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Claire Kennedy is NiceGirl, the anonymous author of steamy online blog 'Scenes of a Sexual Nature'. An internet sensation, she attracts the attention of Mark Bell, a hot London publisher. But when it becomes clear that Mark is interested in more than just a book deal, Claire has to act fast. Because little does Mark know that NiceGirl is a lot more experienced in the bedroClaire Kennedy is NiceGirl, the anonymous author of steamy online blog 'Scenes of a Sexual Nature'. An internet sensation, she attracts the attention of Mark Bell, a hot London publisher. But when it becomes clear that Mark is interested in more than just a book deal, Claire has to act fast. Because little does Mark know that NiceGirl is a lot more experienced in the bedroom than real-life Claire Kennedy.Mark is offering Claire the life she's always dreamed of - a steady relationship, the literary world of London and a posh Highgate apartment.But when Claire hires the services of struggling artist and commitment-phobe Luca to brush up on her sex skills, things get more complicated...Great sex, friendship AND love ... can't a girl have it all?...

Title : Some Girls Do
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Some Girls Do Reviews

  • Ragatnia Clara
    2019-03-13 12:59

    Okay, time for changing team. I'm officially Team Luca.Well, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this 400ish book, considering I'm not a fan for such a thick romance novel. But this book had me hooked in every page I read. This was not the most romantic or the most toe-curling or the most steamy sexy romance. Nah. But this was a book that kept me tuned in, captivated my interest even in simple and ordinary scene.

  • Jessa
    2019-02-25 18:03

    This was such a good contemporary romance! I was a little leery at first because sex lesson tropes aren’t usually my fave, but this was so well-done. The development of their friendship-to-more was so satisfying. Also, I loved that the miscommunications were cleared up fairly quickly and the story didn’t rely on that to fuel the angst and plot lines. That’s so rare these days and one of my chief frustrations. Another thing I normally can’t stand are duel POVs, but this was one of the very few times it actually worked for me.

  • Margaret Madden
    2019-03-14 12:56

    Claire is a quiet girl. Living with her mother, working as a bookseller in an independent book store and happy to while away the hours on the internet or writing under her online alias, NiceGirl. It just happens that her online persona is the complete opposite of her real self. NiceGirl is the pseudo name for a hugely popular sex blog, with plenty of steamy stories of the sexual exploits of a young, confident and experimental woman. Online flirting with a London based publisher, Mark, leads to an offer of a book deal for NiceGirl, and Claire realises she will have to get some serious research done in order to convince him that she is capable of being as sexy as her online character. Enter Luca, a handsome and experienced guy who has no problems lending a helping hand (or two) when it comes to sex lessons. Hilarious bedroom activities are abound and Claire becomes aware of what she has missed out on over the years. But can she convince Mark, or indeed herself, that she is a hot, sexy woman with some stories to share? This was such a great bit of fun! From the first page, the reader knows that they are in for a light hearted look at sex and the exploits of singletons. The online blog of NiceGirl, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, is laugh-out-loud funny and full of wild and wonderful make-believe shenanigans. There are some cringe worthy stories that will have you in stitches as you picture the scenarios unfolding. Claires quieter personality balances the brash one of NiceGirl and her innocence is really very sweet. It's kind of a cross between Bridget Jones' character and Samantha, from Sex and the City. I adored Luca. A damaged soul with lots to offer (cough, cough), his back story was a welcome addition to the novel, with his strained relationship with his mother seeming very real. Mark was nice but a bit wishy-washy. Overall this story had a modern day (and sex filled) Jane Austen feel about it. The book starts off as one thing, but ends up another. Sometimes this can be a frustrating experience for a reader, but not in this case. Life has a funny way of changing direction and the narrative here is no different. Clodagh Murphy has a wonderful way with words. Some very raunchy, some funny and some moving. The whole package works very well and I thoroughly enjoyed the sneak peek of Claires foray into the world of sexual adventure. An ideal holiday read, grab a copy while the sun shines...

  • Amy
    2019-02-23 17:57

    This was so cute and enjoyable! Auch a treat after I've struck out on SO many contemporary romances lately. I can't even remember the last time I read a book in this genre that I enjoyed so much, it's a wasteland out there these days. Rating might be more like a 4.5 ONLY because it didn't have nearly as much smut as I wanted (or the premise promised imo) BUT Luca is a dream tbh. Upon his introduction I was a little nervous about the broody playboy/man whore trope but I was pleasantly surprised by him. The author did a good job kind of breaking down that archetype here. He ended up being such a sweetheart and not at all an obnoxious alpha male.

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-03-10 13:20

    I went into this knowing it would completely overwhelm my steam rating, but it was free and the premise intrigued me. The premise really paid off. Murphy spins a completely unrealistic tale and made me buy it wholesale. Claire is immediately engaging and her online bravado contrasted with her public shyness had me from the start.And Luca. Oh my. The tortured bad boy never looked so good and his ultimate vulnerability felt completely honest and compelling. It helps that Murphy draws his character so faithfully, both the good and the bad, so that he's not the paragon or simply forbidden fruit. His tenderness with Claire even from the start, is practically irresistible and made it very easy to fall for him completely.Luca's fundamental kindness came out early in their relationship and was key to being able to flow with it. The whole sex tutor angle is a an intriguing trope, but not one I'm naturally inclined to find engaging. It works here because it quickly evolves into an exchange of life coach moments with each enhancing the other in powerful ways. You learned early how good they are for each other and watching them develop a true friendship and then fall in love was powerfully well-done.Less believable, and the biggest weakness of the novel, is Claire's motivation in Mark. On the one hand, I'm glad Murphy resisted the temptation to make him a bad guy. He's kind in his own way and beyond patient with Claire's nonsensical and arbitrary limitations. Which is kind of what I didn't buy. He's a powerful, successful guy with money and status and he's interested in this girl he believes to be experienced and willing. I found it hard to buy his patience, even though it was absolutely required for the novel to work. Which made it feel like he existed solely for story purposes. I didn't mind, terribly, because I liked the story and wanted it to continue. But it is the only artificial-seeming piece in what was otherwise an outstanding story about characters I really cared about.So yeah, a great read and one I enjoyed thoroughly. The steam levels were high enough that I'll be cautious with other work by Murphy. But the story was good enough that I'll still be looking.A note about Steamy: The steam is actually lower than you'd expect given the premise. It's high, mind; way beyond my normal tolerance. But it's in service to the story and key to the characters' emotional growth and relationship arc and Murphy is actually pretty restrained. She included only the detail she needed for the reader to understand the characters and not much more. Which means that there's lots of detail in the beginning, but not so much as you progress. There's probably no more than a handful of actual fully explicit scenes, all told, none of them gratuitous.

  • İnci Puyan
    2019-03-11 14:07 Amanınnnn bir blogger demesi... aşk demesi... yayıncılık demesi... beni bitirdi, gözüme girdi kitap resmen :D Hele de Claire'in bir kitapçıda çalışması ise... beni benden aldı :)Yazar kitabı esprili, akıcı ve eğlenceli bir şekilde kaleme almıştı. Bu hoşuma gitti. Çeviride güzeldi bu da okurken kitapta kopukluk yaratmadı.Kitap; cinsel içerikli öyküler yazan bir bloggerın bir gün yazılarını yayınlamak için bir yayıncıdan teklif almasıyla başlıyor. Tabi yazdığı öyküleri kendi yaşıyormuş gibi lanse eden Claire aslında bahsedildiği kadar tecrübeli olmadığı hatta neredeyse hiç tecrübeli olmadığı anlaşılmasından endişelenerek ressam olan Luca ile anlaşma yapıyor. Claire, kendisine seksi öğretmesi için Luca'ya para veriyor...karşılığında da blogunda bahsedildiği kadar tecrübe kazanıyor. Ancak, seks arkadaşlığı ilişkisinin ikisini de duygusal olarak etkileyeceğinden habersizler... işin ilginç yanı Claire, yayıncı Mark'tan da etkilenen bir kadın...iyice çıkmaza giren Claire kendisi için doğru adamın kim olduğunu anlayıp aşkı tadacak mı?Kalınlığı her ne kadar bu kadar neden bahsedecek gibi düşündürtse de başlarda sonradan okudukça her sayfadan zevk aldım. Zaman zaman kıkırdadığım zaman zaman kızdığım da oldu okurken.Ama en çok da kitaptaki ilmek ilmek "aşk ilişkisi" konusunda tecrübesiz olan iki kişinin bu duyguya anlamdırmasını ve birbirlerine karşı olan duygularını acemilikle yaşamalarını okumaktan zevk aldım.Bir blogger olarak bir bloggerın hayatını okumak ayrı bir tattı. Ayrı bir heyecan duymama neden oldu itiraf edeyim :) Zaten beni en çok etkileyen ve kalbimi çalan da sanırım bu detaydı :)Kitapta tek memnun olmadığım kısım, içerisinde bazı sayfalar boştu. Üstelik en heyecanlı yerlerinde bu boş sayfalara gelmek şevkimi kırdı. Hediye olduğundan değiştirme şansım da olmadı ne yazık ki :( sizlere uyarım olsun bu aldığınızda kitabınızın sayfalarını bir karıştırın ki böyle bir durumla karşılaşmayın.Ben kitabı beğendim, ve bence yaşınız içeriğinde cinselliği kurtarıyorsa okuyun da derim :) bir yerde aşkın ilmek ilmek işlenmesini, kalbe sızılmasını okuyoruz :)Güzel bir arkadaşlığın, ardından aşka dönüşmesini... tensel zevklere rağmen herkesi her şeyi olduğu gibi kabullenebilmeyi de gösteriyor... çok zevk aldım okumaktan :)Dilerim yazarın diğer kitapları da çevrili onları da okuma şansım olur =)

  • Chelsey
    2019-03-09 18:15

    Absolutely brilliant. I had a very difficult time putting this book down. At one point around 2 AM, I disturbed the quiet of our sleeping household by guffawing over Claire saying, ", not really. It's a big hairy snatch." Read till 3 AM, at which point I said to myself, "Ugh! Your kids will be up in a few hours. Go to bed, you eegit!" I only reluctantly listened.Anyway, I am a book reviewer (for Chicklit Club and here), and received a review copy of this book from Hachette Books Ireland. First and foremost, thank you Hachette for sending me a copy of this fabulous book. Second, thank you Clodagh Murphy for writing this! This is my all time FAVORITE kind of romance. Where the two main characters are best friends first, and eventually fall in love. Even though they had a lot of hot steamy sex (don't worry, the writing isn't straight up erotica, so don't get your panties in a bunch), their ROMANCE is a slooooooow burn. And I LOVED it. Such fantastic characters. Claire was likeable, relatable, interesting, and not frustrating at all (like many star female characters seem to be).I wasn't sure at first if I was going to like Luca (I was skeptical if I could grow to love a guy who chose art over having a traditional job), but he DID win me over. Am totally in love with Luca. And it has nothing to do with his sexual prowess. (Ok. Maybe a little. But I digress...)Espie was favorite of mine as well. At first I thought Claire's mother was going to be a needy, complaining sort. But, she was down to earth and so funny. Loved her dry wit. I wonder if the author would consider writing a sequel? I'd love to read more about these 2 love birds. See what Claire's novel is about? Maybe have Luca become a famous artist? His birth parents could track him down? Claire's blog book becomes really popular, OR she resents her anonymity because she isn't getting credit for it? Loads of possibilities.Anyway, I have a feeling this will be something I read over and over again. Cheers, and happy reading!

  • Marina
    2019-03-09 13:02

    La historia es muy MUY similar a You Don't Have to Say You Love Me, pero más aburrida, ns si más larga o es que a mi se me hizo eterna, los personajes unidimensionales, en fin, mejor lean el de Sarra Manning. (view spoiler)[ Ese paralelismo que quiso hacer entre Luca y mi amado Mr. Darcy, estuvo de más (hide spoiler)]

  • Michelle (Fluttering Butterflies)
    2019-03-12 11:02

    Funny and sexy and I love how much of it is about Claire gaining some confidence in herself and to be able to know and talk about what she wants in terms of sex.

  • Isabelle
    2019-03-10 13:58

    DNF at Chapter 7This book just didn’t do it for me. I had to give up at chapter seven because honestly, it’s just not worth my time. I thought the beginning was pretty good – shy, reclusive girl masquerades as a sex-guru through a blog? Sign me up! But… the execution of the book was really poor. The writing was really choppy and basic – the author basically told us everything rather than let us feel it. Luca ashamed of being poor? The author shoves it in our faces about a million times. The dialogue was also really stilted and felt super unrealistic. It just didn’t have a natural flow – I thought the most natural-sounding dialogue was the twitter conversation Claire has with Mark at the very beginning. Also, I found a number of parts of the book to be rather unrealistic. Luca hits on Claire, thinking she brought him back to her house for sex. Instead of setting him straight and kicking him out, or being flattered but embarrassed that he would think that, she goes to her room and cries all night. Like. What? What about that situation would make a normal person cry their eyes out all night? It was an overly-melodramatic reaction and a rather unrealistic one, I would think. I’m not really sure hitting on someone when you mistakenly think they invited you to their house for sex makes you a ‘bastard’.And then, on top of that, Luca decides: well, this isn’t my house, I know she wants me gone in the morning, but what the hell, I’ll just stay all day in someone else’s home! What kind of person does that? Of course, Claire, instead of waking him up and telling him to get the fuck out, decides she’s too tired to confront a man in her own house and decides to go to bed. Um. Okay. And then she has the gall to complain that she’s going to have to hide in her room all night because of his stupidity – when she’s the one who invited him to spend the night again! I mean, honestly!This book is just so unrealistic it’s irritating. I also really, really, wanted to like Claire. I like the idea of a girl who is a little shy with sex, with guys, and who’s maybe a bit of an introvert, but is also really sweet and cares enough about her mom and family to make a huge sacrifice for her. What I got, instead, was a doormat. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’ve read books before where the whole ‘girl as a doormat’ thing has worked. But those characters are written with depth, and detail, and convincing reasons for the way they are. With Claire, well… the only reason provided for her letting Luca walk all over her and bending over backwards to help him is that she’s inexperienced with guys and sex. But… guys and sex are not determinants of your personality. That’s not how it works. Ugh. This book just really did not work for me.

  • Bookevin
    2019-03-02 17:07 Clodagh Murphy is back this year with a scorching new book, Some Girls Do which will have you blushing in public if you dare read it in public! If you've read and enjoyed Clodagh Murphy's previous books, you will definitely devour this one. After all, who doesn't love a raunchy, good read?Prior to the release of Some Girls Do, Clodagh released a prequel called Scenes of a Sexual Nature, which gives us a little sneak preview of what to expect in Some Girls Do! If you fancy reading it, click here to get it for only 99p!Some Girls Do follows the story of Claire Kennedy, a twenty-something average girl who leads a normal life, which includes working at a bookshop to whet her love of books and spends her days writing her blog. But no one knows she's the famous sex blogger, NiceGirl. When her blog strikes a book deal with one of the hottest (and most handsome) publisher in London, Claire makes the most drastic measure to live up to her alter ego's reputation (and skills!). In comes Luca, a struggling artist with a reputation for being a womaniser, who is willing to take her under his wing and educate her about the art of sex. Ahem. Blush. (I love those scenes. Bite me, Luca...)I adored Claire. I could definitely relate to her, I mean, she loves books! And I love books. OK, that's pretty lame, but the thing is, I could understand her and like me, she'd prefer to stay at home with a good book and a cup of tea. Her alter-ego, NiceGirl is a notorious sex fiend. God bless her! Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Claire's blog is all lies. Completely fabricated, fictional! A sweet, thoughtful heroine who is a completely different person(a) who falls in love in the most unconventional way, juggling love, friendship and sex. The characters were very well-written. I really fell for Luca, he's such a gentleman, given that he's a heartbreaker by nature, he's one of those "good guys".A seriously addictive novel filled with naughty bits and frankly, pretty rude, but with the right amount of sizzle. I couldn't get enough of it! I think that Clodagh Murphy's writing shines through her character's emotions and clever plot. Aside from all the romance, there are darker, more emotional themes in the book which contributes to the progress of the book and creates more depth in her characters.Some Girls Do has an engaging plot which will keep readers' hooked, filled with saucy and incredibly sexy bits. Let's be honest, who doesn't like to read about sex? Follow Claire's journey as she picks either love, friendship or sex? Or can she have all of them? Funny, addictive with a bitter sweet ending, Some Girls Do is chick lit with a twist!Rating: 9/10

  • Leslie
    2019-03-14 16:10

    4.5I picked up this nice surprise while it was free. So glad that I did. I really loved this book. It had a slow build up which just made the anticipation of what would happen even bigger. I adored Luca and how sweet and patient he was with Claire. This isn't a new premise but it was done so perfectly in my opinion. I loved the humor and banter between all the characters. I only wished for a little bit more at the end but overall, it was a great, simple read. I am also a sucker for any books set in another country. This one was set in Dublin. This was the first book I have read by the author but won't be my last.

  • Claire Allan
    2019-03-15 15:10

    For my money this is Clodagh's best book to date.It's a deliciously satisfying read with buckets of humour, heartbreaking moments and well written, non cringy, sex scenes.Her characters have you championing them from the very start - and Luca, the male lead is one of the most desirable leading men I've ever read in a book (right up there with Luke of the Real Mean in Marian Keyes' Rachel's Holiday!.Clodagh is really growing from strength to strength (and considering she started off quite strong anyway, that's saying something).I can't recommend this book enough for a lighthearted, fun and wee bit saucy read.

  • Iris Clamor
    2019-02-27 19:02

    It was a fun read and the characters were likable enough. And heavens, was it hot! However, it seemed quite hurried in the end--as if the writer got tired of telling the story and just wanted to get it over with, leaving quite a lot of plot holes in its wake.Also, why on earth does Claire cry so much? It's like she's forever in tears, or on the verge of tears, or wiping off tears. The woman was an absolute cry-baby.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-17 13:59

    I love Clodagh's storytelling and this was probably my favourite yet. A gutsy, sassy story that's honest about the pressures of great sex and falling in love. And how family and love and twitter complicate modern relationships. I laughed, I blushed, I sobbed - loved it. More like this please!

  • Laura
    2019-03-04 18:06

    I was expecting more smut, but it was all so sexy and fun, that I didn't mind. I just ended up really loving Claire and Luca, and the evolution in their relationship - there are some good conversations on consent and the things we want in love. The book got intense in ways I wasn't expecting, and it made me learn a lot about the romanian orphans and think about grief.My problem was that I wanted more. I can fill the blanks, but I feel like we needed to see more of Luca and his job - as well as family situation. And, of course, someone really needed to (view spoiler)[ tell Michelle about the book deal and put her in her place a bit, she was just too much(hide spoiler)].

  • L
    2019-03-06 19:10

    This had a lot going for it - excellent writing, interesting characters, etc. I guess I just wanted more? For a book with a synopsis so focused on sexy times, there sure wasn't enough of it, heh. And certain plot points were just lacking. I'd still read other works by Murphy, but this one was a bit lukewarm for me.

  • Nour
    2019-02-28 14:09

    When I finished this, I was hit with a stabbing sense of loss, and at the same time, I was smiling in a way that can only be described as embarrassing. For a long time.I truly adored this book! I loved the writing (Claire's was 5/5 too); 3rd person POV is my fave, the language was delightful, and the dialogue was so brilliant and fun. The characters were amazing, as well, I loved Claire's kindness, even though I wish she showed more backbone, and Luca… my word, I can't even begin to describe what a precious gem he was! *siiiiiiiigh* I have a few complaints though. I did get over the not-enough-smut disappointment by the end of the book, but I still wish it went a little longer, like until Clair publishes her book and ruins that bitch Michelle's year, or until Luca's art exhibition. Well, basically what I'm asking for is an epilogue. as usual. Anyway, it was a really enjoyable book to end this year with.

  • Erin
    2019-03-20 12:52

    This is the first of Clodagh’s books that I have read, and after a swift Google scout, I didn’t know how I’d never heard of her other books because they all look right up my street! The cover is what drew me to the book after seeing another reviewer tweeting about. I’d already read two other books with similar plots, one just recently, so I was interested to see how Clodagh would write the story.Before I read this, I downloaded Clodagh’s novella Scenes of a Sexual Nature because it’s also about main character Claire and gives you a little insight into her history. Although it’s not strictly a must read before Some Girls Do, it was still fun, short and quirky.Claire, a.k.a. sex blogger “NiceGirl” is inexperienced when it comes to love and when a publisher friend she’s met through twitter becomes more than just a twitter friend she gets in a bit of a panic. She enlists the help of self-professed man slut Luca to teach her the rules of the bedroom so she becomes more like her sex pot alter ego.Claire is a great character. Her life has been on hold to look after her ailing mother, with no complaints other than her rubbish brothers, and their families, not helping more. She’s selfless and that’s to be admired because she had big dreams for herself and she has learned to be content with what she has, in a kind of her-time-will-come sort of way.Claire isn’t just a nicey nicey girl though because she has this sex blogger alter ego. Some of NiceGirl’s blog posts are included at the start of some chapters so you get a naughty snippet or two, or three. You are also privy to gorgeous, GORGEOUS, Luca’s sex lessons, and they’re naughty too, but it’s naughty in a good way, not smutty and Clodagh just handled it really well in terms of tying the experience, for both characters, in with Claire’s inexperience and naivety about the whole sex thing.The story was without warning, because I can remember thinking “no way!? This is awesome”, dual POV! Although mainly told by Claire there are parts of the story that are told by womaniser Luca and I really liked getting inside his head, seeing is relationship with Clodagh grow, and also change him.Basically the premise of the story is the whole no strings attached relationship. Society teaches us that that never ever works out the way the characters in a book/movie expect it to, everyone signing up to keep feelings out of the mix when in reality there is no real way to keep emotions separate. The story might be predictable but I LOVE a bit of predictability. The characters hold their own; they make this story pop and make it unique to any other story with a similar plot.I found this absolutely unputdownable, one to keep to re-read in the future. I will definitely be adding the rest of Clodagh’s books to my TBR, what a fabulous chick lit author!If you enjoyed this you should have a look at Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young and You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me by Sarra Manning.

  • Simay Yildiz
    2019-03-01 13:07

    Bu yazının orijinali (ve daha iyi görüneni) Zimlicious'ta yayınlandı. “Romantik Komedi” türündeki filmleri çok severim ama bu tür kitaplar söz konusu olduğunda tercihimi bu yönde kullandığımı söyleyemem açıkçası; okumak, izlemekten çok daha zor ve sıkıcı geliyor nedense. Başrolde Claire Kennedy isimli, hem kitapçıda çalışan, hem de kitapları gerçekten seven bir ana karaktere sahip Bazı Kızlar Aşk İçin Her Şeyi Yapar da yine aynı şeyleri hissetmeme neden oldu. Film olursa izlerim ve severim de yüksek ihtimalle. Ama kitap olarak “ehhhhhhh” diyebildim sadece.Claire, hayatında pek bir heyecan olmayan ve kendisi de pek heyecan kovalayacak bir tip olmayan bir kadın. Annesinin rahatsızlığı nedeniyle de bir süre onunla birlikte yaşaması gerekiyor. Yaşayamadıklarını fanteziye dönüştürdüğü “İyi Kız” başlıklı bir seks blogu var. Blogunu kitaba çevirmek isteyen, hastası olduğu yakışıklı yayıncı onunla yüz yüze tanışmak isteyip de aralarında kıvılcımlar uçuşunca deneyimsizliğinin ortaya çıkacağından korkuyor ve deneyim kazanmak için de kitapçıdaki iş arkadaşının Luca isimli arkadaşına dönüyor. Hatta ilk başta çocuğa ona nasıl “iyi” seks yapıldığını öğretsin diye para bile teklif ediyor. Dünya saçması…Bazı Kızlar Aşk İçin Her Şeyi Yapar, en azından Grinin Elli Tonu tarzı kitaplardan biraz daha ‘konu’ya sahip. “Hikayesi olmayan pornoları sevmiyorum” diyor, işin için de biraz aşk meşk ve hayat zoruluğu olsun istiyorsanız bu kitap tam size göre olabilir!

  • Natalie TBGWP
    2019-03-15 13:08 So i'd heard a lot about this book most saying, basically it was bursting with amazing sex scenes and was far to hot to handle. One definitely not to be read in public. So like you would be I was very intrigued.Well, I wouldn't say I was disappointed with it, far from in fact, but I did think the book has a hell of a lot more depth than being basically labeled as an eye popping bonk buster. Yes there is plenty of sex in it and yes for some it may be a bit 'ooeer' but in my opinion it was a lot more.Some Girls Do is an endearing tale full of love on every level. The plot is thick and full of little twists that have you glued to the pages and you feeling every emotion available under the sun. I giggled, I gasped, I shook my head in disgust, I nearly cried and you all know how much of a hard hearted cow I am. The characters are a mixture of everything, but are all totally fabulous in their own right. It really is a very very good read.Being the first book I have read by Clodagh Murphy and the warmth and dignity in her writing won me over. This is a book that I'll be enjoying time and time again. I will also be keeping my eye out for her next release and will be investing in more of her work. Full with Phone Sex that brings tears to your eyes with laughter, a friendship blossoming, a sex fiend blogger, what more could you possibly want?An all round wonderful book.5/5

  • Taghrid
    2019-02-27 17:11

    Let me start by saying that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this book!It is an engaging and entertaining story and you can't help but fall in love with the characters. The book has everything from funny sections that will have you laughing out loud, heartbreaking passages that will make you sad, to romantic moments that will make you feel warm and fuzzy, and let's not forget the very HOT sex scenes.You will definitely have a hard time putting this book down. I definitely did! I found myself totally immersed into the story and anxious to know what happens next. Claire's character is very lovable, her mother Espie is such a marvelous woman, and their relationship was so beautiful that I was always looking forward to any passage involving the two of them. As for Luca, well how can you NOT fall in love with him? His character is so very well-written and he will have you rooting for him all throughout the story.I was both satisfied when I got to the end because it was beautifully executed, but also sad that the book has ended. Will definitely be reading more of Clodagh's books. I found out that there is a prequel to this story which revolves around the sex blog which Claire writes, so I will definitely be checking that one out as well.A must-read for everyone looking for a romantic, funny, and all-in-all beautiful story.

  • Jodie
    2019-02-25 16:19

    I loved this book. When I read the synopsis I thought it would be a light, sexy read but it was so much more than that. It was funny, I will never again watch a game show host without thinking "what an orange gobshite". It was sad, so sad I was choked up many times but at no time did it feel contrived or manipulative, the sadness seemed to come to the story in a very natural way, not angsty and very sincere. It was HOT my god was it HOT, Claire was very sensual which only helped to create a complex main character because she was also very shy and reserved. I loved the male characters in this book, they were both very nice men and this was refreshing and real, it really created a sense of suspense and I was concerned that it would get messy and angsty like many NA books but the author resolved it beautifully and I was left feeling very satisfied.

  • Chanpreet
    2019-03-15 18:53

    I loved it! It's Clodagh's hottest book yet, but with the sweetness and emotional touches I've come to expect and love in her books. It's even got the kink that is so popular in literature and romance these ways but done in quite an unexpected and tasteful way.I loved the characters of Claire and Luca. I loved how caring Claire was for those she treasured and the same with Luca. I loved Luca's dry sense of humor. Due to time constraints I read this book over a couple of days as opposed to the usual hours it takes me. I can't tell you how eager I was to get back to it, and how mournfully I looked at my kindle when I had to read something else. I'll be back with a full review shortly, but I highly recommend this book!

  • Dilek VT
    2019-03-16 13:51

    For a very light and fun read, this book could be a good choice. I laughed loudly many times while reading it. I can't say it is a great book but as far as chick-lit books are concerned, this is one of the good ones with so much fun/humor in it. Read it while in a bad mood and it will heighten your spirits :)My actual grade was 3,5 but well I had to make it a "3" or a "4" and as there was nothing wrong with the book other than being a light read, I have rounded it up to 4.

  • Khim Anne (someonepurpleblooded)
    2019-02-27 13:51

    Made me felt giddy and in love. *sigh* Such a lovely book, I can't get enough after reading the first few chapters that even if I was not feeling well, I know that I just have to finish it. And well, time well spent ladies and gentlemen. :)

  • María Valdecarros
    2019-02-21 10:56

    I liked very much the story and I found te characters charming. So a very good turn page

  • Hilal Seven
    2019-03-08 12:07

    Easy to read and funny story. I liked her writing. This was the first time that I read Clodagh Murphy. She knows how to describe love and sex. A good example for chicklit.

  • Kat
    2019-02-24 17:02

    This is a 3.5 - I enjoyed it and look forward to more by this author

  • Melissa
    2019-02-26 16:20

    I absolutely loved this book, it's not for prudes though.