- stop action, I never got bored while reading this. I suggest this book to any reader willing to get sucked into a book filled with action, surprises, and witty- humor.

  • Kate M. Colby
    2019-02-23 21:05

    Everything readers loved about A Time to Reap is amped up in the sequel: danger, cool powers, fight scenes, relationships, and of course, snark. A fast-paced, fun read for fans of Young Adult Science Fiction.

  • Zachary Chopchinski
    2019-03-07 01:01

    A Time to Live is the fast paced sequel to A Time to Reap. The protagonist, Carter, has found himself in a bit of a predicament as he must stop a terrorist group from killing people. A Time to Live is hilariously snarky and fun to read. I can't wait to see how the trilogy ends!

  • Jessica
    2019-03-21 19:05

    I did like this book. At times I still struggle with how quickly everything moves. I crave more background information as to why things are the way they are. Maybe even more insight to each of their lives. Overall, I do enjoy this series and am excited for what the latest twist will bring.

  • C.L. Coffey
    2019-03-04 23:17

    Oh where is the next book?

  • Olivia Williford (LivTheBookNerd)
    2019-02-21 22:49

    Check out my full review here!

  • Hailey Morgen
    2019-02-23 17:53

    In this second installment of the Carter Gabel series we are reunited with Carter and Mo - now in hiding and presumed dead - as the dust settles from A Time to Reap. In this slightly darker sequel, we discover a more mature Carter, read of reconciliation and loss, and smile at the budding romance between Carter and Mo. Author Jonas Lee kept me on the edge of my seat from the opening pages, through explosive twists and turns all the way to the unexpected ending. I can't wait to find out what happens in the long awaited conclusion, A Time to Die.

  • Jason Mertz
    2019-03-18 01:18

    The first book was good and this one got much better, now i am painfully waiting until the 3rd book comes out.

  • Haddie Harper
    2019-03-09 00:02

    This book.I can't think of any words, but this is AWESOME! The new characters really help make more of the story. I was on thee edge of my seat, and I'm reading it again with my brother. He wants to know what happened.