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Any other socialite would view being packed off to a remoteOregon ranch as a punishment. But Gracelyn Riley knowsthat this is her opportunity to become a real reporter. If shecan make her name through an interview with the elusive heroknown as Striker, then she’ll never have to depend on anyoneever again.Rancher Trevor Cruz can’t believe his secret identity is beingendangeAny other socialite would view being packed off to a remoteOregon ranch as a punishment. But Gracelyn Riley knowsthat this is her opportunity to become a real reporter. If shecan make her name through an interview with the elusive heroknown as Striker, then she’ll never have to depend on anyoneever again.Rancher Trevor Cruz can’t believe his secret identity is beingendangered by an overly chatty city girl. But if there’s one thinghe knows, it’s that Gracie’s pretty little snooping nose is boundto get her in trouble. So he’ll use her determination to find“Striker” to keep an eye on her…and stick close by her side....

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Love on the Range Reviews

  • Faye
    2019-01-28 13:38

    Lucie's Review: A fresh western read.Gracelyn Riley is a socialite from the big city, who dreams of becoming a reportor, and sees being sent off to her uncle's Oregon ranch as a prime opportunity to get an exclusive interview with the elusive hero, Striker. Trevor Cruz, is a rancher with a secret alter-ego, who knows that Gracie's snooping might just get her into big trouble. And he intends to keep her as far away from trouble as he can.This is, in my opinion, one of the best Love Inspired's I have ever read. It's a western, with a seemingly typical premise of City Girl meets Cowboy, but that's where the cliches end. Gracie was a really likable character, with a strong faith that carried her through alot of tough situations, she came off as sort of an everygirl, even though she came from a wealthy family. The way that the characters interacted was really well done, and I LOVED the way that Trevor proposed! The reason I liked their interaction was probably because they didn't freak out in each other's presence, they were very calm and treated each other like normal people. And the characters didn't jump to any really crazy assumptions. Overall, a very well written story, with great characters. And I totally recommend reading this book because the ending was super cute!"Lucie's Reviews" are written by my mother, who is by the way a huge Love Inspired Historicals fan! I won this book off of a blog, so there was no review requirement :)

  • Rachel Brand
    2019-02-17 16:55

    While writing my full review of this book I decided to bump my initial rating from 3.5 to 4. I guess I realised how much I truly enjoyed this book in retrospect :)---GENRE: HISTORICAL ROMANCEPUBLISHER: LOVE INSPIRED/HARLEQUINPUBLICATION DATE: APRIL 03, 2012RATING: 4 OUT OF 5 – VERY GOODPROS: Unique heroine; unusual subject matter for a historical novelCONS: Jumped point of view confusingly in the middle of scenes; action scenes were rushedAs much as Gracelyn Riley hates to be separated from her best friend, Connie, she couldn’t be more excited about being shipped off to Oregon to stay with her Uncle Lou until the Spanish influenza epidemic calms down in Boston. Rumour has it that the infamous Agent Striker has been spotted not far from her uncle’s ranch, and if she can get an interview with him, this could be her big break into journalism. Gracie is tired of living under her parents’ control and a career as a journalist would allow her to avoid being married off to an unappealing society gentleman. Unfortunately her initial experiences at the ranch are unexciting, and Gracie spends more time scrubbing floors and helping to prepare meals than hunting for clues about Striker. The townsfolk in nearby Burns won’t say a word about Striker, and the only interesting aspect of life with Uncle Lou is his neighbour, Trevor. Gracie isn’t entirely sure what Trevor’s relationship to her uncle is, but the scar on his face certainly makes him intriguing. She’s convinced that if anyone knows anything about Striker, it must be Trevor. But as their horse-riding lessons progress into something far deeper, Gracie has to figure out where her heart truly lies. Up until she met Trevor, she was convinced that she’d leave Oregon as soon as the flu epidemic was over and she had an interview with Striker, but now she’s unsure. But her attraction to Trevor doesn’t stop her poking her head into places where it doesn’t belong, and sooner or later, she finds herself involved in a situation that’s far more dangerous than she ever expected to find on a ranch in Oregon...I’m particularly fond of strong heroines, but they’re not as easy to come by in historical romances as you might expect. Often the archetypal romance heroine is the kind that continually needs rescuing or is prone to fainting at the drop of a hat. I’d like to say that Gracelyn was sort of a mixture between a strong heroine and the typical romantic heroine, but she’s not quite that straight forward. She seemed very strong at times and was incredibly sure of herself and what she wanted to do in life, but at the same time she was only twenty, and still quite vulnerable and naive. While she wanted nothing more than to travel around Oregon on a horse, hunting for Striker, she didn’t realise what a dangerous position she was putting herself in. Headstrong, but not always wise in the ways of the world, Gracie was a very appealing heroine, the kind that I cared about but was also quite proud of in places. It’s not often that I find this mixture in historical novels, especially category romances such as the Love Inspired line that Love on the Range is part of.The characterisation in this novel isn’t the only thing that made it stand out for me. Love on the Range happens to be the second novel set in 1918 that I’ve read in 2012, and while the subject matter and plot of Jessica’s novel are very different from Murray Pura’s The Wings of Morning, both of them made me realise what a precarious time period it was to live in. Not only was the First World War on the verge of ending, but the country was being destroyed by a horrible Spanish flu which many of the returning soldiers caught when they returned home. Technological changes were taking place, some of which hadn’t yet reached Uncle Lou’s ranch in Oregon, such as a telephone, which separated Gracie from her friends and family in Boston. It was also a difficult period for women, who were starting to wear trousers and work in factories due to the necessities of contributing to the war effort, but other women were determined to put an end to this liberalisation once the war was over. Gracie struck me as a woman stuck between two worlds, protected by her conservative upbringing yet determined to embrace all of these new possibilities that were opening up for women, particularly by wearing trousers and writing articles for a newspaper.While I loved the plot and characterisation of Love on the Range, I did struggle when it came to some of the structural issues when it came to the story telling. As with many romance novels, Love on the Range was written in third-person point of view but did show the hero and heroine’s perspective on matters. I definitely prefer novels that show the hero’s point of view to those that don’t, but I felt that Jessica “head-hopped” between Gracie and Trevor a bit too much for my liking, it could become quite distracting when it occurred in the middle of a scene without me realising it. One minute Gracie would be talking and I’d get a snippet of her internal thoughts, but then three lines later I’d realise that the thoughts I were reading were actually Trevor’s, and that the perspective had changed without me noticing. Incidents like this jerked me out of my reading experience and I often had to reread the whole page before I got caught up in the story again. My other minor issue regarded the action scenes, which definitely broke the monotony of the typical historical romance, but sometimes sped by so fast and were resolved a bit too easily and conveniently for my liking. One of them went by in such a flash that I had to go back and check that I hadn’t missed anything vital. For the most part, my issues with the structuring of certain scenes didn’t affect my enjoyment of the novel too much, but they did occasionally interrupt the flow of reading. It’s incredibly encouraging to come across such an unusual storyline and protagonist in a debut novel, particularly one in the Love Inspired category romance line, where authors have a smaller number of pages in which to tell their story. Love on the Range will appeal to long-term fans of historical romance, particularly those who are looking for something a bit different that pushes the usual boundaries. While the scene progression of the novel didn’t always flow as well as it could have, I’m confident that this is something that Jessica will be able to improve on in her next novel, which I’ll be keeping my eye out for.Review title provided by author.

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation
    2019-02-05 18:51

    Hmm, this is kind of a tough one. Most of the time I really enjoyed it and thought it was a good story. But, there were a few times that the characters bugged me or something just didn’t feel right. For the most part though, I thought it was a good story. Our heroine Gracie was likable, a little jabber box. It was fun to see her sweep into town and talk everybody’s head off. She has come to stay with her Uncle Lou and try and track down FBI agent Striker. She needs an interview with Striker so she can become a real journalist and escape from her controlling parents and an unwanted engagement. Once there she meets Trevor Cruz, a brooding rancher who quickly sweeps her off her feet. I liked Trevor, although his troubling childhood did make me a little weary. While he appears mostly well adjusted (aside from a bunch of guilt over his job), I’d be worried about how his past was affecting him and how he’d really be as a husband and father. I liked Gracie and Trevor together; they have a few nice moments. It was nice to see Gracie’s calming effect on him and how she introduces him to God and how he is finally able to come to peace with his past. The Christian elements were okay, I kept wishing I could take the characters aside and explain my beliefs on the topics, but for the most part I thought it was handled well and wasn’t overly preachy. SPOILERSSometimes Gracie just rubbed me the wrong way. The Striker storyline was a bit underdeveloped and seemed to pop up when it became convenient. I wasn’t sure why she was so obsessed with him and even wanted to marry someone she never met. When it came to Striker and her safety she was incredibly naïve. And she was incredibly blind, he was literally right in front of her face from page one. Trevor had so many similarities to Striker and she never caught on? It would have been fun if she figured it out and didn’t let him know, or something. But, her spending months with him and never guessing was kind of dumb. I also didn’t get how it was so important for her to find him and she starts with all these intentions of tracking him down, but then she never leaves the ranch. And the two times she does she talks to like two people and that’s it. If we’re going to have the Striker storyline I would have liked it to be more present and actually see her trying to track him down. She was really halfhearted about the whole thing. And, I think at the end he should have given her an interview and we could have had an epilog or something with the actual interview. That would have been fun.Another small thing that bugged me was Gracie’s kidnapping. I guessed from the beginning that something like that would happen, and thought the whole thing ended up being anticlimactic. But, my biggest complaint was when she escapes, in the middle of the night and injured, she decides to take her passed-out kidnapper with her. Literally dragging a 200ish pound man through the desert with her. How could a girl physically drag 200 lbs of dead weight while injured, and most importantly why would she? I get that she’s Christian, and I am to, but if a guy kidnapped me and threatened to sale me into prostitution, I wouldn’t worry about helping him. I would get to safety as quickly as possible and then send others back for them. I just didn’t get that. Content: Clean.

  • Patty Hearts Dave
    2019-02-09 13:46

    It was 1918, WW1 was killing men overseas while the Spanish Influenza was killing Americans in their hometowns. Gracelyn Riley was sent her Uncle Lou’s in the desert of Oregon to avoid the influenza. She was a 20 year old Suffragist and news reporter who wanted 2 things: to get an interview with the elusive Striker and to gain independence from her parents. While in Oregon she searched for Striker, who, according to newspaper sources, was known to be there.In Oregon, Gracelyn gained some freedom from her parents, but also found friendship and discovered the value of hard work. This was quite an accomplishment for a Boston socialite who couldn't even light a stove to boil water. She began falling in love, but not with the man to whom she was engaged to be married.Does Gracelyn ever find Striker? Does she gain her independence? Who was causing her to fall in love? Read Love On The Range to find out.Gracelyn was quite a snob when the story began, but I still liked her. She was raised to be very proper and to always act in a proper way – no matter what. She had different plans for her life than her parents did. She believed in woman’s rights, a concept that didn’t held well with a lot of people. Trevor Cruz was also a main character in the story. He had a past he couldn’t let go. He was a broken man in need of love and forgiveness. Gracelyn showed him the way to both was through God. Uncle Lou, Mary, James, and Julia are minor characters in the story that I enjoyed getting to know. I could see spin-off books written about them.I really liked this book. I’m not a big fan of the westerns but the story pulled me in. The struggle Trevor had with his affections for Gracelyn were interesting. The author described the Oregon desert so well I felt I was there, along with the characters. This is an Inspirational Romance, so you know how things are going to end, but you’ll enjoy getting there. I would recommend this book for all those who enjoy romance mixed with a little mystery and adventure.Visit Jessica at:Website: Guest Post: tammy cook blogs books I received a free copy of this book from the author for my honest opinion.

  • Abbie
    2019-02-06 15:06

    Gracelyn is sent west to live with her uncle due to a bad out break of influenza. Gracelyn was not very happy about being sent away but once she found out that she was heading to the same area the mysterious special agent “Striker” is believed to be living she grows excited to find him and get an interview so that once she returns east she can get a job as a reporter and not have to live by her parents rules.Trevor work at Gracelyn’s uncles ranch and when Gracelyn keeps trying to find Striker he realizes he is going to have to keep an eye on her so she does not find out who he really is. The more he is around her though the more he starts to think about having a family yet his past could stop all that. Plus with a bad guy wanting revenge he has to focus on keeping her safe not falling in love.This was a great book I really enjoyed it. It had a good mixture of romance and suspense to keep it interesting. This is the first book by this author and I hope it’s the first of many!What I liked: I really like Gracelyn. She was a rich girl but she was willing to work plus she was just fun to read about. He mouth was always getting her in trouble which results in a few laughs. Trevor was also a interesting person and I felt his character was well developed. I also found the storyline dealing with the early FBI quite interesting. The supporting character such as her uncle and James where fun and I kind of hope maybe they will be back in some other books.What I did not like: I was hoping the suspense part of the plot was going to be a little more exciting and I felt a little let down with how that part ended. I also have to say the cover photo of Trevor is not at all how I pictured him. Not that it matters of course.

  • Julie Barrett
    2019-02-11 17:46

    Love on the Range by Jessica NelsonISBN: 9780373829149 Gracie has arrived by wagon and will stay with Uncle Lou. He has a ranch in Oregon and his housekeeper is Mary. Trevor who picked her up at the station is also watching Maryto be sure none kidnap her or do worse.Gracie has escaped the disease in the East and hopes to meet the notorious Mr. Striker as she's written some articles for publication.She can't believe they don't really pray at meals or go to church so she will tag along with Mary when she meets up with friends on Sunday. Gracie did get in the back of thewagon and hitched a ride to town to find out if anybody knew where Striker was. The Government is also looking for him.She is beside herself when her parents show up with a guest before Christmas. She is still trying to find out more about Striker but she has also done some other investigating nto business matters.Gracie is very opinionated and likes to have her freedon of speech and dress and it's sometimes getting her into trouble by voicing her opinions and doing things not normal for woman of her station.Trevor talks to her of God and thinks she can understand the way he feels about that.Now there is another mystery to solve, it just never ends...Love tale of the government and talk of how the FBI first started out.Really enjoyed the ranch live and hidden secrets and other mysteries.

  • A.G. Howard
    2019-02-03 15:39

    I read this book long before it ever found a publishing home, and even then I saw the magic. I'm a huge fan of historical romance, and this story tackles an unusual era: 1918 during the Spanish influenza, when WWI is about to end. The hero is sexy, secretive, and protective and the heroine has a backbone. What more could anyone want from a romance? Miss Nelson has a gift for making her characters real, flawed, and relatable. Her debut novel has won a lasting fan in me.

  • Jennifer Shirk
    2019-02-03 12:55

    Really enjoyed this! Loved the feisty heroine matched with the quiet, brooding hero. Also, I found the historical time period the author chose to be interesting and refreshing too.

  • Rea
    2019-02-15 15:46

    Full review can be found here.I find myself very polarised about this book. On the one hand, I enjoyed the gist of the story, the characters and the narrative voice. On the other hand, I often found myself incredibly insulted by the religious messages that it was pushing. I’m going to start with these.Gracie, the heroine, is a devout Christian who sees God’s hand in everything. That’s fine, especially considering that this is set in the early 1900’s. But as soon as she discovers that the three male characters on the ranch do not share her beliefs she is shocked and tries to sway their opinion with some God babble. This clearly shows that Gracie has no respect for their beliefs – or lack thereof as the case may be. Even more frustratingly, the story goes down the path of “atheists don’t really not believe in God – they do believe in Him, they just hate Him”. That’s Gracie’s epiphany about Trevor, the hero. This stance annoys me to no end. If you don’t believe in God then you can’t hate Him because you don’t believe He exists. I’d really like to read a story where the religious and irreligious learn to see eye to eye without either giving up on their core beliefs, but I have yet to find one where both characters don’t end up Christian.There’s a question at the end of the book:7. Uncle Lou doesn’t talk about God or seem interested in Him. Do you know people like that? What makes someone uninterested in God? Is there a sensitive way to share faith with a person like Lou?Yes I do – in fact, I know more people who aren’t interested in God than who are. I’m uninterested in Him because I’ve read enough of the Bible to know that I do not believe it to be divinely inspired. There are sensitive ways to share faith with people like Lou, like me, but this author does not manage to get anywhere close. Instead, she – through Gracie - is condescending and does not even try to look at things from the atheist’s point of view. She just pities them for not having her God in their life, not being able to turn to Him in their times of need. This annoyed me so much. I find it incredibly insulting. This is such a shame because when the story actually focused on the plot – Gracie’s desire to meet her hero, Striker, and Trevor’s determination to keep his alter ego from her all while exploring their budding attraction – I really enjoyed it all. But God always came back when you least expected Him. It got to the point where I was seriously tempted to skip whole portions of the story because of this. Instead I just allowed myself to get irritated.The story itself was fairly transparent. As soon as Mendez, Striker’s enemy, and his means of crime are mentioned, it’s obvious how things will pan out at the climax. Most of the story focuses on Gracie discovering life in the Oregon desert – very different to the busy socialite existence that she was leading in Boston.I enjoyed her evolution from shallow, annoying Gracie to a much more rounded, better grounded Gracie. The location was also perfect and very vividly drawn. Setting it all against the backdrop of the deadly Spanish flu allowed the author to keep the small number of characters very isolated, which worked in the story's favour. Even how Gracie was trapped in an existence she didn’t want by her over-bearing but well-meaning and old-fashioned parents lent an interesting side to the story as they prevented Gracie from really finding her own two feet. She would practically become another character around them: very quiet, demure and submitting to their wishes, however unwillingly.Trevor was my favourite character. I liked how he had to battle the horrors of his past in order to be able to get to the point where he could accept the happiness offered to him in his present.In all, I ended up with two conflicting feelings about the book. I suspect that it will really appeal to Christian readers, but as an atheist, I ended up feeling insulted by its religious message and its treatment of the topic. I wish the author had kept religion out of it all: then it could have been a lovely romance that I would display with some pride on my shelves! It’s a shame that the religious message ruined it for me.

  • Iola
    2019-02-05 14:52

    Gracelynn Riley has travelled from Boston to the wilds of Harney County, Oregon, in search of the mysterious and misunderstood Striker, lawman and protector of defenceless women. She hopes that finding and interviewing him will provide her with the opportunity to earn a job as a journalist at the Woman’s Liberator, as an alternative to the society marriage her parents have planned for her. Not to mention the fact that she is half in love with the unknown stranger...It is 1918, and the country is in the midst of a influenza pandemic, and her parents have sent to Oregon to stay with her Uncle Lou, to reduce her risk of catching the deadly disease (this does seem a little odd – Gracie’s parents dislike Lou, and I would have thought she was more at risk of catching the disease from all the strangers on the long train journey than she would have been in Boston). Anyway, Gracie meets Trevor Cruz on the train, and then finds out that he works for her Uncle Lou. She also finds out that Mary, Lou’s housekeeper, was once rescued by Striker himself.It soon becomes apparent (to the reader, if not to Gracie) that while no one in town claims to know anything about the mysterious lawman, someone knows something. In fact, it is entirely possible that a lot of ‘someones’ know something, and that there is a conspiracy to hide the information from outsiders like Gracie. I think my main frustration was that the identity of Striker is heavily hinted at, then confirmed to the reader, but Gracie was rather slow to catch on.Overall, this is a solid debut novel, nicely-written, with are shades of Lori Wick in the use of language. The historical setting of the end of the Great War and the 1918 Influenza pandemic has been nicely integrated into the overall storyline to provide a pleasant, if lightweight, read.Thanks to Love Inspired Historical (an imprint of Harlequin) and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.

  • Judy
    2019-02-10 12:51

    Love on the Range by Jessica NelsonGracie Riley wants independence. She is the only child to a wealthy Boston couple. Gracie lives the socialite life at home but has a spark of adventure in her. Her parents shocked her by announcing her engagement to Hugh even after she had refused. Now she has a new goal...find Special Agent Striker, interview him and become a reporter for the woman’s magazine. If she can earn a living on her own she could break out of her gilded cage. Opportunities door just opened for her as well through the influenza outbreak. She is being sent to her Uncle Lou's in Oregon and he lives near Burns, the town where the latest reports of Striker sightings have been. Gracie finds her task much harder when she arrives, seems the town wants to protect Striker.Trevor Cruz lives and works on the ranch with Lou but they work together on more then ranching. When Lou's nosy niece comes to the ranch asking all types of questions about Striker he fears she will stir up more then she realizes. Mendez is in the area, an outlaw who kidnaps women and sells them. Mary is hidden out on the ranch after being rescued from Mendez and the last thing they need is Gracie to bring him to their front door.A unique story. Gracie believes herself to be in love with Striker and her need to find him is fierce. Yet she finds herself being pulled toward Trevor. The story gives a glimpse of what the reality of an epidemic could have on people...losing friends and family to it. The danger's of the wild untamed lands and the fight for women to be heard...and to wear trousers. I really enjoyed this book. It had unique heroes and heroines and of course it had it's villains as well.**Received through NetGalley for review.

  • Rhonda
    2019-02-20 13:54

    Review:Love on the Range Jessica Nelson 4 STARSA Good relaxing read about a bad time in history. It must have been scary seeing all the deaths from the Spanish influenza.Gracelyn is from a rich old family Boston who are sending her out west so she won't get the flue. Grace only agreed to go because she found out that the goverment spy Striker lives out their and if she can interview him she will get a full time reporter job. She wants to be independant.Her parents also arrainged a mairrage for her even though she has told Huge she does not want to marry him. Told parents that she does not want it. But they even annouced the engagement in the newspaper. Her parents stopped her writing articles for a newspaper. Want her to spend lots of time sewing. Father does not think women should work or vote.Grace does not know her Uncle Lou because her father and him don't get along. At the train station she meets Trevor and talks his ear off. Then she is surprised he works for her Uncle and has a small house on his ranch.Her Uncle Lou besides Trevor has James and Mary.Mary was the first woman Striker rescued from kidnapper and has been hiding out on the ranch from him since. No one talks about Striker what he looks like or lives that knows him or guesses who he is. Grace has heard about the women he has rescued and builds him up and has a crush on the idea of him.Lot of people think Striker is bad because he has killed a lot of bad men that the goverment wanted,while rescuing the women.They don't want Grace to go to town to ask more questions about Striker.I really enjoyed this story did not have to worry about swearing or sex scenes and look forward to more books from JessicaI was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley04/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Love Inspired Historical

  • K. Chase
    2019-02-11 15:07

    I've recently finished debut author Jessica Nelson's recently released Love Inspired Historical, Love on the Range. Set during the flu epidemic of the early 1900's, a young socialite sets out for the West to make a name for herself by finding an elusive lawman, Striker, to interview. She hopes by securing an exclusive with the man both rumored to be a child-killer and the savior of kidnapped women, she would earn a position at a prominent paper and live her life as she pleased, instead of marrying a complete bore at the request of her parents.I thought Jessica's voice was quite fresh, the pacing of her scenes just right (except the almost-kissing scenes--you really could have dragged those out, for my sake), and her hero appropriately hunky. In fact, the thing I liked most about this book was the hero. Most everything he said was summed up in five words or less, which I thought was quite funny. The heroine would be blabbing and she'd ask a question and get a "Yep" or a shrug, or scowl...okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it made him real country-like and a stark contrast to her Boston upbringing. He seemed to have a slight temper too, which I thought added a bit more depth to his character. All male heroes can't be patient and understanding all the time, right? Don't worry; it never got out of hand.I also enjoyed the history that was woven into the plot. The influenza epidemic that was killing people off by the truckloads, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were both quite interesting elements. I hadn't realized the Bureau was established as such that early in history. It's always fun when you learn something new from a fiction book!I'm sure we'll be seeing more titles from Ms. Nelson!

  • Romancing the Book
    2019-02-05 13:49

    Posted on Romancing the Book's blogReviewed by UrsulaReview Copy Provided by the AuthorLove on the Range is an inspired and clean Christian romance. Gracie is a naive and pampered socialite that is sent to stay with her uncle in Oregon to avoid the flu pandemic sweeping the nation. While she is naive and pampered, she is sweet and accepting of others.In the beginning, she comes across as snobby, the way she ‘assumes’ certain things about people due to first impressions and appearances. Luckily she gets over that early on in the story, with the help of Trevor Cruz, her uncle’s right hand man.Trevor has been through more than most men twice his age and has a lot to overcome. He wants a normal life, a wife and kids; but there are things he has to take care of before he can even consider any of these things. Unfortunately, Gracie has a way of making him feel things he isn’t quite ready to feel.The story is a good one and I enjoyed it very much. Gracie was a bit irritating at the beginning, but I think it was important that she was so you can see how she’s grown by the end of the story. I love the interaction between Uncle Lou, Mary, Trevor and Gracie. The dynamics between them all work well together.Other than Gracie’s petulance in the beginning, the only thing that I found boring was the constant mention of the elusive Striker; the government agent that was a ghost…Gracie’s desire to find him gets old. I think the story would have worked just as well if Striker wasn’t her single minded focus throughout most of the story.The Christian theme is strong but not overpowering. Miss. Nelson did an excellent job of intertwining Christianity, history, struggle for women’s rights and an unlikely romance. I would enjoy reading other books by her.

  • IrenesBookReviews
    2019-01-22 15:38

    Do you like westerns? What if the author threw in a little mystery and some romance too? If you like any of those three plots in a book you will enjoy this adventure set in the early 1900’s. Gracelyn Riley has been sent to her uncle’s house in a remote area of Oregon. While there she decides to do some research and write an article about a hero from the West call “Striker.” One thing not on her agenda is to fall in love, but feelings for a certain rancher begin to surface! Rancher Trevor Cruz is not too excited about this new addition to the ranch. He is also not very happy to hear her asking so many questions about a person he is very close to and wants to protect, “Striker!This was a very well written book. I enjoyed how Biblical principles were woven into the story. The spirituality of the characters helps the story line and you can see the characters change based on their spiritual growth. Although not overly spiritual it has just the right amount written to make this a Christian fiction book.I liked the story itself and enjoyed how the main characters reacted to each other. I especially like the mystery of who Striker was as well as who robs Gracelyn. Even a kidnapping and poisoning takes place! This book held my attention till the end and concluded all the story lines. I gave this book 5/5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who wants an easy to read romance set in the west with a bit of mystery included!I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for the copy of this book I enjoyed reading. I gave an honest review based on my opinion of what I read.

  • J.
    2019-01-22 11:08

    Weaving history into romance can be challenging when the era itself is a challenging one. Jessica Nelson, the author of Love on the Range, has risen to the challenge and created an engaging tale set in Oregon, circa 1918. While readers may be familiar with the pandemic and World War looming over the country at the time, Lange also brings other parts of this era to vivid life. Automobiles still compete with wagons, the formation of the FBI is at hand, and women fight for greater opportunities. When women dream bigger dreams and men try to hold them back “for their own good”, sparks fly. Those sparks, combined with a vivid writing style and jump-off-the- page characters, make Love on the Range a gripping adventure as well as sigh-worthy love story. The changes and challenges are seen through the eyes of an inquisitive young woman who wants to be a reporter. Gracelyn Riley arrives on her uncle’s ranch in Oregon, supposedly to escape the influenza spreading through the nation. She expects the west to be the “old West,” asks nosy questions, and just can’t seem to take “no” for an answer. Gracie strives to find a mysterious hero and win a newspaper job as the result. Trevor Cruz, a scarred hero who is hiding secrets but not his distaste for God, just wants to be left alone to do his job. But Gracie’s presence interferes with his plans and muddles his mind. Her compassion and faith are as challenging as her questions and opinions. Sounds like they just might be made for each other. The journey of these two opposites is humorous, exciting and touching. Definitely a keeper.

  • Katie
    2019-02-17 14:41

    First posted on my blog, Legacy of a Writer.Love on the Range was a nice, one-time read that gave a very interesting view of ranching in the early 1900s when hoop skirts and horses were being replaced with short dresses and automobiles. I really enjoyed a peek at what ranch-life was like for people during this changing time in history.Gracelyn was such a fun character! She had this bubbly way about her that I found instantly attractive and sweet and because she was such a talkative led to some humorous scenes that I couldn't help laughing over. Trevor made for a good hero--kinda quiet, but still super-sweet and gentle. His proposal scene at the ending was great--really loved it!And, of course, the mix of Striker, and who he is, adds a lot of drama and intrigue into the plot. If I had to name one thing, however, that caused me not to completely enjoy this book, it'd probably be the plot. It just seemed to take a while for anything to happen. All the action took place within the last few chapters, and before that the story is just slowly building. But that's just me. :-)The writing was good! Very crisp and clean and the descriptions of the Oregon territory around Gracelyn was refreshingly vivid. One or two action scene I felt rather "jerky", but fun to read nonetheless. Love on the Range is a very nice read from a promising debut author! I look forward to seeing what she comes out with next.

  • Julie Barrett
    2019-01-24 14:54

    Love on the Range by Jessica NelsonISBN: 9780373829149Gracie has arrived by wagon and will stay with Uncle Lou. He has a ranch in Oregon and his housekeeper is Mary. Trevor who picked her up at the station is also watching Maryto be sure none kidnap her or do worse.Gracie has escaped the disease in the East and hopes to meet the notorious Mr. Striker as she's written some articles for publication.She can't believe they don't really pray at meals or go to church so she will tag along with Mary when she meets up with friends on Sunday. Gracie did get in the back of thewagon and hitched a ride to town to find out if anybody knew where Striker was. The Government is also looking for him.She is beside herself when her parents show up with a guest before Christmas. She is still trying to find out more about Striker but she has also done some other investigating nto business matters.Gracie is very opinionated and likes to have her freedon of speech and dress and it's sometimes getting her into trouble by voicing her opinions and doing things not normal for woman of her station.Trevor talks to her of God and thinks she can understand the way he feels about that.Now there is another mystery to solve, it just never ends...Love tale of the government and talk of how the FBI first started out.Really enjoyed the ranch live and hidden secrets and other mysteries.

  • Ausjenny
    2019-01-24 10:42

    Thanks to Netgalley for my review copy.this is an interesting book set in 1918, in the last year of WW1 and when the Spanish influenza was rife throughout the world. Gracelyn is sent to Oregon from Boston to her uncles to keep her away from the influenza, by her socialite parents. Oregon is along way from Boston and is like a different planet. The class system doesn't hold sway here. Trevor is working for her uncle in more ways than one. We find out hes more than just a rancher but also an government agent. Gracelyn wants to be a reporter and interview the infamous Striker who saves women from slavery and who in her mind is a hero. She also sees him and the interview as a way to become independent of her socialite parents who are more interested in arranging a marriage for her then letting her having a life of her choosing. I really like Gracelyn, she's stronger than she looks and has firm ideas. Trevor also have firm ideas and Gracelyn is causing issues in that regard. There are secondary characters who are interesting, including Mary the half Indian half Irish housekeeper, James the ranch hand, Uncle Lou to name a few. This was a good read and I want to read more books by Jessica.

  • Melanie
    2019-02-08 19:07

    Review on Amazon: to be posted on my blog 9/29: on the Range is Jessica Nelson's debut novel and I found it to be a good read! I liked the characters (especially Trevor and Gracie) and I loved the little bit of history that was in Love on the Range. I liked the mystery that was surrounding who Striker was - I had my guesses, but it wasn't until later in the book that I knew for SURE.I will say, though, at times it was hard for me to follow the story and I had to reread parts to understand what was going on better. Other than that, I enjoyed Love on the Range very much and am glad I took the time to read it!If you enjoy historical romances, then I think you might also like Love on the Range - I did! I'm looking forward to reading more of Jessica Nelson's books in the future.*I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*

  • Camille Eide
    2019-01-27 16:39

    I really enjoyed the characters in this short historical, set in eastern Oregon's rugged high desert in 1918. Gracie is an engaging heroine - lively and a little outspoken for a young woman of her day, but also endearing with her quick, tender heart. Consumed with finding the elusive government agent "Striker," Gracie faces challenges and truths about people that test what she's really made of. She finds herself growing away from sheltered, pampered socialite and into a young woman of grace and strength.Trevor is also an intriguing character, a hero with great balance of inner angst, flaws, and noble strengths. I enjoyed getting to know Gracie and Trevor and watching the way each of their lives were changed by their unlikely friendship--which included a "proper" but healthy dose of chemistry. I enjoy a love story in which people not only find love, but also find things like healing, grace, courage, and deeper faith in God. Overall, this was a very sweet, enjoyable romance.

  • Carole
    2019-02-15 16:51

    I though the book was a bit tedious to read. I usually read a book in one to two days unless busy with things away from home, but this one took me four days to read and I kept getting bored with it. Wanted to smack someone upside the head to get it going at times. Sorry, just don't think it's one of the best that I've ever read.

  • Sonali Rakesh
    2019-02-17 14:42

    1918 was an eventful year. With the world war ending and so many technological inventions taking place. The origin of FBI and the escape from the Spanish influenza. The time frame of this story is fantastic. Two people coming from different backgrounds meeting during such an eventful year was electrifying and charming at the same moment. A well researched and written book.

  • Kris
    2019-01-22 16:55

    I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway. I really enjoyed this book. There was mystery, suspense, humor and romance. All the makings of a good read!

  • Ursula Gorman
    2019-01-23 12:53

    Review will be available at the blog, Romancing the Book. Follow the blog to see reviews you can't find on Goodreads.

  • Rebecca
    2019-02-03 17:45

    I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads.True to its genre of being about romance, but with religious undertones. Not filled with sex scenes.

  • Rie_dominique
    2019-01-21 11:59

    Gracelyn Riley, cewek kelas atas dari Boston, diungsikan oleh orangtuanya ke perternakan pamannya di Oregon untuk menghindari penyakit influenza yang sedang merebak dikota mereka.Hal ini disambut dengan senang oleh Grace karena berdasarkan berita yang didapatkannya, Striker, si agen pemerintah yang misterius terlihat di Burns, Oregon, daerah yang ditujukan.Grace berniat untuk mewawancarai Stiker yang sangat sulit ditemui untuk memastikan kedudukannya sebagai reporter investigasi dan melepaskan dirinya dari ketergantungan secara finansial dari orangtuanya.Di stasiun Grace dijemput oleh Trevor Cruz dan James, bawahan pamannya. Grace yang tidak henti-hentinya bicara dan bertanya membuat Trevor pusing. Hilang sudah ketenangan hidupnya. Apalagi ketika didapatinya bahwa gadis yang dipikirnya dangkal ini sangat sangat religius. Tidak ada hari yang tidak dilewati dengan mengingatkan para penghuni ranch mengenai Tuhan.Hal ini membuat Trevor marah. Kepahitan hidup yang dirasakannya selama ini membuat ia menyangkal keberadaan Tuhan. Tapi perlahan-lahan Grace dengan bicaranya yang menyerocos dan kepercayaannya yang kuat kepada Tuhan berhasil menyusup kedalam hati Trevor.Masalahnya, Grace sudah lama jatuh cinta kepada Striker. Dengan diwarnai perburuan mencari Mendez, tokoh jahat yang suka menculik perempuan dan menjualnya ke Meksiko, Grace harus memutuskan siapakah yang harus dipilihnya. Trevor atau Striker?Sewaktu awal membaca buku ini, saya kurang ngeh kalo ternyata ini settingannya historical romance. Saat baca kalo Grace dijemput dengan wagon di stasiun barulah balik buku lagi ke halaman depan, ternyata ada kata-kata dibawah Bab I, Oregon 1918! Hehehehe... ga tau deh kenapa keterangan itu lolos dari tatapan saya...Grace yang tidak tahan menutup mulutnya lebih dari 5 menit membuat saya tersenyum2 membacanya. Saya jadi memikirkan 4* untuk buku ini.Tapi kemudian, semakin dibaca buku ini terasa semakin membosankan. Tidak ada peristiwa besar atau mengguncang perasaan yang terjadi. Memang sih ada kejadian Grace jatuh dari kuda sehingga kakinya tidak bisa dibawa berjalan selama beberapa bulan. Ataupun kejadian ketika teman baik Grace, Connie, meninggal karena influenza. Tapi ketika dibaca semuanya terasa biasa-biasa saja. Kesedihan Grace tidak ikut menyentuh perasaan pembaca.Bahkan ketika Grace diculik oleh anak buah Mendez. Ditengah jalan si penculik udah jatuh sendiri karena dicurigai terkena influenza. Terpaksa pula Grace menyeret pulang si penculik.Dan kemudian Mendez sendiri yang menculik Grace, kejadian yang sama terulang lagi. Bener deh, sepertinya Grace ini disayang Tuhan banget!Padahal saya pengen banget kejadian ini didramatisir sedikit. Seperti Trevor yang pontang panting buat nyelamatin Grace dan pulang dengan kejayaan sehingga mengubah pikiran orangtua grace yang snobbish itu. Tapi begitulah, Grace mampu menyelamatkan dirinya sendiri...Jadi beginilah akhirnya, bintangnya saya turunkan menjadi 3* :(

  • Michele Minor
    2019-02-13 12:39

    This book does show the conflict of a young woman in the early twentieth century who is torn between the older generation of her wealthy parents who think that a young woman of their social status should marry a man who is socially acceptable and not work outside the home, while Gracelyn doesn't want to enter into a marriage where she is controlled by her husband and she wants to pursue a career instead. Her parents send her off to her Uncle Lou's ranch, which is close to where she has heard a secret government agent has been spotted who goes by the name of Stricker. When she gets to Uncle Lou's ranch she meets a man named Trevor who is unlike the other young men that she has met previously in Boston and allows her to pursue her own interests and even does not say anything about her wearing trousers. The two of them strike up a romance even though Gracelyn is still looking for Striker, seeing that getting an interview with him would land her a job at a feminist newspaper and freedom from the strict social rules of her parents. This book tackles an interesting subject of a young woman wanting to be independent especially since it is a Christian book. Today in conservative Christian circles women are encouraged to get an education but finding a husband should be their top priority. Today once women get married and have babies they are expected to give up paid employment and to be dependent on their husbands if their families do not need their income to survive.