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The debut title in Katherine Roberts' thrilling new fantasy trilogy, The Echorium Sequence.Welcome to a world from another time -- where legendary half-creatures still exist. A world where nature itself can be controlled by unearthly music. A world where the forces of good and evil are held in harmony by the Singers who have mastered the secret Songs of Power. A world on tThe debut title in Katherine Roberts' thrilling new fantasy trilogy, The Echorium Sequence.Welcome to a world from another time -- where legendary half-creatures still exist. A world where nature itself can be controlled by unearthly music. A world where the forces of good and evil are held in harmony by the Singers who have mastered the secret Songs of Power. A world on the brink of destruction, threatened by a dark lord whose evil knows no bounds. Rialle and Kherron, two novice Singers, are all that's left to stand in the enemy's way. Stranded in a strange land with only one another to rely on, these former rivals must work together if they are to survive. In a timeless coming-of-age journey, Rialle and Kherron discover the strength of spirit that lies within them in their quest to help good triumph over evil....

Title : Song Quest
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Song Quest Reviews

  • Rinn
    2019-03-22 23:23

    I picked this up when I was about 9 or 10, and I immediately fell in love with it. I have all three of the books, and I don't think I'll ever get rid of them. The book just really stood out to me, the idea of the school, and the songs. Even now I can remember the beginning of the book in great detail, although I haven't read it for years - though writing this makes me feel like re-reading it.

  • Aelvana
    2019-03-13 00:08

    Rialle has spent her whole life in the Echorium, learning to be a Singer. But after her ears distinguish a cry in the storm, she is appointed to a delegation leaving the island to talk to the mainlanders. The treaty that protects the Half Creatures like the merlee (mermaids) from being slaughtered is being broken, and the Singers intend to stop it. Kherron, another Singer in training, is also determined to get off the island, but his rebellion lands him in the middle of an international conflict and pits everyone against him.Rialle and Kherron are a good pair of main characters, as Kherron's angry rebellion contrasts nicely against Rialle's quiet acceptance of duty. And because their motives are so different, it's interesting to see how they end up going in the same direction, to the same cities, and ultimately to the same side of the final confrontation.The plot powers ahead with a good deal of action, but the story as a whole feels paper thin. Almost no history is given besides the fact that a treaty had been signed to protect the Half Creatures: the details of this treaty, why the nations signed it, who enforces it on the mainland when the Singers aren't there.... not to mention the gaping holes in everyone's personal history. Rialle was born and raised in the Echorium, and no more than a sentence or two is devoted to this. No childhood memories for her or Kherron, no backstory on any of the important characters like the First Singer or the Second Singer, and very little place description all lead to the story feeling tenuous.I also mistrusted how little power the Khizpriest, in the end, was able to wield. Surely with all of the factions in the priesthood some of them would have been on the current Khizpriest's side? Or at least he'd have found support from elsewhere, in men he controlled or who wanted to control him. The Khizpriest's magic was nebulous; for that matter most of the power that was used was not explained well. It was mentioned that metal would interfere with the ability to Sing, but Kherron's bracelet did not appear to have any impact on him, where the spear of the Khizpriest did.Rialle annoyed me severely in how often she got sick. Seasickness, altitude sickness, sickness from drinking sleeping potions or being hit upside the head---she spends the entire book ill from one thing or another, and it got quite frustrating. It was rarer to find a moment when she wasn't ready to puke her guts out.The end of the story drops off before resolving the relationship between Kherron and Rialle. I would hope she chooses Frenn, particularly after all he went through for her, but the ending leaves everything so open it's practically up to the reader which one she chooses. Overall this was a decent enough story, but without the necessary backstory or description to make it good. I rate this book Not Recommended.

  • Sammee (I Want to Read That)
    2019-02-22 00:24

    4.5 StarsThis is one of those books I really wish I had read when I was younger. As an adult it’s a book I really enjoyed but as a child I would have absolutely treasured it.I love Rialle from the get go. She came across as really caring and sweet, vulnerable yet strong and I really enjoyed spending time with her. I also adored Frenn - he was really kind and obviously cared a great deal for Rialle. I wasn’t sure how much I like Kherron in the beginning – but as the story progressed he really started to grow on me.I liked the dual aspect of the book – getting the story from Rialle and Kherron’s point of view. I do think I favoured Rialle as a narrator (possible because I liked her more) but the story definitely benefits from having the two points of view and gives it a appeal to both male and female readers.The story itself is great – many twist and turns and plenty of action. I found myself holding my breath in parts - either anxious to know what was going to happen or shocked by the turn of events. I found it completely unpredictable and loved that!I will admit this is a book that is slightly outside my comfort zone. Although I read many books that have fantasy elements in them I’m not usually very good at reading a ‘straight’ fantasy. There is something about all the made up names and places that confuses me. I believe it is testament to Roberts' writing that this wasn’t the case here. I found myself so completely immersed in the story that it wasn’t a problem at all. I would definitely recommend it for readers who are looking for their first fantasy read.Overall - Fantastic characters, a wonderful story and lovely writing. Brilliant!

  • Freya
    2019-02-22 00:03

    I read this series while at school and I think must have annoyed the librarian very much by forever re-reading these as I really loved them and will probably end up buying them some day :)

  • Little Irish Luck
    2019-03-02 00:33

    Direi anche un 3.5 su 5.Il problema fondamentale con questo libro è che sulla copertina del libro c'è scritto "dai 10 anni" quando al suo interno ci sono scene veramente crude: sirene squartate, uomini che si uccidono tra loro, gente che si dà fuoco, ali tagliate...insomma io non lo farei leggere a un bambino di 10 anni.La storia è abbastanza interessante, la fine forse un po' troppo veloce, ma soprattutto i typo: dopotutto e dopo tutto non hanno proprio lo stesso significato, ma la tipa che ha tradotto il libro non sembra saperlo e avrà ripetuto 250 volte la parola 'impavesata', che anche se è una parte della nave leggerla per una decina di volte nello stesso capitolo mi ha rotto!

  • Raygina
    2019-02-23 22:13

    I may have enjoyed this if I read it when I was younger, but I'm not a fan. It's sad most of the way though. The world has potential but I just didn't like the story.

  • Laura
    2019-03-16 02:32

    If I hadn't read this when I was younger I'd probably give it 2 stars, but it gets three because nostalgia. Wasn't exciting enough to warrant reading the second book, which is about new characters in a different time period.

  • Maia Moore
    2019-02-28 18:03

    Original review posted hereI feel like I should announce my bias towards this, as it's one I've loved since I first read it (probably about 14 years ago) and I've tried to read it with fresh eyes, but I know part of me is just loving revisiting that world that enchanted me so much as a child.That said, I'm just going to gush and say I adored it all over again.The fantasy world that Roberts introduces you to is well developed and just beautiful. Blue haired Singers who use magical songs? Check. Playful but abused fantasy creatures? Check. Creepy priests and warriors with bones in their hair? Check.Apparently that's all I need for a good fantasy story.Well, not all I need. I love the dual point of view, and how different they are. Rialle has always been my favourite, as the 'good girl' and just the fact that she was a young girl, like me (or not so much like me now!) but this time round I really appreciated Kherron's version of events. A bit of an anti-hero, he manages to fight for the right side in the end, but it doesn't feel like he changes too much as a character - not in a bad way, he just keeps his personality while adjusting his actions.The relationship between Rialle and Frenn, and Rialle and Singer Toharo are some of my favourites, as are the interactions with the half-creatures. While there might be some romantic undercurrents, it's great to see a book that doesn't revolve around that kind of thing. I find friendships more interesting than romances.There are so many wonderfully fleshed out characters, I can't go into them all here, but favourites for me include the Khizpriest, our villain who wants to destroy the Singers (and gives me the chills), and Lord Javelly, a young lordling who eats half creatures and thinks he can trick the Singers.The treatment of the half creatures is a really interesting issue. When Rialle is horrified at people eating merlee eggs, I am too, and think it's awful to eat thier unborn children, but then I remember I do that to chickens on a weekly basis...interesting (though probably not the place to go into that kind of thing).This is a fantastic start to a trilogy that introduces a world full of magic and possibilities, and sets the foundations for the next two books, which skip ahead a generation so we see what happens to the Singers and their Isle over a longer period of time (which I love). As a book from my childhood, it brings a lot of nostalgia, but all that aside, I think it's a fantastic fantasy novel that anyone could enjoy.

  • SundanceAnn
    2019-02-28 01:28

    Rating4 starsBook SeriesBook 1 of The Exhorium Sequence trilogy.Song QuestOn an island, children dye their hair blue and train to become singers. Singers have different types of songs that can change the emotional and physical state of the listener. There's a song for joy, and one for sadness. There's a song for healing, and one for dying. These songs are very powerful, and only the best will become singers. The ones who don't make it will become orderlies. Orderlies are second-class citizens. Main character Rialle, and bad boy, Kherron, are the top two singers in their class, but one day on the beach changes everything. Rialle hears voices coming from the ocean, and Kherron meets a lost sailor. They both end up going to the mainland, but Rialle goes on a Singer-approved diplomatic mission, and Kherron runs away by hitching a ride on a merchant ship.My Thoughts?I hadn't read this book in a while, and I had it rated as 2 stars because I remember that I found it a very weird book. And I was right. It is a very weird book, but i think it's the right kind of weird. There's birds with human heads, and the characters are constantly singing while they talk to alter the emotions of the people they are talking to. There are mermaids called "merlee" that can sing up storms. All the mainland guys have this "mainhood braid." I imagine it like the hairstyle of the dorthraki from Game of Thrones, except grosser because everytime they kill someone, they cut off a finger of the dead guy and tie it in their hair... like with the flesh still on... So yeah, definitely weird, but entertaining weird.Do I Recommend?I enjoyed it, but I would hesitate before recommending it. I'm not sure what audience this plays into. I mean, it's teenage fantasy, sure, but not every teenager who likes fantasy will be drawn to this book. It's kind of deep-rooted fantasy. Old-school fantasy. Very un-dystopian.

  • Stacie
    2019-03-02 02:33

    As I started reading I will be honest and say I wasn’t convinced. From the first few pages I thought I wasn’t going to like it, but I persevered – and am so glad I did. After the first chapter, the story really picked up – and quickly. I flew through it, completing this in a matter of days.The fantasy world is amazing, so intricate and detailed. There are mermaids, nasty villains, warriors and Singers with flowing blue locks. The concept of the novel is imaginative, like really imaginative. How do people have such creative minds?! I was totally enthralled by this fantasy world, especially the Merlee. They were my favourite!The story is told from a dual perspective, through the eyes of Rialle and Kherron. I much preferred Kherron’s perspective. Rialle irritated me. I found her a little dull – she always needed saving and spent most of the book feeling ill. Kherron on the other hand was unlikeable at the start, but developed as the story unfolded. I liked the journey he went on and how he dealt with certain situations. He was fierce and strong yet cleverly deceptive.The Khizpriest, our villain, was actually pretty grim. I really didn’t like him, his treatment of the Merlee was horrible. The consumption of Merlee eggs – unborn children – was quite upsetting.The scenes in which Rialle swam with the Merlee were my favourite. I thought the prose was beautiful and really easy to read. The description was so vivid, I could see everything that Rialle saw. I now want to read anything that has mermaids in, I loved them as a kid and this has rekindled that love for me.The book doesn’t really deal with romance, which I liked about it. It was more about friendships and helping each other out, totally refreshing.I would have loved this as a kid, it would have been the perfect read for me. I am actually wondering whether my 10 year old brother would enjoy it – he is a keen reader, currently making his way through Harry Potter! I enjoyed it as an adult but just saw things very differently. Rialle just irritated me unfortunately, hence my rating.

  • Dyrgripen
    2019-03-13 18:16

    Even when i started reading about Rialle and Kherron i knew that i'd find the main characters boring and flat. The idea that Katherine Roberts had with the Singers and Merlees was interesting, and if written with the right characters i would definitely have enjoyed it a lot more. Firstly i'm not too sure if i think that having two main characters was the right decision, maybe it would have been better from just the perspective of Rialle. Secondly, Rialle. Her motives were so unclear that i was constantly thinking that she must be mad for doing all that she did. (view spoiler)[ The Merlees almost killed her and yet she was so determined to rescue them, but why? It's not like she knew much about them, other than what she had heard back home before she left. For people to be protective of a person or a species is completely understandable: if they have a reason for doing so.(hide spoiler)] Lastly we have Kherron. In the beginning he was just as interesting of a person as Rialle, but as i kept reading he became a somewhat better character. (view spoiler)[ But the thing that i can't get over is how he did not feel regret for murdering Merlees. When he is with the Karchholders he feels sorry for them, but we never get to know that he feels any sort of sorrow for what he did to the other Half Creatures.(hide spoiler)]Song quest wasn't the worst book i've ever read, it just wasn't a truly great one either. It fell rather flat and, being a person who loves a good world-building, the universe wasn't too interesting. I won't be continuing with the series since i have too many fantasy books to read, but since the book had was a bit interesting i don't regret having read it.

  • N.A. Fedorak
    2019-03-10 02:08

    I like the series, but:a) They need to go into a bit more detail with the character's feelings/wy hey're doing what they are doing.b) The female characters need to do more, rather than just sitting there. c) The whole 'Rialle will be terrified of ever going in doors after a few weeks in prison' thing is unbelievable - it either needs to be more traumatic, or else she needs to be written as a character who is very emotional/mentally weak.d) The whole 'skipping a generation' between books in annoying, because seeing the characters develop as people would be really nice.e) The world they live in is interesting, but I want more of it. What are the main countries? Are there other Singers in different parts of the world (maybe with different songs)? f) All in all, a decent book (And a decent series for kids), but it would be better if there were more of it.

  • Susan
    2019-02-25 18:22

    While I don't think this book really deserves the comparison one reviewer made to Le Guin, it's still a good young adult fantasy. It's rare in that male and female characters each have their chance to shine. I particularly liked the apparent transformation in Kherron's character. The half-creatures were interesting, especially since they were given their own specific skills and personality traits.And the device underlying the plot -- that trained singers can affect others by singing particular songs (for sleep, laughter, tears, fear, or death) -- is creative, and makes for a fascinating story. There's a little bit of deeper message (the importance of respecting all life forms, not just human ones), but that's not the reason to read the book.

  • Sara
    2019-03-06 02:04

    I really liked this book. I liked how there were two POVs: Kherron's and Rialle's. The whole concept of Singers really intrigued me. I liked that there was a glossary in the back of the terms the author made up. I really connected with Rialle, and near the end of the book, Kherron. The merlees and the quetzals really fascinated me, as I think they were supposed to. I wanted to know more about them! (view spoiler)[ When Kherron started taking the eggs from the merlees, my stomach turned. I was glad the author didn't go into much depth about that.(hide spoiler)] I thought this was a great book and will recommend it to anyone I know.

  • Abby
    2019-03-18 23:13

    Rediscovering this book in my collection had really given me a burst of nostalgia.When I was younger, this book truly captivated my imagination. Every spare moment I would spend thinking of Rialle, how I would love to live as a Singer in the Echorium.I recommend this to anybody ages 8 upwards, it is an imaginative and enthralling series [Crystal Mask, Dark Quetzal are the following books in the trilogy.]The descriptions are detailed and fabulously creative. Gives free rein and encouragement to the reader to allow their imaginations to roam, exploring the vivid world in which the Singers inhabitate.

  • Lynette ~ Escaping Reality – One Book at a Time ~
    2019-03-07 19:09

    Oh my goodness, I loved this book.I don't know exactly how to describe this book... it just sorta, I don't know... drew you in, but not in the same way some other books do.I really don't know how to describe this book, it was...simply amazing.It pulled me in, but at the same time.. I wasn't THERE, like with some books, yet, I still couldn't put it down. I wasn't crying over semi-main deaths, yet I still was very, very, sad. I wasn't extremely happy with the ending, and yet I'm dying to read the next one.So yes, I am 14 and HIGHLY recommend this absolutely immensely awesome book.

  • Margaret
    2019-03-17 22:21

    Yes! I finally found this book. I remember my mom buying this book for me at a small bookstore in Bayfield, Ontario during the summer when I was in elementary or middle school. I COULD NOT remember for the life of me what this was called (give me a break, it was 14 years ago) but I am so happy I finally tracked it down. All I could remember was "children, island, masks, songs." I don't even remember why masks...I LOVED THIS BOOK. Fantasy, school, action, adventure, it had it all. In fact, I am going to try to see if I can get my hands on a copy to re-read it this summer.

  • Andrée
    2019-03-05 22:07

    Not a patch on anything by CS Lewis, Ursula Le Guin or Anne Macaffery(or even 4 Children and It)Why do they dye their hair blue and with what? And how does it work on dark hair? or red? And what about regrowth? Not to mention that it's bad for their hair - it ruined the First Singer's......Not good enough to make me want to read the rest of the series but I'm an adult - and read much better 'fantasy'as a child

  • Karen
    2019-03-12 01:22

    Highly recommended.Read this when I was really young and forgot about it. Remembered it years later and could only remember it was a fantasy, it started with an S, and I had a vague idea what the cover was like.So, I went to my library's website and looked through pages of fantasy books until I found it again.I never got into its sequels, will be trying them again at a later time, but I absolutely love this book.

  • Kelsie Beaudoin (The Bookworm)
    2019-02-22 23:26

    This is one of my very favorite fantasy books which borders between Middle School and YA. This is likely because singing has such a huge part in this book. I loved how there were different songs that did different things, so original, and so much fun to read!Rialle and Kherron were both wonderful, interesting, developed characters. They were such a joy to read. I definitely will be reading the next book.

  • Anna Dye
    2019-03-02 18:09

    Interesting and entertaining. A great twist in a fantasy book. Young kids and young adult live in an island and never had venture out from there. They are trained in different things according to their abilities and talents. Some are healers other teachers and so on. Life in the world become very interesting when a mankind kingdom is killing mermaid people and feeding it to their king. The king doesn't know it but instead it is poising him. Good book.

  • Vikki
    2019-03-05 02:09

    I may be biased because this was a favourite childhood book of mine, however I still really enjoyed this story. It started off a bit slow but once it picked up I couldn't put it down. I also would have liked more from the ending and would like to know what happened to the characters and the world. Hopefully the sequels will be just as good and give me more insight into this world.

  • Elzbeth
    2019-03-02 20:04

    Rialle is not the most...energetic of protagonists, nor is Kherron the most likeable of characters, even in later books, but the premise of Song Quest is unique. These are humans, yet not humans that can do awesome things. There are half-creatures that many don't believe in, even though they themselves have awesome power and so it's kinda a learning and growing book for everyone.

  • Jana
    2019-03-17 02:09

    I am not usually drawn to this type of book, however, this one captured my interest right away and it held my attention all the way through. I think there are several students in my 5th grade class that will enjoy this book. The characters are interesting and believable and the plot events are compelling.

  • Irene
    2019-02-21 23:19

    Beautiful book but possibly for junior high age- I can't remember the style only that I loved it. I would recommend it and number two in the sequence. Three left something to be desired from memory but it was still pretty good. Each book stands alone so you don't need to put aside a mountain of time for this trilogy.

  • Hannah
    2019-03-08 23:04

    Exciting and mysterious, with a poetic feel that adds to the magic. The concept of using songs to heal and destroy is an original one, and elevates Song Quest from the typical adolescent adventure to something more. A great read.

  • Mark Jones
    2019-03-03 18:09

    Lovely fantasy adventure. It follows two young singers who are like representatives of the UN (except they sing) who set out to resolve the mysterious messages sent by the merlee (sort of mermaid things). I'm looking forward to learning more about the world in the next one.

  • Arianna Ote
    2019-03-23 01:08

    I really liked it! I read the edition where the cover was a half of a girls face. And she had blue hair which curled at the bottom to form waves. Except.. I hate how the series has to have like the second book 20 years after the first...

  • Audrey
    2019-03-05 02:27

    This is just a good book, not great, not wonderful, but good. I enjoyed the story and the plot. Oddly enough i really liked that she had blue hair! i also really enjoyed the half-creatures; they were painted very clear and they played a very simple but important role in the story.

  • Tatiana
    2019-03-09 01:16

    I Loved this book when i read it, which was many years ago. I found it amazing as the world described seemed so interesting. I always found myself wanting to join the school, i dreamed of being a singer with a voice which could control emotions.