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Wind Shadow Chronicles is a profound and imaginative fantasy book-series that challenges the proverbial questions of faith, science and morals. It meticulously depicts a dark and unforgiving world where hope must be restored. The story moves at a brisk pace, unveiling heightened mysteries and revelations that captures the reader’s imagination. The first book, Secrets of thWind Shadow Chronicles is a profound and imaginative fantasy book-series that challenges the proverbial questions of faith, science and morals. It meticulously depicts a dark and unforgiving world where hope must be restored. The story moves at a brisk pace, unveiling heightened mysteries and revelations that captures the reader’s imagination. The first book, Secrets of the White Lake, take place in a post-apocalyptic world, where a mysterious aurora hovers in the sky like a beacon, silently, eloquently. To some the mysterious lights were nothing more than a natural phenomenon while others saw religious manifestations. But for an old Indian shaman it was a prophetic sign that his seventh year has passed. Reluctantly, he must return the children back to a ravaged world—this is their journey home....

Title : Secrets of the White Lake (Wind Shadow Chronicles)
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Secrets of the White Lake (Wind Shadow Chronicles) Reviews

  • Alexandra Engellmann
    2019-03-08 13:26

    I'd expected to read this book for 2 weeks, but as if often happens with books, couldn't put it down and finished just in a few days.The first thing that I want to say is the writing is incredibly beautiful and heart-warming in this book. It's a book about nature and adventure, and it requires detailed descriptions of the scenery - and I enjoyed them very much! The author's writing is quite poetic, and besides, the ideas about family and love are woven through the story, adding a serious meaning to an action-packed sci-fi book. It makes the book stand out among your usual young adult and fantasy novels.Another thing that was especially interesting for me was the spirituality in it. It's the kind of religion-oriented fantasy books that even people who aren't into it wouldn't mind reading. It revolves around children raised by an Indian Shaman, and they add a lot of freshness and humor to the otherwise serious mystery book. They set out on a dangerous journey across a post-apocalyptic world, that will result in much more than just returning home. As they travel, they discover new truths about their world and its future. Honestly, I never thought it was possible to combine two genres, religion and thriller, so successfully.I'd recommend this book both for young and adult readers. If you like to look deeper; like when a book makes you think, really think about the questions that our life depends on, this is a book for you. And though there were a lot of thrilling scenes that held me on the edge of the seat, Miya's humor lightened the mood all the time and had me smiling) The book starts a little slowly, but I'm a fan of those because I like to get used to the characters and begin caring for them before something serious happens. So don't be misled by it and soon you won't be able to put it down :)I received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review.

  • Lynelle Clark
    2019-03-12 14:31

    I received the book from the author for an honest review.The author's writing draws you into the story. His descriptions and detail throughout the book kept you turning the pages. The detail gave you a very clear story line as the story unfolds. The three children each had their own unique characteristics making them believable and endearing. Especially Mia's character was sincere and original; I liked her clever playing with words it kept them grounded.Their travels let them on a very interesting but strange journey as they each discover their gifts and the secrets of the White Lake. A well planned story that would entertain every reader that likes this genre.

  • James McCormick
    2019-03-01 11:13

    ‘Secrets of the White Lake’ is an exciting mix of apocalyptic, dystopian science fiction and the spiritual/ metaphysical. Indeed the very opening line makes this abundantly clear. “Long before Earth was invaded, Wanderer was haunted by a prophecy that had recurred his entire life.” The Wanderer is a Native American Shaman, a once nihilistic individual who now treads the spiritual path as a result of developing the ability to glimpse the future through dream prophesies. The first chapter, ‘The Solitary Road’ is extremely gripping and reads like an old legend or myth. It serves to introduce not only Wanderer himself whose role is that of a paternalistic guardian and spiritual teacher but also the two protagonists, the ten year old Miyawan and her fourteen year old brother Crow whose quest to find their mother provides the narrative thread to this eclectic story. There are some strong, classical, Germanic folk/ farie tale motifs in this novel. The orphaned/ lost children rescued by a magical figure and a quest that begins their maturational process. Once outside of the Shaman’s refuge the world is one of hardship and tests. Brother and sister eventually join up with “outsiders,” what is left of the human resistance who proceed to teach and train them. Miyawan (or Miya) however is no normal girl. Trained by the Shaman in the arts of pre-cognition she possesses the power of dream prophesies which hopefully can lead them to success.Overall, this is an excellent novel. I have to say that I did find Miya (a quirky, energetic chatterbox) quite irritating at times, even though it was clear the author was trying hard to make her endearing, but this was something that lessened as the story continued and the author does succeed in creating two very distinct characters with Miya and her brother Crow, the highly intelligent, more reserved bookish characters and their interpersonal relationship is very believable. I’d like to say more because there is so much in this work but I fear I would be entering into spoiler territory as much of the narrative focuses on the dual protagonists’ discovery of the outside, unknown world. But his is an excellent read and I would heartily recommend it to all fans of speculative fiction, regardless of genre.

  • Kelly Clare
    2019-03-03 14:31

    Secrets of the White Lake: Wind Shadow Chronicles by Daniel Chong.I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.I just need to say straight away the title for this book is amazing. So many exciting words in it!Now on to the actual book.Sometimes with stories designed for younger readers, the author skims over the detail, perhaps thinking younger readers can’t handle it. I’ve never seen the point of that. And I’m glad this author doesn’t either. The description of the story, both of character and setting, was beautifully done. I think I would be correct in saying this book was crafted. A lot of care has gone into it.The two main characters were loveable, and multi-faceted. It wasn’t an annoying children’s tale where everyone gets along. There was conflict, mystery, and (most importantly) believability. This is an adventurous tale with many small subplots within a large overall plot. There are layers within layers, keeping you hooked for the ending. This book gets four stars for the above, missing out on five stars because in (very few) places the detail overwhelmed the storyline and slowed the pace.I’m excited for this author, and predict book two of Wind Shadow Chronicles is going to see him in full stride. Secrets of the White Lake was an enjoyable start to this series!Recommended for ages 8-9 and up.

  • Megan
    2019-02-18 12:22

    I was unusually suprised by this book. The plot begins kind of slow but quickly gains momentum as the reader learns more and more about the world the two main brother and sister characters are living in. For a post-apocalyptic novel, it is very believable. I liked how the main characters were part of an Indian tribe, and Miya's special gift only adds to the mysteriousness of the story. Mr. Chong is a very imaginative writer, and his descriptions of the forest and mountains really made me feel like I was there. By the end of the book, I was truly involved in the characters and what was happening to them. I'd recommend this book to anyone likes action adventure/sci fi.

  • Bill Ward
    2019-03-01 13:20

    I would describe this book as a grownups YA story. I recognise the contradiction in that statement but this very descriptive and well written book is not your run of the mill dystopian adventure. The author has imbued the story with thoughts for discussion, which perhaps will appeal more to the adult reader but at the same time has delivered a story of a young brother and sister, which entertains as a pure fantasy adventure story that will appeal to the younger reader. The descriptive prose is impressive and the dystopian background very believable. An interesting read on many levels and the first in the series so I eagerly anticipate the next.

  • Catherine Putsche
    2019-02-19 13:27

    “To be gifted with the power to shape dreams, one must also endure the prophecies.”But is it a blessing or a curse?Wanderer (An old Indian Sharman) had seen many visions before but this one was like no other. He witnesses towns and cities burning. That was the day the invaders came. This was the day Wanderer offered a promise that he would look after the woman’s children so the woman could go in search of her husband. He looks after the children like they were his own and after the seventh year passes Wanderer gives one of the children Miya a rare gift to see the prophecies ‘in the hope that it will act as a guide on their perilous journey home throughout a terrifying post apocalyptic world where their survival skills are tested against alpha-male trackers and bounty hunters. The children reluctantly join a team of men who are known as “Outsiders” Saul and Yuanjias take the children in under their wing to train them up and have them join their uprising. However, Miyas prophetic glimpses soon trigger off a number of unexpected events that temporarily change the course of all their paths and strongly challenge a number of age-old religious and scientific beliefs. This is a breathtaking composed fantasy story of a brother, sister and a friend trying to make their journey home with a high number of odds against them.Daniel Chong injects plenty of mythical elements and depicts his scenes perfectly, the characters’, and their actions makes it feel all the more real and that you are with them every step of the way. I cannot wait for the next instalment and strongly recommend this story to any reader who enjoys superior fantasy and sci-fi.My Ranking: 5 StarsMy Review Sites:

  • Sterling Gate Books
    2019-03-18 14:32

    A superior fantasy/sci-fi novelThey say you can’t judge a book by its cover. Well, ‘Secrets of the White Lake’ may be the exception. The cover is striking, and what follows doesn’t disappoint. It’s a real-page-turner that will appeal to young adults and older readers alike.Although not this reader’s preferred genre or usual reading fare, book one in ‘Wind Shadow Chronicles’ left me wanting more. Without a doubt, it is a superb introduction to the series and I’m looking forward to book two.All in all...a superior fantasy/sci-fi novel.

  • David Kristoph
    2019-03-05 10:30

    I was intrigued by the format of this book; dozens of short-stories that seem, on the surface, unrelated. However, once I dove in it became a very enjoyable read. The stories are smooth and function well by themselves, yet provide a wonderfully-cohesive story that's fulfilling in the end. You can tell these were written for his son, with love and character. I'm excited to see how Daniel Chong follows it up with the sequel. Five stars. Give this book a chance!

  • Jason Perryman
    2019-03-15 16:28

    Where I am now (halfway) this book is a very easy, fast and exciting read. Lots of imagination, intense action and far out fantasy being incorporated into a very warm story about love, friendship, and family. I'm picking up a lot of themes about spirituality and the afterlife as well as about mankind's own self destructive nature plunging us into a post apocalyptic state with some crazy creatures, nutty sci-fi technology and strange people running about, plus we also have some mysterious lifeforms up in the neon coloured sky to deal with, that could be aliens or some higher existence! (Lots of Wow here!) So some serious and crazy questions are being asked here as well as some edge of seat dangers to overcome - so it seems there's much more excitement to be discovered which gives this story a real furious urge to be read. This has been one fascinating and incredibly enjoyable book so far as such intriguing and important, sacred questions are being discussed along with adrenalin fuelled confrontations, but all this wrapped up in a story about innocence (the 2 main characters), and everything is so simply and straightforwardly written that it doesn't make your head work too hard to understand some challenging subject matters or some imaginative fantasy action. I can't wait to see what happens on the next 10 or so pages, let alone what happens at the end. This is a real fast page turner so far. If the rest of the book holds up then it's well worth a read for anyone else, because the novel deals with questions that we all ask ourselves about this world we live in, along with scenes of eye popping wonder and exhilerating encounters, but as everything is described in such a simple to understand way, I think adults and children will get an equal kick out of it. So far, I think this is a book you should check out.

  • Maria Stoica
    2019-03-03 10:12

    Secrets of the White Lake is the first book of the Wind Shadow Chronicles. In 2012, a wormhole opened on Earth and Invaders stormed in changing the world forever. Cities were deserted and people took to the mountains for refuge. In one such sanctuary, two siblings, Crow and Miya were raised in harmony with nature under the guidance of Wanderer, the Indian shaman ever since they were brought to him by their mother. Crow is a knowledge thirsty 14 year old while his younger sister, Miya is a playful child full of energy. She is also the prophet girl - the key to their salvation. But how will a 10 year old chatterbox deal with the frightening glimpses of the future in a way that would save the world? When the time came, the children set out to find their home accompanied by their unpredictable warrior friend Vil. From the moment they leave the sanctuary strange things begin to happen and the more they find out about the world outside the mountains the more questions they end up with, because, as you’ve already guessed, it’s not a straight road home in the vast unknown.This is a lightly written book that I enjoyed. The action flows smoothly, pleasantly maneuvering the reader’s feelings. The characters are well built and it’s a real pleasure to see them evolve, break and recover on their journey as they get deeply involved in the great mystery that has engulfed the world. There is a lovely amount of wisdom woven into the story, quotes and observations that the characters rely on to proceed. Be it child or adult, I think any curious mind thirsty for adventure and great worlds would want to have a look at Secrets of the White Lake - that’s all it takes to get caught in the story.

  • Ginger Bensman
    2019-02-24 11:30

    The Secrets of White Lake is a fantastical rambling tale for teens and young adults that feels like it was conjured over a span of many evenings around the glow of a campfire. The story begins in catastrophe. A wormhole opens and Earth is invaded. Cities are deserted and people are fleeing. Wanderer, a Native American shaman, encounters a desperate woman and becomes the guardian of her two mysterious children, Miya (Miyawan) and Crow. From the moment they are left in his keeping, Wanderer understands that they have important destinies and that he must help them prepare for what’s ahead. (Miya has the gift of prophetic visions and Crow, intelligent and perceptive, will be her protector and steadfast companion. When the time comes to take up their quest, they leave Wanderer’s protection and guidance (traveling with their friend, Vil) and set off to find their mother, a journey that is fraught with danger, new alliances (a group that calls themselves “Outsiders” led by Saul and Yuanjias), and enemies (among them, mysterious creatures called Trackers and Bounty Hunters).The story lurches and surges forward in sequences that reminded me of the careening action of a video game and Mr. Chong’s characters are well developed and distinctive. One small detraction, the character of Miya and her word expressions, especially at the beginning of the novel, are a little too precocious and quirky for my taste, but as the story progresses and she matures, these become less distracting.Mr. Chong has created a finely imagined world. I have no doubt that young enthusiasts of dystopian fiction and high adventure will enjoy this book.

  • Amy Parker
    2019-02-24 10:21

    I downloaded a sample of this book and got hooked instantly. I decided to download the full version and had spent the last few weeks reading it. There were some chapters that I had to grind through but I managed to finish the book yesterday. I have to say that this is one of the most compelling book I have ever read. It is by no means a simple read and some might find it too difficult to grind through. But between some drawn out conversations were hidden details that mold the story into a well conceived book. The mythical realm surrounding the White Lake unveiled in glimpses. What the children discovered there held me in utmost suspense. With a strong cast of characters, the story continued to unfold, drawing me into its core till the very end. For me, Miya was the key character. She is so adorable, I love the way she talks, reminded me of my younger sister. And for the rest of the characters…well, you will just have to read the book and decides for yourself. I won't highlight the spoilers, but a big thumbs-up from me!!

  • Tina
    2019-03-07 17:18

    I'm still reading this book, and so far I like it quite a bit. Its like if Disney were to make a story that takes place after an apocalypse. Here you have these three young kids, who are living in this destroyed world. But there is some magical aspects to it. There is this little girl (Miya) who carries around her stuffed animals, and seems innocent and naive of the troubles of the place they live, but you get hints throughout the story that she somehow is the wisest of them all. The cute parts of the book reminded me a little of a Disney movie, but the dark setting reminds me more of "I am legend".The book is a little slow at times, when the author uses a lot of detail (e.g. the chapter about the weapons). The choice of words does not make it an easy read, especially for non native english speakers. Also, I didn't understand some of the scientific talk, but overall it is very readable. I'm curious what impact little Miya will have in the end!

  • Chris
    2019-02-22 15:35

    The main story of this book revolves around three adolescents (a brother and sister and a "friend) making a journey through a post-apocalyptic world. On the surface it seems like a familiar action-adventure tale. However, the book is much more ambitious than that. The narrative combines elements from religion, philosophy and modern science, making the book far more than a "light" read. There is also a fair bit of character development, and so patience must be exercised when reading. The author advertises a second book in the series, where I would expect the dedication to the character development to pay off and when the action really gets going. Indeed, the title of the second book "Battle of the Burnt Ground" strongly suggests that. But we'll have to see! I enjoyed this book immensely, as I appreciate thought provoking stories.

  • Yvonne Crowe
    2019-03-07 10:25

    There is no denying, Danny Chong has a gift. He draws the reader into his story from the first page and hold them fast to the end with his imaginative writing style and an entrancing story. We seldom see writing of this caliber in teen fantasy books, but this is descriptive and captivating, with some charming vignettes..This is not my favorite genre so I am able to give an unbiased honest review. I am not a great believer in recapping the story when I write reviews as I believe it spoils the enjoyment of a tale told well, so will leave this to others. There are some charming vignettes Suffice to say that I have a teenage grandson who loves the written word and I am not going to hesitate to download a copy of Secrets of White Lakes for him. Would make a great film series.

  • Michael Tan
    2019-03-15 15:15

    The author is a hyperbolic optimist. He successfully described a dystopian world where children must confront fierce predators. His approach to storytelling is visually stunning, but too descriptive at times. The cast of characters and conversations were interesting enough to keep me reading. Good plot too, so far so good, then came the whirlwind. What's with all the questions about morals and intellects? Too preachy in my opinion. Although fictitious, I did find his theory of anthropology in chapter 13: The River's Edge, to be the most compelling chapter. That said, I will recommend this book, but with slight caution.

  • Tracey
    2019-02-20 17:28

    I love this book!! Once I started reading I could not put it down. I have always enjoyed science fiction books, I like that you can imagine whatever you want when reading. I appreciated the balance between the different points of view each character brings. Regardless of their beliefs they have to work together if they want to survive. As soon as I started to think I had it all figured a new development would happen and I was rethinking everything. I love when a book can keep you on edge and guessing what will happen next!Cant wait for the 2nd book to see what will happen to my favorite character Miya!!!

  • Rosemary McNeely
    2019-02-22 11:39

    My good friend Valerie and I were talking the other day and she told me about this book. She said I just have to read it since both of us were nuts for dystopian books. I hate Amazon so I ordered the paperback from Barnes & Nobles. Well, I just finished the book today and…OMG!! Let me start by saying that there are certain elements I don’t care for in the book, but that’s a discussion for another day. Overall, it is very well written, the scenes are beautifully described and the story moves along quickly but it did leave me hanging at the end. Can’t wait for the next book. How about a discussion post about the book Mr. Chong?

  • Martin Perks
    2019-02-24 11:41

    The Secrets of the White Lake has a striking cover, and it immediately drew me in. It is part sci-fi part fantasy, and has a religious theme running through it. It is about a brother and sister, and her search for her husband while the brother looks after her children.The author has a vivid imagination, and describes the scenes and characters very well. The story starts slowly and builds to a blistering pace. It will appeal to Y/A and more mature readers alike, and the end leaves the reader wanting more. I hear this is the first in a series, and I will definitely be looking at the next one.

  • Susan Ashcraft
    2019-02-24 15:39

    My daughter ordered the paperback version from our local Barnes & Noble store. I am usually not into fiction, but she had finished reading this book and had left it on the kitchen table, the cover caught my attention so I started reading, before long I was hooked. Secrets of the White Lake is written with great passion. There are lots of metaphors too, if you are into those sort of things. The characters are believable and the story moves at a brisk pace. Adults and teenagers will enjoy reading this book. Kudos to the author.

  • Lido Wang
    2019-02-23 18:37

    Secrets of the White Lake, starts off as a young adult novel, but it soon launched the reader into a dark and compelling world of suspense and mystery. The book is engaging enough with fast actions, but it soon got too wrapped up with incredulous debates between science and religion. Saul and Yuanjia were the two adult figures and at times their conversations were too long; I feared some young readers might give up here, but I strongly encourage you not to do so because it will all come together at the end. Trust me, it is a well worth journey.

  • W.R. Watkins
    2019-03-14 11:29

    In Secrets of the White Lake, the reader is presented with a gripping and brilliantly written adventure that masterfully combines ancient Indian traditions, creationism vs. evolution and society’s relationship with nature.To read full review please click here

  • Joannes Rhino
    2019-02-23 18:13

    Finally, an entertainment! I call Secret of the White Lake is an entertainment because for some reason it stimulated my imagination to the maximum level. I always love when it comes to adventure, discovering hidden places, cultural knowledge, etc. And I must say that this novel has one package full of everything I wish for in a book. I'm not going to repeat what other reviewers said about the content of the book. I am just gonna say that I am fully satisfied.

  • Zack Sander
    2019-02-19 13:38

    A friend recommended this book to me. I am glad she did, I love this book. The ending left me hanging though, but I am willing to forgive the author, cause he said the second book, Battle of the Burnt Ground will be out next year. Can't wait.

  • Daniel Chong
    2019-03-14 11:34