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This paranormal romance starts off in the 18th century where a homeless man contemplates death. Little did Van know, he was meant for immortality and a mysterious hero saves him from certain death.Along his eternal journey, Van learns of a rogue vampire out to destroy Saldivar and anyone who gets in his way; the threat of the OVI/Organization of Vampire Investigations andThis paranormal romance starts off in the 18th century where a homeless man contemplates death. Little did Van know, he was meant for immortality and a mysterious hero saves him from certain death.Along his eternal journey, Van learns of a rogue vampire out to destroy Saldivar and anyone who gets in his way; the threat of the OVI/Organization of Vampire Investigations and keeping their 21st century mates protected from these threats, making sure they don't perish in the process. It's an all out eternal war between the rogue, the OVI and the vampires trying to live a peaceful existence....

Title : nightfall book one
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  • BookGreed
    2019-03-19 21:55

    Sorry ladies, Saldivar's mine.I read a lot of books from many different genres and 'Nightfall' is no exception. I enjoy paranormal and I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Kelley's take on the vampire world. I reclined on my comfy couch and wrapped myself in this book. I was immediately transported to the eighteenth century where a homeless man named Van sat on the streets of Paris. He was very depressed. So depressed by his situation, that he wanted to die. For 2 reasons: 1) he was homeless and had no family and 2) he was ill and no one seemed to care.Thankfully, a vampire by the name of Saldivar(yummy) put an end to Van's pity party and took him in. Saldivar had had problems of his own. He had lost his parents earlier in a bloody battle. When he decided to take matters into his own hands, he got caught and was thrown in prison. There, he was barely fed, beaten and raped repeatedly. But Zane, an ancient vampire, saw fit to change Saldivar into an immortal, thanks to a rare gene.Now, Saldivar was doing the same for Van. Over the centuries, however, Zane became bitter and vengeful towards Saldivar for reasons unknown. Eventually, Zane wanted revenge against Saldivar. He became so obsessed with this, that he did not care if he had to kill the ones to try to get in his way.By the present day, Van and Saldivar found their mates, Simone and Indea, who also shared the rare gene.But Zane was forever lurking in the shadows and guilt tripping his half-breed daughter, Raven, to spy on them. A job she hated as much as she hated Zane.Not only was Raven keeping tabs, but Simone's boss had deception on the brain. Even if his hindsight was 20/20, the damage was done.Now, the two couples had to find out who was helping Zane, who was leaking information and what they had to do about it. How were they going to end this war and who would live in the end?I loved every part of this story. The mystery, the twists and turns; the back story on these characters; what made them tick. The love/sex scenes were hot enough to steam my glasses if I actually had glasses. ;) And I can't wait for the next book in the series. I want to know what's going to happen to them in the future.

  • Stacy S.
    2019-02-26 02:02

    LINDA TONIS WROTE: "Van Pirone is a twenty five year old living in the alleyways of Paris in 1700. He was orphaned at the age of thirteen and has been a beggar ever since. He is a kind person. He does not feel anger for his circumstances and feels the same sadness for all the others like him. So he begs for money to buy food, food that lately does nothing to fill him. He cannot understand what is wrong but he just feels a constant hunger. He keeps wondering if death would not be preferable to how he is living, if you can call it living. One night Van is confronted by a man, a man who is huge and scary and could easily kill him. At that moment Van realizes that he does not want to die. The man's name is Saldivar and he invites Van home for food, wine a bath and fresh clothes. The offer is too good to refuse. After he is fed and clean Saldivar tells him why he came to help him. Saldivar is a vampire and offers Van eternity. No more starving, no more sleeping in alleyways. Van has a rare blood disease and if he does not accept the gift that Saldivar offers him he will be dead in a matter of months. Time is running out for Van. Is eternity a gift or a nightmare? Is Saldivar telling him the truth? Saldivar has also had a very sad past. His family was all killed. He was captured by soldiers and put into a dungeon where he was repeatedly raped and beaten. He was visited by Zane and offered the same gift that Saldivar is offering Van. He accepted and now he wants to give Van the same chances he had.There is so much kindness in Saldivar in spite of his being a vampire. Van realizes that even if he is transformed he would still be the same caring person. Reading about Van and Saldivar's lives was very emotional. The author did a wonderful job making you feel all the pain they endured.The story takes us to the present time where Van and Saldivar meet Indea and Simone. The girls have come to Paris to visit Indea's family and are looking for the company of a Frenchman. What they find is way more than they expected. Unknown to them is that Van and Saldivar were expecting them. How could they know the girls were coming? Are they their life-mates?Although this is a story full of love it is also filled with revenge and hatred. We meet Saldivar's maker, a vampire determined to see that Saldivar is destroyed. Zane not only wants Sadivar destroyed, but all those he loves, Indea, Simone and Van. Does Zane win? Is he strong enough to destroy them all? What did Saldivar do that make Zane hate him so? Do Indea and Simone love Van and Saldivar enough to go through transition? I loved this book the author not only wrote a beautiful love story, but a great mystery as well. I got everything I could want out of a paranormal romance book. I can't wait for the sequel. I was asked to write this review and given the book, but I have written down this author's name and will buy the next book if necessary."Reviewed by: Linda TonisMember of the Paranormal Review Team

  • Marie DeLaRosa
    2019-02-22 17:53

    REVIEW:First I would like to say how thankful I am to have been given the opportunity to review this book, though it took me some time to get to it, I am glad I read it.The book surrounds two main characters in particular, Van and Saldivar, their interaction at the beginning was rather quick as Saldivar pops into Van’s life at the moment that he truly needs to be saved, as Van has a disease that could take his life at any moment basically. Learning that he can still be himself in ways as he see Saldivar as someone that is not a monster, but sensitive, We get to learn more about Saldivar and how he became a Vampire, as he was turned just as he was about to turn Vampire, and also get to be introduced to Zane, Saldivar’s maker who harbors a deep hatred towards him. But do not think this story is only about the males, Because of course there is romance in this story, a well woven romance that we see Van and Saldivar are fortunate to meet Indea and Simone who are the woman they have been waiting for…The book started off rather slow for me, though the information in the beginning was essential for the actual plot, I was expecting a much faster pace to the beginning to grab me into the pages, I didn’t experience that pull until quite a bit into the book, however, I did not stray from reading it, and found myself enjoying the romance aspects of the book, the book kept a nice pace until the end, though the ending gave me the same effect as a book I had previously reviewed that just made me go “THAT’S IT?!”, fortunately unlike the other book this one I know will have a sequel, I am quite intrigued to find out what exactly will happened in the sequel. I was torn with giving this book a rating, but in the end because of the beginning pace I would have to give this book 3.5 bats, because I did like this book and am intrigued to continue reading the series, but the beginning didn’t draw me into the book as quickly as I would have liked, hopefully the pace in the next book is a little faster.~MarieDisclaimer: Posted on Paranormal Reads account as I am the same Marie from PR.