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* First published in the anthology, The More The Merrier.Cara has spent her entire life as the good girl – the straight-A, straight-laced, good girl – and she’s tired of it. When her roommate Meredith invites her to a private party, one that will earn her fifteen hundred dollars just to attend, she discovers a hidden world where society’s rules hold no sway, where sex is r* First published in the anthology, The More The Merrier.Cara has spent her entire life as the good girl – the straight-A, straight-laced, good girl – and she’s tired of it. When her roommate Meredith invites her to a private party, one that will earn her fifteen hundred dollars just to attend, she discovers a hidden world where society’s rules hold no sway, where sex is readily available under the privilege of anonymity and safety, and a mysterious man wants to bring her dark side out to play. Will Cara run and ignore the thrill the party brings her, or will she dive in head first to discover what she’s really capable of? Note: This story includes a nice dose of tall, dark, dominant, and handsome, several scenes of hot sex with multiple partners, and a heaping dash of BDSM to top it all off. Knowing all of that, will you accept The Invitation? EXTRAS: This edition includes the exclusive short 'Ben's Day' and a sneak peak at Jennifer Bene's upcoming novel 'Security Binds Her'! Enjoy!...

Title : the invitation
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ISBN : 23824363
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 109 Pages
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the invitation Reviews

  • Sandra Crow
    2019-03-13 18:56

    It was another well written story. This author continues to write characters with depth and are well developed. For me the characters have to have depth. The story line is also important. This author continues to write well developed storylines with strong characters.

  • Erin
    2019-03-22 20:00

    Calling Jennifer Bene......Calling Jennifer Bene!!!Please, Please, Please expand on this story!!!! I could have sunk deep into this story. Unfortunately this stayed at a surface level for me but the story and characters could have been developed into an amazing read. Not that I did not enjoy it, as I did. But the characters alone have such depth already....I just wish I had more opportunity to read about them. This is my only complaint about this book.This is an amazing quick read for all. I am sure you will enjoy it if given the chance!!!

  • Tammy
    2019-03-13 20:55

    Cara gets invited to a party by her roommate and not only does she get to attend the exclusive party she will get paid to do so. While at the party she discovers a whole new world, the only question is will she accept the invitation to explore her dark desires? Fast paced read and oh so steamy, I loved it!

  • Felicity Brandon
    2019-03-13 23:03

    Wow, wow, wow!Why have I never read anything by Ms. Bene before now?This is one seriously, scintillating BDSM story.I loved the hot, compelling read, and wished that the story would unfurl further than the end of this tale...If you enjoy reading BDSM, then read Bene. You won't regret it.

  • Crystal
    2019-03-19 22:15

    Super hot!

  • Krissy
    2019-03-17 19:04

    A nice, quick steamy little number. I would have loved to read more about Scott's story. Unfortunately it doesn't look like that will be happening :(

  • Badh
    2019-03-07 00:13

    When Cara's roommate needs an extra woman for a very special party, she turns to Cara. For Cara, the choice to stop being boring, to become glamorous, and to earn $1500 means she's headed to the party.At the party, she meets Saif, who tells her she's at the wrong party, and shows her why. He offers her the chance for an invitation to the right party. This is a great story. Short, which means it's a quick read. Doesn't mean it's not hot and filled with subby goodness, because it totally is. I love the journey that Cara makes, from "boring" woman to willing sub, as she learns more about herself and what she likes. Anyone who loves Jennifer's other stories will love this one.

  • Book-Lovin-Momma
    2019-02-24 00:15

    Cara was the good girl, the one who got straight A's and did the right thing. When she's invited to a club, she's given a chance to push beyond her boundaries of what's safe and comfortable. Saif and the other Doms were oh so sexy, and they took Cara beyond her wildest expectations, and showing her about the carnal pleasures she never knew about. It was a sensual, erotic read, and I loved it!

  • Paula D
    2019-03-02 00:48

    Hotness, sexy time and so much more! Cara gets invited to a party and it’s invite only by her friend but she totally shocked once she walks in the door. Will Cara show off she’s not boring and willing to try anything?? melt your kindle cold shower time after reading this book! 5/5 stars *** I voluntarily reviewed an Copy of this book ***

  • Kristine Louise Sørensen
    2019-03-08 01:47

    To Short! I want more, so much more. Please expand on this story, I want to know more about have Cara and Saif grow together. Steaming hot and so nice to read a story about a woman finding herself and learning to accept that there is nothing wrong with passion and lust.

  • Jo Wolf
    2019-03-21 23:05

    Amazing. Cara's thirst to explore herself and the new world she discovered through an invitation was so palpable, and the book had me squirming from the first page to the last. Jennifer Bene's writing is just so good and so hot! It hits all my buttons and sweet spots.

  • Leslie OBrien
    2019-02-26 19:11

    Jennifer Bene’s “Invitation” was an absolutely delicious respite to an otherwise dull afternoon. It may be short, but it’s damn sexy. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Kristy /Obsessed with Romance
    2019-02-25 23:02

    I liked this one. It was short, hot and dirty, but well written.

  • di9girl
    2019-03-18 00:00

    A little dark but oh so good... would like to read more of Saif and AL...

  • Heather
    2019-03-18 19:02

    I really liked this novella a lot! It was so hot and I would love to read even more about Cara and Saif! Great read!

  • Güera Pineda
    2019-02-22 20:54

    its ok for a short story. Very hot. I always like when a book its about self discovery and being brave. This is not an emotional or love or deep story but I enjoyed a lot.

  • Sadie Mazzola
    2019-03-16 21:09

    This is a fascinating BDSM story! I wish they write a follow up.

  • Renee
    2019-02-23 19:45

    A quick read that follows Cara into a world of BDSM and kink. It is fun and exciting and the sex scenes are off the page sizzling. Hoping to see more of these characters.

  • Robin Smith
    2019-03-21 23:01

    What does a girl do when your roommate asks you to go to a private party and get paid ?? You ask where and when. Our girl, Cara, is willing to branch out and try something different, thanks to her ex-boyfriend telling her she's boring. I think he should of tried spanking her before letting her go. Once Cara arrives at the party, she meets Seif, who is about to introduce her to a totally different life. One she didn't know she wanted or even knew existed. This is not a typical kind of girl meets boy and falls in love kind of story, so watch out. The story is so quick and really hot so hang on !!

  • SH
    2019-03-10 19:02

    Quick and funA quick, steamy, fun read that I really didn't want to end. I would love a follow-up with these characters to see what they're up to now. Hint hint ;)

  • April ♥
    2019-03-10 23:15

    This book starts off hot and only gets better from there!When Cara tags along with her roommate to an "Invitation Only" party she never expects the direction her night will take. But before she knows it, Cara has found herself in the hands of the very handsome and very capable Saif. When their night comes to an end, Saif leaves her with an invitation to explore the darker side of herself. All she has to do is accept. This is a fast paced, hot and sexy read that you will not want to put down.

  • Courtney
    2019-03-09 22:49

    Despite how short this story was, I loved it. Reading all of these characters was amazing. It's refreshing to read a story where the characters don't feel ashamed and aren't shamed for their sexuality. Honestly I would love to read more of Cara, Saif, Ben, and Krista.

  • Jane
    2019-03-07 23:06

    Innocence jumps into being educatedCara is a class A student with the focus on her science studies and learning. After a break-up, she moves in with a new roommate and at some point that roommate drags her to a party where she can earn a lot of money only for attending, but it is not only that that makes her attend, it is also the curiosity of what her roommate is participating in and the need of being more than boring. During that party she encounters Saif and is instantly drawn to him. While there she discovers a whole new world to her, a world with no limits, with pleasure and dark cravings. By the end she receives a business card and it is up to her if she accepts, jumps into that new possibilities and might be invited after a successful interview or if she stays in her comfortable old life. Who knows, she might enjoy herself? I loved this book. But was a bit disappointed that it ended so soon. I admit, I wanted to read more about her explorations. A consolation was the bonus story ‘Ben’s Day’ that is linked to the story in the book. But again, I wanted to read more about the main characters. Also, this book contains some BDSM without that romantic HEA love theme. It treats the lifestyle the way it is supposed to be, with respect. It is always clear that everything is consensual and safe. If that is not your thing, you should read another book, but if you like to start reading something closer to reality than the standard housewife books, give it a try.

  • Liz
    2019-02-21 17:45

    Erotic BDSM=themed non-romance.Cara, a college student, is convinced by her roommate to attend an invitation only party with her. Cara's reluctant, but with the voice of her ex-BF in her head that she's boring, she decides to go. We then learn that this invitation only party is really an out of control sex party.While there, she meets Saif with whom she has some erotic times on the couch along with another guy named Grant. Saif is taken with her and invites her to call to be invited to a different type of party.Cara then explores her own sexuality and submissive tendencies, all in threesomes.The sex is hot, if you like spanking, tie ups, anal and threesomes. I'm not sure what the deal is with Saif, though, and I was confused about their relationship. Does he become her Dom? Is there more? The ending was confusing and unclear.

  • Charliegirl1
    2019-03-08 00:09

    EroticaThis was well written erotica, but I prefer erotic romance where there is hot sex, yes, but also more emotional involvement in the relationship. Less sharing, more caring.

  • Carrie Korschinowski
    2019-03-04 19:54

    The Invitation is a super HOT panty-melting read. A very sensual story, so if you like spicy that's erotic, this book is for you. This copy given in exchange for an honest review.

  • Saskia
    2019-03-05 21:05

    It is going to be a short review. This was one smoking hot story. Also loved the short extra story

  • Betty Lankovits
    2019-03-14 19:13

    ALL THE PANTIES OUT OF THE WINDOW!Whoa! oh, man, that was a fantastic short story, I mean, ah c'mon I don't know what to say.. :DSuper hot, super kinky, super sexy!Love, love, love this! Please, more, more, more... never enough!

  • Niki Roge
    2019-02-23 21:04

    This is a very unique twist on a classic BDSM story. It is a continuation of the story in The More The Merrier and is very well worth the read for the continued story. Very hot, very sexy and the time spent with Ben and Saif leaves you wanting more. Recommended read!

  • Candice Barrier
    2019-03-02 17:51

    Wow! Once again another awesome book! Would have loved to see how it plays out a little more. But loved the action scenes in this book. You could definitely feel the emotions from this book. Would recommend this book to any one that was interested.