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A tale of three sisters...Karen Kavanagh has spent her life feeling like the runt of the family.Her two elder sisters, domestic goddess Ava and salon owner Saskia, are mini versions of their mother, a gorgeous Danish beauty. Karen has inherited her father's droopy, dull brown hair and long nose - pitted against two Scandinavian sauna babes, she feels like Cinderella in revA tale of three sisters...Karen Kavanagh has spent her life feeling like the runt of the family.Her two elder sisters, domestic goddess Ava and salon owner Saskia, are mini versions of their mother, a gorgeous Danish beauty. Karen has inherited her father's droopy, dull brown hair and long nose - pitted against two Scandinavian sauna babes, she feels like Cinderella in reverse.Danny Alvarez doesn’t see her like that. He thinks she’s wonderful.Lots of women want Danny, but Danny just wants Karen.He pursues her with the devotion of a stalker - but she pushes him away. Then she realises what she’s done…Set in Norfolk, Terry Tyler's sixth novel, "What It Takes", is a story of insecurity, jealousy, sibling rivalry, love and loss, and the games people play in the search for love - because if you love someone with all your heart you’ll do what it takes to make them yours…...

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what it takes Reviews

  • Jenny Twist
    2019-03-25 04:32

    "What It Takes" is a kind of Cinderella story in reverse. Karen Kavanagh is the youngest and plainest of three sisters. Her two elder sisters take after their mother, with her devastating Danish beauty, whereas Karen is rather ordinary. As if that wasn’t enough, her sisters also excel at everything they do, continually putting Karen in the shade. The only thing that gave her self-confidence was the knowledge that she was her father’s favourite. Then a chance remark of her mother’s shatters that illusion. Poor Karen. She seems to be incapable of having a satisfying relationship because, deep-down, she can’t really believe anyone could possibly prefer her to her sisters. As the story progresses, you begin to realise that her sisters’ lives are not as perfect as Karen supposes them to be, and you begin to wonder whether all the insecurity and jealousy she feels is to a large extent a product of her own imagination. The appearance of Danny, who is drop-dead gorgeous and who absolutely adores her should have allayed her fears. Instead, she pushes him away and only later regrets it.This is a fascinating study of human relationships - something at which Ms Tyler excels. The richness of her characterisation is quite extraordinary. I myself was the rather ordinary daughter of an exceptionally beautiful mother and I can tell you she has captured the feelings of inadequacy generated by that situation perfectly. How much would it have been magnified had I also had to contend with a bevy of even more beautiful sisters! There are many strands to this exceptionally well-written story, all handled with Ms Tyler’s usual consummate skill. If anyone deserves to be a best-seller, it is Terry Tyler.

  • Angela
    2019-04-11 05:36

    Terry Tyler’s latest novel,What It Takes, is one of those books which is hard to place securely within a genre. It’s certainly has romantic elements, but it is also about relationships within families - sibling rivalry, jealousy, misunderstandings. There is mystery within this story and it also deals with the consequences of dishonesty at worst; lack of openness, at best.The story looks at the lives of three sisters - Ava, Saskia and Karen. Karen harbours a great deal of resentment towards her older sisters; in her eyes, they are more attractive, more successful and more loved than she. Her view of life changes when she meets Danny who falls deeply in love with her. Unfortunately, the path of true love does not run smoothly and after a few months, life becomes very complicated for Karen. To say more about the plot would spoil the book for others, but I can say that I found the characters to be believable. Although Karen was annoying at times, I empathised with her outlook on life. It isn’t always easy to deal with the complexities of life when you feel insecure about your place in the scheme of things. I loved the setting of this novel! In fact, the reason I bought my copy was because it is set in North Norfolk and mentions many of the places that I know and love. “What It Takes” is a well-written novel, which I found difficult to put down. I’m not generally a fan of romance, but with the other themes running throughout, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be reading more of Terry Tyler’s work, that’s a certainty!

  • Georgia Rose
    2019-04-11 06:40

    Highly enjoyable though heartbreaking at times this realistic storyline has enough twists and turns in it to hold your interest. It also keeps you guessing as I couldn’t be sure where the story was going to go next and it had a satisfying ending – what more could you want. I loved the way the story was written from the point of view of several well developed characters and in fact everything about Tyler’s style of writing. I’m already looking forward to reading more of her work and would recommend this book to all who like to read something unpredictable.

  • Whispering Stories
    2019-03-23 04:18

    I was given a free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.SynopsisKaren Kavanagh has spent her life feeling like the runt of the family.Her two elder sisters, domestic goddess Ava, and Salon owner Saskia, are mini versions of their mother, a gorgeous Danish beauty. Karen has inherited her father’s droopy, dull brown hair and long nose – pitted against two Scandinavian sauna babes, she feels like Cinderella in reverse.Danny Alvarez doesn’t see her like that. He thinks she’s wonderful. Lots of women want Danny, but Danny just wants Karen.He pursues her with the devotion of a stalker – but she pushes him away.Then she realises what she’s done…ReviewThis is the first book by Terry Tyler that I have read and I doubt it will be the last.The story is told from the different perspectives of all of the main characters, which isn’t something I usually like, but in this case, rather than different characters going over the same part of the story, the story keeps on moving forward.Karen, the protagonist, is very intelligent, has good friends, sisters who love her and the perfect boyfriend. Her insecurities about her looks though take president over everything.She has been in bad relationships before and wonders why Danny is with her. After months together she decides that the relationship isn’t going anywhere and that they have nothing in common. Danny is just a UHL delivery man, not very clever and isn’t her usually type, resulting in her ending the relationship.I found Karen really quite frustrating, and annoying at times, and also a bit snobby. I really couldn’t warm towards her, even when I knew the reasons behind her insecurities.Danny, I really liked, even if I couldn’t understand why he lived where he did. He was gorgeous, funny, romantic and attentive – the perfect man. I loved the warmth that he radiated, and could visualise him perfectly.There are lots of twists and turns and complex situations in the book. I had guessed a few of them, such as Sam’s behaviour, but one major event had me flummoxed and I definitely didn’t see it coming.The book is the kind that everyone can relate to. It’s not a fantasy book, or a book based on pure imagination. Its about real events that take place in the real world and that’s why its easy to relate to the characters as they are just normal every day people.The signs of a good book are when you get involved in the characters lives as if they are friends or family. You feel all of their emotions and want to slap them out of their stupor at times, and hug them at others.The only thing that I personally felt, was that the beginning was a little slow and was hoping that this wasn’t going to be the way the book was all the way through. Then when Danny was introduced, boom, the pace gets going and the story comes alive.Terry has created a lovely romantic twist of a book, with lots of surprises that I’m sure you will love.

  • Miss Dizzy Read
    2019-04-11 03:21

    Second book I've read by this author, still not sure how to describe her books. They're definitely page turners but no idea what genre I would put them in. Good stories, great characters and very different endings that I don't like but I do!

  • Tracey Scott-Townsend
    2019-03-23 01:29

    I really didn't know what to expect when I started reading this book. I'd never read anything by the author before and I wanted to buy something of hers and to be honest, this one was on special offer on Kindle. So I downloaded it.And boy am I glad I did. (Yes)I actually found it hard to put the novel down. Firstly, it's well-written, beautifully paced, with a clean sense of description and an adroit way of settling the reader into place. I could almost smell the aromas of Saskia's salon and I wanted to be part of the relaxed Saturday afternoon crowd that hung out there, eating cakes.I found all the characters to be finely drawn and believable and I was completely sucked into their world.Each of the sisters stood out as defined personalities and the threads of their interraction were cleverly woven.As I started reading I thought it was going to be light-hearted and entertaining, but it turned out to be so much more than that. Karen burns with resentment of her sisters, although she loves them, and I felt that her muffled fury was going to burst out of her in some unspeakable act of violence towards the end.I kind of identified with her taking Danny for granted, I know that's bad, but when I was younger I also felt myself to be the plain girl in the family and that there must be something wrong with the bloke who fancied me. And like Karen, I would regret my actions once I'd pushed them away. But Karen goes a step beyond. From early on, we're given hints of a dark incident in her past, provoked by jealousy, that caused her to be expelled from school. So I was on tenterhooks wondering what she might do. Her family tiptoe on eggshells around her for fear of provoking her and she's really quite difficult to live with, not a positive person. But I identified with her for the one thing her mother had said to her when she was a child that had directed the turn her personality took.All the time Karen has been taking Danny for granted, there's another man standing right beside her who adores her in equal measure. But her own sense of worthlessness and inferiority makes her view them both with disdain. As a reader, sometimes it was hard to work out what made them both want her so much, but it was also hard not to root for her and want to make her feel better about herself.What Danny ended up doing in the face of Karen's rejection shocked me but I could see exactly where it was coming from, from Ava's perspective as well. It was Sam who I found sinister at the end. But maybe he and Karen were a good match for each other.

  • Kate’s Book Spot
    2019-04-06 04:30

    Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review. I have previously read and enjoyed other books by Terry Tyler and you can find my reviews of these on my blog.The prologue didn’t give much away but it thoroughly intrigued me and left me wanting to know more! Ava then began the introduction of her interesting family which consisted of three sisters and their mum. Karen (one of the sisters) was someone who grabbed my attention; she felt like the odd one out of the three girls and I have to admit that I could kind of see why. By the time I had finished reading about the ups and downs of their lives I felt like I knew them all personally, I believe that the authors natural writing style had a lot to do with this.My opinion of Karen changed throughout the book, there were times when I was concerned for her and times when she annoyed me – her snobbery over Danny’s intellect was one of those moments. I constantly felt curious as to where her behaviour would lead her. There were hints of something that had happened during Karen’s school days and I couldn’t wait to find out what it was – when all was revealed I have to admit that it wasn’t what I had been expecting and felt that it showed a worrying side to her character.I was pleasantly surprised when the storyline switched to Danny’s point of view, he seemed like a bit of a lost soul to me at the beginning and there were times when my heart broke for him. I was confused by some of his actions where Karen was concerned though and it wasn’t until the end that I was able to look back at those moments with fresh eyes (this will make complete sense if you read it :) ). The supporting characters were strong and I enjoyed reading about them just as much as the main characters.A huge twist in the storyline towards the end really surprised me, I absolutely hadn’t seen it coming! This led to lots of complications and hidden truths being revealed, some of which I had figured out and others that surprised me once again.Self-image was an important part of this book, Karen thought very poorly of herself and at times I wanted to reach into my Kindle and give her a shake!This was another enjoyable read by Terry Tyler, relationships with both family and lovers were nicely dissected in this tale of love, regrets and secrets.

  • Storm
    2019-04-17 06:40

    Well the course of true love never did run smooth...Meet hopeless in love Karen, the 'plain Jane' against her two stunning 'Skandinavian beauty' sisters. Karen feels like "Cinderella in reverse". Being the ugly duckling of the family has made finding love very difficult, not helped by the fact that Karen is a bit of an unstable drama queen according to all who know her. She hasn't been quite right in the head ever since that 'Spice Girls incident'...But then Karen meets Danny. The gorgeous, half-Mediterranean hunk who worships the ground she walks on. But the attention is too much for Karen, and they are both on such very different intellectual levels...its not going to work, or so Karen decides, breaking Danny's heart in the process. Has Karen been too hasty? All she wants is to be loved, and this Adonis does love her! Is it too late to change her mind...?Well I can now officially state that I am a bona fide Terry Tyler fan! I loved. loved, loved this book! Skilfully written from the perspectives of various main players - Karen, Danny, Karen's sister - Ava, Karen's friend and colleague - Sam; the multiple narratives are subtly different in tone, so that you get to know each character in depth. This keeps what otherwise might seem a bit of a slow starter, fresh and a pleasure to read. And some fantastic lines in there too - my favourite being "She couldn't exist on seaweed and dreams." That there is poetic genius haha!The story plods along quite nicely, when slowly you realise that something a bit darker may be just around the corner. Admittedly I had very quickly figured out who may be responsible for the disaster zone that is Karen's love life, and I was so busy waiting for that reveal that BAM! I was completely knocked sideways by another little spanner that got chucked right in there! I mean my jaw actually dropped and I did a strange excited little shuffle and said aloud "Wow, things just got VERY interesting!!" (My husband across the room gave me rather a strange look!) Well that was it after that, everything else in the world was put on hold until I found out what happened to Karen et al, and I was not disappointed. What It Takes might not change your life, but its one hell of a good read!My thanks to the author, Terry Tyler, for sending me this book to review.

  • Marina
    2019-04-18 07:24

    The original review was posted here: is the youngest of three sisters. While Ava and Saskia inherited their mother's former model body, Karen is the smart type, like their father. But she grew up with the feeling that she wasn't good enough. She feels she's not beautiful enough like her sisters, not good enough to be her dad's favourite, not good enough to be a Spice Girl, either.However, everything changes for her when she meets Danny. He loves her just the way she is, and everyone in her family likes him. But, suddenly, Karen decides she is better without him. Danny is not pleased with her decision and starts fighting for her love. He stars sending her flowers, phones her all the know, the usual stalking, so she calls police. Danny is `forced' to start a new life, but not long after it's Karen who's second guessing her reasons for breaking up. Drama follows and quite an interesting turn of events in both their lives.The whole story was told from different points of view. There is Karen, Ava and Saskia, Danny and Sam. Every event is told from their different perspective and I really loved this, because it made me get to know all of the characters better. Speaking of characters, I admit I didn't like Karen much. She is always complaining, and her self- esteem is so low, she thinks everyone is better than her. I didn't have the feeling this makes her a bad person, just not a very strong one. She makes some very poor choices and ends up playing victim all the time. As much as I wanted to sympathize with her, I just couldn't understand her and felt she's too weak of a person.As for the Danny and Karen's love story, it reminded me of the Russian story of Eugene Onegin, just placed in modern time frame. None of the characters is good nor bad, just human, and all human beings make mistakes and start all over again.However, I confess, the ending left me speechless. I totally couldn't predict it and it left me quite surprised. My jaw literally dropped I was that taken by surprise. This book, in my opinion is an interesting contemporary romance/women's fiction combination with few thriller elements, and is very difficult for me to place it in one genre.

  • Cathy Ryan
    2019-04-12 02:28

    4.5 starsKaren’s insecurity and self-doubt takes hold with a throw away comment by her mother when Karen was seven years old. It sticks with her and intensifies over the years, causing jealousy and resentment of her more glamorous sisters. Compared to them Karen feels less than. Not good enough. Unloveable. The sisters’ relationship can get very strained at times. Karen’s emotional baggage is deep-rooted and she has a tendency to be obsessive. She doesn’t really know what, or who, she wants. There’s an event (funny, sad but serious) in her youth that adds to her feelings of being unworthy."We always knew we were going to have trouble with my sister Karen. She was difficult even as a child.Used to her sulks and tantrums we might have been, but we were still shocked by what she did to Gemma Franklin."This is a character driven story of real people in real relationships and circumstances, it could be any family in any street. Terry Tyler’s writing is very descriptive and detailed, it pulled me in from the start. The characters engender all the emotions, empathy, frustration, sadness, one would experience in such involved interactions. The portrayal of intricate and complex relationships are intriguing and very true to life. I couldn’t help but feel for Karen, and later Ava…..even though things aren’t exactly as they seem.The story is skilfully told and works really well with the narrative initially in the first person from Ava’s point of view, then also from the perspective of several of the key characters which gives a different aspect on each personal approach to events. This in turn is an opportunity to get to know each well-defined individual more thoroughly.The dynamics of the relationship between the sisters, their immediate circle of friends and co workers and the love and loss aspect gives the story more depth and makes it much more than a romantic novel. There are also dark undercurrents and some deviousness running through from an unexpected quarter that comes as a surprise. How far would someone go to have the person of their dreams? I loved the very satisfying ending. Wonderful descriptions of Norfolk too, a place I haven’t visited…yet. This made me want to go.

  • Wendy Janes
    2019-03-30 23:23

    Karen has always felt overshadowed by her gorgeous sisters. When handsome Danny sweeps her off her feet, it looks as though she’s finally found happiness, but doubt starts to creep in and she pushes him away. Has she made the right decision? Will she ever find true love and happiness?Many of Karen’s insecurities stem from her perception of herself as the ugly sister; having dull brown hair when your sisters are Scandinavian blonde beauties, doesn’t do much for your self-confidence. Nor do a couple of ill-advised romantic entanglements and that awful “Spice Girls incident” at school. The network of family, romantic and work relationships around Karen feel real, with supporting characters and minor ones written with as much depth as the leads. I like the way that Karen has a slightly different relationship with each of her sisters, Ava (happily married with two children) and Saskia (owner of a successful hair and beauty salon).Each chapter is told from the point of view of one of the main characters, which brings a freshness and lively quality to the story. I think Ava’s first-person voice comes over the clearest and is the most compelling. Her comment that her husband says that she and Saskia are “the sort of Scandinavian beauties men fantasise about finding in the sauna, whereas Karen is a faded English rose that drooped before it even blossomed” is my favourite line. At first this story feels like an indulgent soap opera of a novel about the games people play when they are looking for love, but then it becomes apparent that there’s a darker, deeper side to the tale. The two reveals, even if you’ve guessed them ahead of time, pack a satisfying punch.What is even more satisfying is looking again at the title of the book and the front cover illustration when you’ve finished reading, and seeing how apt they are. The choice reflects an author who is confident in her material and has a great sense of humour too. I’d like to thank the author for sending me a review copy.

  • Susan Buchanan
    2019-03-31 01:21

    As a fan of Terry Tyler's books generally, I was looking forward to this newest offering. For those, who like myself, have read all of her books, What It Takes harks back in style to Nobody's Fault (my personal favourite) and You Wish (which just won some award recently). Stalking is once again revisited although in a completely different way. I enjoyed the depiction of several of the characters, including Lois, who I could totally see on her council estate, rigging the benefits system with aplomb. The names given to her children and grandchildren made me giggle, too, as they are the kind of names expected of mothers who get pregnant at 15. Lois and her clan were very stereotypical, but stereotypes exist for a reason. What was rather more unusual was Danny's part in their lives. The novel is told partly by the narrator and partly in the first person by several of the principal characters. Apart from Danny, a sweetheart, we have the three sisters; Ava, Saskia and Karen. One sister feels overshadowed by the others and always has done - a modern day Cinderella in reverse. If she only had a chip on her shoulder, it would make the others' lives much easier, but she's not that straightforward, and a drama queen, as well as being more than a tad unreasonable. Karen's best friend, Sam, seems too good to be true, but everyone needs a Sam. Overall, I found that What It Takes was more descriptive than some of the previous novels and I felt that this was particularly well done - showing a maturity in the author's writing. It was also clear that the author knew Cromer and the surrounding area very well and managed to paint a good picture of a part of the country I've never visited, but could now easily imagine.Terry Tyler's books always feature red herrings, twists and turns and What It Takes is no different. I did guess some of the twists, but I reckon that's because my mind is now thinking along the same lines as the author's! That said, there were still several twists that I didn't get and the extent of some of them was surprising.

  • Rose
    2019-03-24 05:24

    I greatly enjoyed each of the 3 Terry Tyler books I’d read before, and this 4th one did not disappoint.Our protagonist Karen is an ugly duckling compared to her two gorgeous sisters. Her sense of inferiority has been a pervasive force through most of her life and drives many of her actions as the story develops.Ms Tyler very cleverly uses a mysterious prologue to give the reader a sense of foreboding right from the outset. Were it not for this, the reader might assume that this was a fairly conventional tale of plain, insecure girl gets gorgeous hunk who adores her, and with a few hiccups along the way they either end up together or not. But nothing is so simple in Ms Tyler’s world. There are events happening behind the scenes that the reader can’t even guess at, and which are skilfully unveiled as the drama unfolds.The story is told from various viewpoints. This technique works very well, largely because of Ms Tyler’s ability to convey the individuality of the characters and their foibles. Also, it provides a mechanism for revealing thoughts or facts which are not known to other characters. The pace quickens and the tension builds as new complications are added to the Tyleresque tangled web of relationships, leading us to the very satisfying plot twist, which I did not see coming until shortly before it was revealed.The ending was extremely satisfying, because the reader is left wondering whether some people’s secrets might come back to bite them in due course. And with the complexity of the Karen’s character, you do wonder what the future holds… In my opinion, it is the mark of a good novel if the characters have a life beyond the printed page. Ms Tyler has certainly achieved this.

  • Elizabeth Lloyd
    2019-04-14 02:28

    Terry Tyler’s writing is unique. She writes about real people with the sort of problems that many of us have, in such a straightforward way that you feel you are in that town, part of that relationship, wanting to shake that silly girl or punch that arrogant prat! And she does it with such wit and humour too.What It Takes is, on the face of it, the story of Karen, the ugly duckling with two beautiful sisters. But it is also her sister Ava’s story and that of boyfriend Danny, not forgetting all the other people affected by Karen’s emotional whirlwind. The characters are so solid you could touch them, the dialogue always pertinent and feelings vivid.From the first line, “I know Ava and Saskia are Daddy’s favourites, but..” you know that Karen will have problems which will affect the rest of her life. Like all good heroines she will make terrible mistakes, she will frustrate the reader and cause mayhem but you can’t help rooting for her. And even Ava with her perfect family and Saskia with her successful business have not found the answer to perfect happiness.As the plot develops, you believe you can predict what will happen, but there are two surprising twists which turn everything upside down and I was left wondering if there’s a follow up novel to deal with the consequences of What It Takes. If you want to relive an 80s childhood or experience complex relationships in an extended family this is the book for you.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-16 05:36

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started reading WHAT IT TAKES. The first part of the book was devoted mainly to introducing the characters, of which there were quite a few. I almost lost interest here, as it was somewhat tedious, but I am thrilled that I continued to read the book. When the author dove into the story, there was magic in her words. The words flew by, and before I realized it, I had finished the book. I was not ready. Even though everyone involved seemed to resolve his/her own character conflict, I wanted more. I think most people can relate to Karen at one point or another of their lives. She lacked confidence; she always felt she came up on the short end of the stick. Her sisters were gorgeous, whereas she felt she was more of a plain Jane. Karen’s perception was that everyone else got the best of everything in life and in love. Then there is Danny Alvarez. Danny had good looks, but was that enough for Karen? He seemed less refined. I give WHAT IT TAKES 4 stars because of the slow start. In the end, the story won me over. I would definitely recommend this book.

  • Bodicia
    2019-04-12 23:37

    This review of Terry Tyler's new offering comes straight off my personal reading list, a place Terry's books always end up as soon as she publishes a new novel!I indulged myself with a few hours curled up reading this and wasn't disappointed. The writing is totally Ms Tyler at her best and the story has the usual twists and turns.One thing which has cropped up again is my frustration with the personality of one of the characters, in this case the main female Karen. She dithers about with Danny, generally not knowing what she wants, who or when, but this is the beauty of Terry's writing, she gives you character's who have a depth of personality which makes you feel very involved emotionally.The hero of the novel for me was Sam. We all need a Sam. Karen's sisters, equally strong in their involvement in the story, were truthful in their analyse of Karen and added an edge to the story which the conclusion went on to reveal as being so important to the whole novel. No spoilers here.Well written with an entertaining and involved storyline

  • Joanne
    2019-04-07 04:40

    This is the 4th of Terry Tyler's books that I've read, and I think it is my firm favourite. Told very cleverly from different characters' viewpoints throughout, Tyler deftly moves us through events in the love life of a Karen - a character who it is not always easy to like, but who is written in such a way it's impossible not to root for her. What I LOVED about this book was the way the author keeps you guessing right to the end - although on the surface this is contemporary women's fiction (although it is not restricted to a genre at all), it has just enough of a darker edge to lift it out of the predictable plotting of many of the books I've read. You literally don't know what this author is going to do with - or to! - her characters, and I found that very refreshing. There is no sentimentality, the reader is left to judge events for herself. And apart from all of that, it's a great read! I finished this book in a couple of days and I found it hard to put it down. Highly recommended.

  • Cathy
    2019-03-24 05:18

    In this book the characters are so real. Within a few pages you are involved in the family's complex relationships and rivalries because Terry Tyler develops her characters so well. Although What It Takes is a romance novel it also explores some of the more complex aspects of relationships within families and between individuals. Sibling rivalry is one of the main themes of the plot and these three sisters couldn't have more: Karen's feelings towards Ava and Saskia are jealous, envious, and embittered. As the plot develops she can, with some justification, add betrayal to the mix. I particularly liked the way the author uses shifting viewpoints. This keeps the interest level high; enables the reader to become immersed in the lives of the characters; and ensures that the pace of the novel is sustained right through to the end resulting in a "can't put it down" read. I really enjoyed reading What It Takes and recommend it highly.

  • Nicki
    2019-04-22 06:38

    Loved it! Another great Terry Tyler novel. Definitely a favourite author, this is the third I have read and never been disappointed yet. Again, an original story you can really get your teeth into and great, realistic characters. I have to say I never totally warmed to Karen, but I liked how things ended for her and it was actually really fitting as I think there were two quite similar personalities there. I really liked Danny. I didn't like Karen's snobbish attitudes towards him. Jason was the kind of guy you'd like to strangle. I certainly hope he did get his eventually! I liked the sisters and Karen's Spice Girls trauma was hilarious. Really rang true for a hormonal teenage girl! Can't wait to read the other Terry Tyler I have on my kindle

  • Valerie Poore
    2019-04-10 05:29

    This is my fourth Terry Tyler, and it's a good 'un, as they say. On the surface, a story about ordinary guys and gals falling in and out of love in an English provincial town. But the hairdresser's, the pub and family life figure as the backdrops to some much twistier, darker and more complex undercurrents with the truth just out of reach until almost the end. Obsession is the predominant theme, but it comes from some unexpected quarters. That said, it's very real too. Ordinary people really are like this! And what's more, it gives us a good lesson in how to keep life uncomplicated if you want peace of mind. Great reading as always, so well done Ms Tyler!

  • Sharon
    2019-03-28 04:40

    Ever since I read the first Terry Tyler book 'You Wish' I've looked forward to reading each one that followed and What It Takes is no exception. Terry's writing just gets better & better, the narrative is as brilliant as her other works with the dry humour & realistic characters which keep me hooked to the end. Each person's story blends together seamlessly & I agree with other reviewers in that my sympathies change from one character to another as the story unfolds. I think this is a brilliant book.

  • Rosie Amber
    2019-03-30 00:30

    This review is based on a free copy given to me by the author. "What it Takes" is a modern tale of family, relationships, loves and losses, it is very easy to relate to and I could imagine it happening in today's world. The reader is drawn by a human desire to know what goes on in other people's lives and ultimately to sub consciously compare it to your own. The characters are very realistic, dealing with their own hardships and finding ways to survive on their own paths. This is the first book I've read by this author and it won't be the last.

  • Claire
    2019-04-02 02:40

    I really enjoyed this book, which I downloaded after reading 'Nine Lives', a collection of short stories from the same author. The characters are interesting and well written, and the story written from several perspectives as well as fluting from the present to the past, showing different experience that Karen has had.I found Karen quite endearing despite her challenging personality, and I especially loved the revenge she enacted on Gemma over the Spice Girls debacle... if only I'd had the balls at that age!So pleased to discover this author :-)

  • Wendy
    2019-04-08 07:47

    I love the way that Terry develops her stories through the eyes of different characters so that you see the same events played out slightly differently.As has been mentioned in previous reviews this means that your loyalties do change from one chapter to the other but she creates characters that you want to know more about.Once again she has left me wanting more :)Thanks Terry great book

  • Soo
    2019-04-04 07:39

    Another brilliant story from Terry Tyler; once I started it I could not put it down. It's the complexity of the plots that grab me and I feel I actually know the characters. Even when I was convinced that I knew who was the fly in the ointment, something happened to make me unsure enough that I had to keep reading. I just loved it and hope there will be another book!

  • Andy
    2019-03-22 23:22

    Another believable set of characters from Terry Tyler. Her writing takes you to the viewpoint of all the protagonists, giving the scenario it's variety. Well worth the read. As to be fair the rest of her books are as well..

  • Tania
    2019-03-23 05:31

    Simply a pleasure to read.