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For years Cameron has hidden behind a façade of normalcy, warned there were those who would do her harm should they uncover the truth…that she is a mind reader. She never imagined her biggest threat would come from the parents she thought dead. Cameron’s life changes dramatically when she’s abducted by her mother, a woman she hasn’t seen in thirteen years. Even more shockiFor years Cameron has hidden behind a façade of normalcy, warned there were those who would do her harm should they uncover the truth…that she is a mind reader. She never imagined her biggest threat would come from the parents she thought dead. Cameron’s life changes dramatically when she’s abducted by her mother, a woman she hasn’t seen in thirteen years. Even more shocking is the truth… Cameron’s mother leads a group of rogue mind readers and their number one enemy is Cameron’s very own father. Everyone has their own agenda and Cameron is caught in the middle, unsure who to trust. But one thing is clear, war looms on the horizon and in order to save those she loves, Cameron must not only pick sides, but learn to believe in herself and her powers....

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  • Erin
    2019-02-24 16:51

    I'm sorry, I just couldn't bring myself to like this installment of the trilogy much. Things I liked:1. Maddox - he once again popped in for a brief cameo and assisted our heroine, making her question whose side he was really on. Although he played a small part in this book, I did still like him a lot. 2. Nora - she was a much better example of a strong female character than Cameron was. I felt like she stood her ground and tried to explain why she acted the way she did, but when Cameron needed help, she stepped in without being asked. 3. Cameron's mom - she tried to explain why she did the things she did. There were times I felt she could have told Cameron more because it would have answered questions she had, but at the same time, I felt like her mom was also saying, "slow down, think things through. Use your brain," knowing Cameron SHOULD be smart enough to figure crap out on her own without everyone spoon feeding it to her. 4. The ending - it wasn't my most favorite ending, but it worked and tied up the story well enough. 5. Cameron's dad - he is a seriously evil guy and I thought the author did a good job writing that character flip in without it feeling forced. 6. Sierra - she was a quiet, intriguing side character who didn't get nearly enough story time. Things I didn't like:1. Cameron - I'm sorry, she was just insufferable to me in this book. She runs off and gets herself in all sorts of trouble and compromising situations all because she has to save Lewis because he's Lewis and he's hot and she's in love. And she does all this even though all the people around her are telling her she's ill-equipped, will probably get hurt herself, or lose the battle of the minds against her father and give him information about her mother (he thinks she's long dead) and their whereabouts, putting ALL OF THEM in danger. But it's cool, because she's saving Lewis, oh yeah, and those random kids from Aaron's compound from book 1. She's actually pretty adamant about saving them, especially Caroline, because she promised her she'd come back for her in book 1. It made me like her a little but then this happens...So, she does in fact save Lewis, as well as Deborah from book 1 and the ten kids being held captive. That takes place around halfway through the book. Deborah takes the kids while Cameron helps Lewis who's injured. And that is literally the last thing we hear about the kids and Deborah until about the 80% mark, even though Cameron and Lewis are both back at her mom's house safe and sound within a few hours (pages) of their rescue. They aren't under attack or anything during that time; instead Cameron learns how to use her powers more and makes out with Lewis. For someone who was so intent on saving those kids, wouldn't you think she would want to know as soon as possible that they were safe too??? It didn't sit well with me. And finally, Cameron's inability to put two and two together when they were talking about who her parents are/are not. Seriously, use your brain. 2. Cameron's constant need to smell everything was back. In this book we don't get details of all the things she smells like in the first book. Most often we are just told that she smelled a scent (usually Lewis'). I just can't with that. 3. It may not have happened as frequently as it seemed, but it felt like Cameron and Lewis showed they cared for each other by cupping one's cheek or running their fingers along the other's cheek/face all the time. I really felt like I read it constantly and things like that drive me crazy. It's like using the same metaphor over and over (Trylle books, I'm looking at you). 4. I feel like this author has interesting side characters and stories that I want to know more about, but she doesn't delve into them nearly enough. Instead, I feel she continues setting aside characters with interesting stories or just other parts of the story (rescued children) to focus on the Lewis/Cameron love story (**eyeroll**). Ultimately my dislike of Cameron overpowered the things I did like about the book (my other dislikes were minor annoyances in comparison). She just infuriated me. Yes, I get that she's upset that her mother has been alive all this time and Aaron is back in the picture after erasing her memories, but grow up a little! I do understand that I am not the target audience for this series; however, I don't feel that's an excuse. Great books are good to all sorts of readers, not just the target audience.

  • France
    2019-03-19 11:01

    omg, i LOVED this series, i cried and cried.

  • Cece
    2019-03-14 11:49

    Okay. This book. This series. Best I've ever read. This is one of my favorite books ever. I'm so sad that it ended but it was possibly the best way one can end a series. This book evoked so many emotions in me. It made me smile,well towards the end the way it ended. It made me cry, what one, two, three... seven, eight... well a lot of times. And I;m not one to cry easily. This book pulled me in and kept me locked in towards the end. I COULD NOT put it down. I'm so emotionally frustrated now that it has ended. I don't think I can start reading a new book right now and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed this one. I recommend this book to everyone! I am just so happy and sad and AHHHH right now.I just want to scream. SOO much emotions. I need a distraction now. anyways I recommend this book highly. I would love to see it turned into a movie but I don;t think there is anyone who can play the roles and have you connected to the story as you would be with the book. If you are still trying to decide weather you should read the book, you need to stop reading this and go read the book. (Longest review I've ever written that's how much I loved this book.)

  • Rose
    2019-02-22 11:57

    This review doesn't contain spoilers for any books in the Mind Readers series, it's mostly just my spoiler-free thoughts on the series as a whole.Before...I can't post a coherent review for this book now. I need some time to let it all sink in but even after that I don't know if I'll be able to do it.I thought that this series wouldn't be anything more than a fun, entertaining read when I finish it. This last book in the series broke my heart, though. I just sat there, reading the last few pages, tears streaming down my face and everything going blurry, which is why it took me ages to read the last two chapters.This final book. It took me completely by suprise. And crushed my heart a little. After...One month after reading the final book in the Mind Readers series by Lori Brighton, The Mind Games, I'm attempting to write a review. I don't know if I'll be able to do it but I'll try.Here's the thing: I bought The Mind Readers, the first book in the series, on one of my free-ebooks-buying-sprees. I own quite a lot of free ebooks now and don't pay most of them that much attention after I acquire them. Mostly it's because I read the ebooks on my laptop and have to be really interested in one to read it. So I was going through my ebook TBR pile and reading the first few pages of some of those ebooks, just to see what I might want to read next. I read more than just the first few pages of The Mind Readers, though. “The man sitting across from me at the café was thinking about murdering his wife”, that's how The Mind Readers starts. How can you stop yourself from reading on after a first sentence like that?Anyway, I read the first book and I enjoyed it. It was a fun, entertaining read and Cameron was such a likeable main character. In my opinion, the paranormal element of the story (the mind reading) was done well and I loved that it wasn't overdone. Though there was some paranormal stuff going on, I really liked that there wasn't an extreme amount of it, which at times gave the story a more realistic/contemporary feel, if that makes sense. Right after finishing the first book, I went on amazon, bought the second book and started reading it. The second book was quite different from the first book because of a little twist to the story but I enjoyed it nevertheless.And then came the third book. I don't know what I was expecting but it definitely wasn't me finishing the last few pages of the final book, sobbing my heart out. How did that happen? This was supposed to be a fun and entertaining read only! It wasn't supposed to crush my heart like that. I adored the last installment in the Mind Readers series, though. I loved that Brighton didn't cop-out of some things, though I hoped at first she would. I loved that there were good ends to some things and open ends to other things. There weren't happy endings. At the end of the final book, I'd say that the characters end up being in a good place but I just don't think it's a happy end. It's a bittersweet end, that crushed my heart (I'm repeating myself, aren't I?) and made me want to give Cameron a big fat hug, though I know that wouldn't make things better for her.I loved the romance, though I wasn't that into it at first. It was in the third book that I really started to like Cameron's love interest and appreciate how Brighton handled the romance. It just wasn't butterflies and sparks all the time, especially not in the third book, there were quite a few challenges added to this love and I loved it. Is that mean? No, I don't think so. I just really loved how realistic that made this romance seem, even though it's in a paranormal-ish world.“I’m not a superhero. I’m just... me.”He grinned. “That’s all I want.” Apart from the romance, I really loved Cameron's growth throughout the series, too. It was one of my favourite things, really. I loved how much she changed from the girl that we meet in the first book to the girl we finish the story with.Throughout the whole series, it made me go crazy not to be able to decide who the bad guy is. After a while, though, I realised that there just wasn't one bad guy. Sure, there was always one party that did more bad than good but everyone sees it differently. Each one did their fair share of good but there was also a lot of bad happening on each side.I adored this series, that's all I can say. It started out as a fun, entertaining read and then this final book came along, crushing my heart and making me feel such a variety of emotions. I loved the characters, especially Cameron and her love interest but some of the secondary characters, too. I adored seeing Cameron grow throughout the series and (even if it sounds masochistic) I loved having this book crush my heart. So, thank you for that, book. I hope that many other readers find this series because it's truly a gem. I'm not that big of a paranormal reader and might not be able to compare it to anything else in this genre but to me, this series was truly special. This is definitely not my last encounter with Lori Brighton's books. I look forward to more of her fun, entertaining and heart-crushing work and will definitely revisit her Mind Readers series in the future.(You can read my review for the first book here and my review for the second book here. The first book in the series, The Mind Readers, is still FREE on amazon, so go grab it before the offer is gone. You won't regret it. If you do, feel free to let your anger out on me.)

  • Sheree Bonita
    2019-02-20 14:02

    This series was a downward spiral. Cameron was irrational beyond the measures of forgiveness. She constantly acted like a hormonal teenager that was overcome with lust even if he life was IN DANGER. She kept saying she was never going to trust anyone again but continued to just play along with all the games in the book. There is NO CONCEIVABLE way that someone could just get over the lies and issues that Cameron had to go through. The fact that everyone was out to get her and then BAM she has had allies all along that just seemed to be against her was totally unbelievable. I have nothing good to say about this book. It was repetitive and unbearable. I almost couldn't finish it.

  • Delanie Slattery
    2019-02-23 12:02

    This one didn't have the same pull as the first two, I wasn't as drawn into the story so it took me longer to read. It just seemed to drag on and on, and I'm glad I can move on now.

  • Krysten
    2019-02-22 11:00

    This was a fast-paced book that I had trouble putting down, but at the same time, the fact that it is a YA novel is very apparent. The paranormal aspect aside, it's almost like a soap opera... questions of paternity, dead people coming back to life, amnesia, dramatic prison escapes, etc. There was a point when I was like, You have GOT to be kidding me. How much emotional turmoil can one person shove into a 200-page book? After a while, it becomes unrealistic, even if we accept the fact that we're talking about mind reading.The book could have used another round of proofreading from a good editor. There were dozens of spelling and gramatical errors, but the two things that really bothered me were (view spoiler)[a) the fact that we never find out what happens to Maddox (BIG omission on the author's part, if you ask me), and b) the fact that during the climax, they're on a boat that's practically capsizing from these huge waves... on a river (am I the only one who found that to be unbelievable? I mean, it's a RIVER, for crying out loud). (hide spoiler)]For the romance aspect of the book: I think what happened to Lewis in the second book was a good choice for the plot, because he seemed way too sappy in book one. In this third installment, his character was much more likable and realistic, and it was easier to believe in his and Cameron's connection, whereas before, it just seemed forced. All the errors and inconsistencies aside, this was a pretty imaginative storyline. Full of action and a little bit of romance, it certainly kept me hooked til the end. I am glad it didn't end in a perfect "happily ever after," because that would have been too good to be true. The main characters, Cameron in particular, all learned something and grew up, which made the story feel more real and the people more relatable.

  • Margaret
    2019-02-25 10:52

    I am so sad this series is over though I understand a short story about Nora will be coming soon, answering my existing questions. All of the books had cliffhangers and twists and turns but this one had the most . I was literally breathless at times as I devoured this book like a madman unable to contain my excitement for the ending . Some less appealing parts about this book is that I just wanted more details -- we know the children got away but how? What happened to Maddox? What were Nora's emotions about Cam now being a part of the family finally? I wanted to know more about Grandma. Why was mom so aloof-- I never really appreciated her love for her daughter until the end. Owen came out of left field. Aaron seemed to be mostly mute. This didn't detract from the story for me -- partly due to all the surprising developments--but I would have left feeling more complete about the series. The story ended with a bittersweet ending where Cam really came into her own but some people died. Overall, even though I am in my 40' s and this series is young adult I really enjoyed the series tremendously. I originally picked it up because I wanted to share a story with my daughter. I am glad I did. I wanted an escape and this series delivers. Just as an aside for fun, I've always dreamed of reading minds . I'm not so sure I still want that ability . LOL

  • Sandra
    2019-03-15 11:38

    I really liked this series. I gave the first and second books five-star ratings. But this last book was missing something for me. The grammar and spelling errors didn't bother me, because I was so engrossed in what I was reading.I liked the dynamic and dysfunctional relationships between the main character and her parents. I liked the love story between the main character and her main love interest. I just felt like towards the end something was missing for me.I think it happened in the second half of the book. I don't think story lines were as tied up as they could be. The writing was more melodramatic than in the previous books. The last chapter was also a flop for me. I was already disconnected by that point. I found myself skipping pages which I hate to do, because I really like this authorThis book was readable and entertaining, but didn't satisfy me as much as the first two in the trilogy.

  • Afiya
    2019-02-27 14:52

    I have read about everything Lori has written so far, with the Mindreaders series as last. I hesitated because it was YA genre and I do love some good lovescenes in my reading. But Lori never disapoints and I amediately fell in love with these characters. This is a story with suspense, humor, life lessons, insight in the human mind in more ways then one, young love, pain and sorrow. But it is the journey of the heroine Cameron, of this story that makes it so heartfelt and honest. I could say this is a must read, but that just would not cover all I would like to say. Now the story is done, I miss Cameron and the way her mind works. "You find that inner peace deep within you. You connect with the world, with life. You learn who you truly are meant to be" - Lori BrightonOne of many sentences which I think are really inspirational.

  • Valerie Waters
    2019-03-03 14:42

    There are some spoilers in this review. I really liked this series and this book!! There were a few things that bugged me in this book though. First. I wish Aaron's actions from book 1 would have been addressed more. I know at one point they said the kids would have been sent to a psych hospital. But I wish Cameron's mom would have said something about his evilness. Second. I didn't like how Owen was introduced in like the last second. I wish he would have been mentioned sooner so it didn't seem like he was a last minute idea. And lastly. Why did her mom have to let go? There was no one left on the other side so it doesn't matter to anyone else that she sacrificed herself so the source would be gone. That didn't make a lot of sense to me. Ok one more. What about Maddox?????? I just felt like there were a lot of things left unresolved.

  • Sanette
    2019-03-20 14:47

    There are no words for how incredibly annoying Cameron was by the end of the series. Actually she pretty much pissed me off from the beginning of book one but I kept trying to give her a chance. Didn't work. She didn't grow as a character in any way. She made selfish irrational decisions and was pretty f*ing stupid in my opinion. All in all, I was incredibly disappointed in this series. In fact the only two characters I was interested in were Nora and Maddox, so my only question is, what the hell happened with Maddox? Really were just going to let him rot away. Yep, I don't think I will be reading anymore YA books by this author, the main character was just down right ridiculous and it was extremely way to PG for me. I mean, it's not like she 16 or anything. She's 18!!! start acting like it! UGH!

  • Audrey
    2019-03-10 12:07

    Only a few things bothered me about this book... First: If more than one person can have the 'source', why on earth is SHE so important? Apparently there are MULTIPLE people with the 'source'. I didn't get that... ALSO, I would really have liked to know what happened to Maddox. Jail? Dead? Free? What? And Aaron... is there ever a relationship there? Or does he just disappear? Other than that, this was a good finish to te series. Interesting concept. Well written.

  • Ellie Brandt
    2019-03-16 12:41

    I really really wanted to enjoy this series but I just could not. The main character was so selfish & annoying. Thin plot & not very creative or interesting. I am sorry to give it such a bad review but I do not recommend this trilogy to anyone.

  • Theresa
    2019-03-05 15:55

    Can't wait for the third book to find out the truth about main character's (cameron) life and purpose :)

  • Sandra
    2019-03-09 16:37

    It's been awhile since I've felt saddened to part with the characters of a book. I wish we could have more time to witness happily ever after.

  • Cassie Hess-dean
    2019-02-24 11:56

    This is the last book in the series...or so I thought. I bought it as soon as it came out, had to know the ending. Wish that there was a little more to the ending, but overall very enjoyable read.

  • Vaishnavee Suresh
    2019-03-10 10:59 there any way I could give negative ratings??? Yes, it was that bad.

  • Melissa
    2019-03-21 08:55

    Just, no.I was so excited to read this series literally for the sole reason that mind reading seems so cool and the first line of the first book, "The man across from me was thinking about killing his wife", (or something to that effect) intrigued me from the get-go. Now, after having read books 1-3 and the ending novella, I have never been more annoyed or frustrated not only in a story line but also in a writer's incompetence for her own story.-I can't say how many times Cameron said "This will be the last time I'll ever see ______." It lost it's punch quickly.-The author had the same descriptions over and over. Pink and orange sunset, nails biting into her arms, the scent of spicy cologne, men being "warm". It just got lazy.-The 2nd and 3rd book not only start out with the last chapter of the previous book, but also copy PAGES and pages of "memories" from prior books. I almost had to skip over them seeing as I'd just read them in the last book.-The author literally changed names and spellings like it was nothing. The receptionist went from Ellen to Helen, and Aunt Elizabeth turned to Aunt Lindsey to Aunt Lyndsey. I can't.Not much happened as I look back. The smallest actions were sooo drug out and it was a chore to finish the last book. Again, a great concept, just not a great execution.

  • Ashleigh Reynolds
    2019-03-05 15:42

    Dear God. This last book was like a fricken soap opera. I mean honestly, who didn’t see that “twist” coming. I guessed her parentage in book 2. But besides that, there were just so many unforgivable mistakes.First, let’s talk about a huge plot hole. John didn’t know his wife was alive, yet somehow at the end of the book her guards betrayed her? And all of a sudden John knew she was alive. Yeah, let’s just brush over everything else that happened and the surprise at seeing his wife alive after breaking into Cam’s mind.Lewis can’t remember anything but they can share memories and she doesn’t share them so he can at least have some of his life back? But his heart remembered her. Bleh.The end was so anticlimactic. Everyone knew everything that was going to happen, but just decided it wasn’t a good idea to let key players in on the plan? I mean come on!And for the final nail in the coffin:“I missed you,” he whispered, his voice catching. “I know.”WHO RESPONDS LIKE THAT???There is one more book, but from what I hear it changes POV and is about Nora and Maddox. I’m gonna call it good on this series. I should have stopped at 2, but curiosity got the best of me.

  • Will
    2019-03-12 12:04

    Holy typosWonderful story as per the other books in the series, but my God... the typos, the grammar and punctuation errors... I can't seem to get through any of the books in this series without facepalming! Absolutely awful quality of typing ("teperature" is one example) and basic English language rules (seriously, the author regularly confuses "others" and "other's"). Outside of that, the story itself really is great, I love how the heroine evolves and I love the twists and turns of the plot.

  • Brianna Hollingsworth
    2019-03-14 17:00

    FINALLY. we lost all the horrible repetition and most of the obsession about how cute the men around her are. in this book we finally get a pretty well written plot that this story so deserved. I'm glad I stuck through the first two books of awful repetitive asinine writing so I got to read this book. I would have liked to see more about Cameron's training and her struggle controlling her powers (and less about her making out with Lewis) but all in all it was a good book.

  • Jada Grant
    2019-03-21 09:05

    I really enjoyed this eBook and I found the main characters romance with her boyfriend really cute but the only annoying this was she liked to overreact to pretty much any situation that she was put into

  • jaleeza schwarz
    2019-02-28 10:49

    Couldn't wait to read the next book.It was mesmerizing, I couldn't put it down.

  • Carol
    2019-03-02 16:00

    Really good book enjoyed reading it.

  • Eliza Taye
    2019-03-16 13:51

    Just like the rest of the books in the series, Ms. Brighton’s witty writing made me laugh and feel for the characters. There were so many new revelations in this book that I began to doubt which side was good just as much as Cameron was. By the end it seemed clear which side was the good one, but I’m sure the final book will have even more surprises in store. As for this one, it was definitely as good as the rest of the books in the series so far. It had less action than the second one did but overall it’s still a great, entertaining story.

  • Asu
    2019-02-28 16:48

    Alrighty then...My reviews for this series are getting shorter. Not because I liked it any less but because I don't want to spoil anyone.Here's the thing, I loved the ending of the last book. I was glad Cameron got to know war party Aaron, war party Daddy and then meets her mother who is apparently leading the rebel party against them all.At least that's what I thought. In the end, things are quite different than they seem at first... "Major" twist at the end. I saw it coming, you'll probably see it coming, too. It wasn't a big shocker. Something the reader has always wondered along the way. I liked a few things about this book:- Aaron's back and still a dick (I don't know why I like him I just do...)- Mommy Dearest isn't parent of the year either. No one's holy in this family.- Cameron finally learns how to use her powers to the full extent- Cameron gets to save Lewis and they have a beautiful reunion (no, this is not a spoiler, this is a young adult series, of course they stay together)And now a few thoughts on things for those who already read everything:(view spoiler)[I'll start with things I did like because the list of what I didn't like has become quite long:- I love Aaron. There I said it. Probably because he reminded me a lot of Peter Hale from Teen Wolf... xD- Mommy Dearest reminded me of Irina from Alias.- Cameron and Lewis have a beautiful, way-too-invested, I'll-die-for-you, relationship even with his memories of their time together gone. Still, I believe some of the memories are still there. His character traits were back and he remembered her favorite tea lol- I liked the mind reading concept in general. People being able to read other people's mind. The ability to block someone out or to cover your own thoughts. The ability to use your mind to accomplish physical achievements like moving things.- I also liked John as a crazy villain.- And the war between the two parties.Now the things I didn't like / approve of and / or hated:- The source... the source... the freaking source... I hated it. Why couldn't Brighton stick to the No-Mind-Readers vs. Mind Readers just for the principle premise? This war for power was too much and it also bore me a lot.- I have mixed feelings about Aaron being Cameron's real dad. Yes, I liked Aaron (which is already creepy enough) but I didn't like how Brighton left things unsettled between him and Cameron. Of course it's hard to forgive someone who basically imprisoned you and erased your and your boyfriend's memory. But, he's her dad for heaven's sake! But no, instead Aaron is MIA at the end because Kat's death "destroyed" him and Cameron will definitely find a father figure in his twin brother Owen (twin brother, hello, why, no, just no).- Even though half-siblings I never really bought that Cameron and Nora were sisters. They were always strangers to me.- The need to squeeze in a half-hearted love triangle. Cameron being attracted to Maddox while deep in her heart Lewis is still pulling at her strings. Um, no.- Speaking of, it didn't move me in the slightest when Mommy Dearest sacrificed herself. I was never able to build an emotional connection to her. Maybe because she kept everything strictly professional and being a mom was too much to handle as a part-time job.- Something doesn't fit well with me because it just doesn't make sense. If, Aaron and Kat have always been working together... then why the hell did Aaron order Lewis to take Cameron to his island and not the tunnels in Savannah? Things would have been so much easier. At lot of harm could have been avoided. I would have had more time and opportunites to build an emotional connection to Kat. I would have probably loved Aaron even more.(hide spoiler)]So yeah... you have to read it because it's a hell of a ride and a conclusion to the journey and in order to find out all the answers to open questions.

  • Anastasia
    2019-02-23 14:00

    The ending was not what I thought it would be, nor was it as exciting as I hoped it would be. But none the less, it was full of hoped and dreams come true. Still a good read!

  • Raven Reviewer
    2019-02-24 12:59

    3.5 StarsCameron is kidnapped once again. Like before, she learns from her captors more about herself, her past, and her family. There is a clash of powers. Cameron chooses a side, and everyone fights for survival. I have definite mixed feelings here. This book seemed darker and sadder. Was there less action than the previous books in this series? Somehow it felt much slower. The first 25% I just wished they’d get on with it already. Less talk more action. Then it got interesting. Then, slowed down again, the momentum never to return.I kept waiting for this magical person so desired by everyone to step forward and show everyone how powerful she is. She made a brief appearance for a while but then she cowered in a corner and folded faster than a Texas Hold ‘Em player holding a bad hand. This whole time I just thought Cameron needed answers and training when in reality she needed brains and a backbone. Ok, so she has had them off and on during the entire series, based on her level of knowledge at the time. So what happened to her at the end when she knew everything and her whole body hummed with power? The end was unexpected but not in a good way. I just didn’t understand the outcome given what we knew about the characters and their powers, especially given what we have learned in this book alone. The characters should have done things differently, shouldn’t they have? Is anybody else thinking about morning breath here? Seems like the main characters are constantly waking up and kissing or in each other’s faces. A seventeen year old with little dating experience would be worried about her breath, shouldn’t she?The writing is the same as the other books in this series. Suspense and romance were great. However, there were such glaringly obvious errors, a few times I wondered if the editor sabotaged this one. Don’t misunderstand me. I am pleased to have read this series and I am happy to have read this book as well. I had to know what happened to Lewis and I just had to know how what happens next. It is an interesting story and was just as much a page-turner as I expected.The hero of this series has always been it’s suspense and mystery. The conclusion necessitates the removal of all of the unknown and clarity with answers. That in itself is a let-down, regardless of what any given actual explanation is. That empty feeling of everything being over is natural. This could explain my negativity. It’s over. Sigh.So, would I have read this given my opinions above and review? Absolutely. Do I recommend this? Of course! It is just obviously not my favorite of this series.Again, this is a pretty clean read. Romance does not go beyond kissing. Violence is minimal. Cursing is practically non-existent. This is targeted for young adults, but would also be entertaining for adults.Disclaimer: All books reviewed by me have been received via purchase, lending, or given to me by an author or publisher for the purposes of an honest review. No reviews are purchased. They are my own opinion. For more reviews such as this, please visit

  • Jazzy
    2019-03-21 11:05

    The standard is definitely kept high throughout the trilogy! It is way too often that you find a trilogy/series that starts off on such a promising note and yet you lose interest mid-way and stop reading/stop being as invested in it. I am extremely glad that did not happen here.So... Cam goes on an absolutely unadvised mission to save Lewis. Personally, it was illogical and not a smart move on her behalf, but I could all too well imagine myself going to the same lengths if someone I loved were entrapped and most likely being tortured. The anticipation was kept throughout the escape from Cam's dad John (view spoiler)[ Cam's fake dad & Nora's dad(hide spoiler)] though I had expected something epic to happen. I had not expected someone (view spoiler)[ or Maddox, in particular,(hide spoiler)] to actually help the escape. That was a surprise in store for me. Lewis and Cam's love keeps strong, though I had hoped for some development in their relationship, I guess when you get to that stage in a romantic relationship, there isn't much else that would increase the feelings. (view spoiler)[ The relationship was as sweet as ever, which shocked me, as most authors would have provided a detailed description of perhaps some more physical scenes(hide spoiler)]The ending was unexpected, but I'm glad Cam finds her true self at the very end. What I didn't understand was why she needed to. I understand that she was traumatised (view spoiler)[ especially after losing someone so dear to her ;)(hide spoiler)] however Nora, her own sister, hadn't left but stayed rooted and managed to move on. I just hadn't pegged Cam to be the weaker type. I also do not understand how Lewis had not even attempted to search for Cam, surely he would have felt some anxiety at her departure, or were desperate for her presence or something? However all in all, the ending filled me with peace, which I appreciated. I just wish Maddox had made an entrance for Nora, and the author had put into account that Aaron and even Cam's mum may not have been completely right, that at the very end, both sides wronged. The whole family concept was touching, but I would have preferred for the acknowledgement of good with bad. At the very least it was a sweet ending.I'll give it a 4.5/5. It wasn't as great as the first two books in the Mind Readers trilogy. Right now, I'm in the process of deciding whether to round the stars up or down...