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When Jay Chevalier makes a startling discovery after eight years in a corporate laboratory, he disappears and drives cross-country with his invention hidden in a beer cooler. When Mary MacKensie watches a rough-looking stranger walk into the final meeting of her bankrupted company and sees what he places on the boardroom table, she senses her life will change. When Sammy HWhen Jay Chevalier makes a startling discovery after eight years in a corporate laboratory, he disappears and drives cross-country with his invention hidden in a beer cooler. When Mary MacKensie watches a rough-looking stranger walk into the final meeting of her bankrupted company and sees what he places on the boardroom table, she senses her life will change. When Sammy Holmes serves Jay a sandwich in his poolroom and gets a LiveCell demonstration, he believes this lucky horse is about to pay a hundred to one. When Deirdre Holly, a receptionist and surfer, is offered the job of running Jays high-tech factory, she barely holds back the tears. But when the worlds powerbrokers fully understand the ramifications of Jays invention and realize he won't compromise his ideals, they conclude that he must be stopped. Nonstop action that takes you from the Maine wilderness to the boardrooms of San Francisco, a hero as compelling and mysterious as any in modern fiction, ill-destined love, and a tragically relevant plea for social change will propel you through this thriller at neural-network speed....

Title : Livecell
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ISBN : 9781937644031
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 280 Pages
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Livecell Reviews

  • Lane
    2019-03-01 16:24

    In my view, this is a rare and exceptional book. I believe people may perceive it in various ways depending on their particular minds - more so than with other books. Personally, I found it very funny in a dry intelligent way, also quite touching, and also it had the feel of an almost mythological level to it. It was very aesthetic, almost Japanese in parts such as the use of the weather as a character of sorts, the poetic unspoken nature of lots of subtle points and issues as opposed to the more straight forward drama found in most contemporary American fiction. I can see people maybe not perceiving all of this and perhaps reading it as an engrossing thriller with a touch of romance. I found the characters compelling and the shifts between their points of view very funny and interesting. I found the themes of spirituality, nature, altruism and human connection - within the setting of a contemporary city (San Francisco) and new high-tech gadgets and corporate politics interesting. It seemed like a fantasy world mixed in with current reality. Not a "sci-fi" fantasy world - more like a Platonic Ideal. I think it's a very personal creative quirky poetic book in the guise of an action flick.

  • T-ray
    2019-02-23 14:29

    I loved this book. It starts out in a mundane world of work, politics, money, relationships and expectations, but then morphs into something far deeper and thrilling. For readers who know the San Francisco Bay area, the visual descriptions are stunningly written with precision and color. The dialog defines the characters and moves the plot, (like Elmore Leonard); you recognize their speech patterns so that you hear and see them talking.The characters become friends. You pull for them. (I challenge anyone with a heart to read the Christmas scene and not be moved). And swept along with the characters, you can't anticipate the how the plot will turn. The book is gripping and goes fast; only gradually, did I understand the scope of what this book suggests.LiveCell is unlike anything you will have ever read. People (like me) who grew up with books filling an inner world, have a tendency to feel cheated by the outer, where the notions of poetry or fairness are barely relative, and it is hard to see any progression of good. Read this book and experience what it would be like for you and some trusted friends to suddenly have the power to change the world.

  • Jake MacKenzie
    2019-03-15 16:20

    I recently re-read Livecell to confirm my initial reaction to the novel ( a review for which can be found on the author's very interesting Facebook page), and will now share an explanation of my high ratings for this work. These days, there are many ways to "find" a good book, and I write this review simply to turn likeminded readers on to a positive experience. The core value of this work can be summed up in one word: "entertainment". That being said, the methods that the author employs to achieve this response are at once traditional and innovative, accessible yet deceptively subtle. On the second reading - which immediately suggests a certain durability - I was at leisure to fully appreciate individual character development and the well-drawn complexities of interrelationships. Even the plot line retained immediacy, as I gained a greater appreciation of the author's skill at interweaving larger themes while maintaining the novel's ultimate strength - when finished, you cannot help but say, "Whoa, that was a cool book. I wonder if he has any more..."

  • Christopher Donta
    2019-03-13 15:23

    I was unsure what to expect when I opened this book, as I was unsure whether it fit into the thriller category, drama, or some other type of fiction. I was pleased to find a landscape of interesting, compelling characters, set in a contemporary atmosphere, with a plot that draws one in quickly. It is a story that is very hard to put down, and proves highly relevant to current global issues of human place and meaning. The writing is superb, with an expert mix of texture, background, and imagery. I felt a real connection to the characters, and was deeply drawn into the story. As with other great novels, the most difficult part was to leave this world when the end was reached. I highly recommend this book, and I hope the author has more for us.

  • Dennisb
    2019-03-02 15:28

    I was first exposed to Eric Green's writing on an internet forum where he was recounting an experience from one of his cross country journeys. It was a simple tale, yet I was mesmerized. Here was a gifted storyteller painting a picture so real, I was there. But it was more than that; there was something indefinable, something beyond the words that compelled me to want more.And now Eric has created a world within Livecell where the story unfolds in front of you like an artfully crafted motion picture--taking you on a non-stop journey where every tiny detail, where every spoken word reveals a rich tableau so compelling, you cannot look away. As a filmmaker, I want to make that movie.Eric has that rare gift that comes from a place deep within his being. And I know we'll see more because a true artist can't help but create. I'm looking forward to it.

  • James John
    2019-02-24 10:24

    LiveCell is technology on the edge of reality, submersed in the hard realities of universal economic, political and social power plays, and the common frustrations of human vanity. But nothing is predictable. I was pulled along by the story, in pursuit of the ever-evolving conflicts that the game-changing big idea ignites. The stakes get higher as the kingmakers grow to understand that the balance of world order is threatened. But, ultimately, it's the people who matter. Whether idealist, or loyalist, you love them because they could be you--the outsider--excited to be in the game, but increasingly scared of the governing powers--and too hardheaded to run away. Eric Green does it all with inventive ideas, exquisite descriptions and vivid images.

  • Ron Arden
    2019-02-24 18:17

    This was a great story combining the high tech industry, adventure and a bit of spirituality. Jay Chevalier has invented a new kind of phone and buys a struggling company to manufacture and market it. Jay is a biologist who worked for years at a DuPont lab. He was investigating another biological phenomenon when he came upon the basics of the phone. The phone is grown and is actually alive. To find out how and why, you need to read the book.Jay takes over as CEO of the company he buys and renames it LiveCell. Jay is nothing like the former CEO. He is very laid back, dresses in jeans and a t-shirt and drives an old clunker. The former executives and most of the employees from the old company remain. He hires new ones for the factories and puts people in positions of power who never had it before. He can quickly determine if you are the type of person he wants and then lets you do your job.The phone makes a big splash, think iPhone in 2007, and the powers that be don't like it. Especially after Jay reveals that the phones don't need to use the telecom carriers to work. They can talk to any other LiveCell without any network. He also drops the price so that a lot more people can afford them. You can probably see where this is going.Jay wants to shake up the establishment by making it easier for people to communicate. He is helping to democratize the world. Powerful government and business people start terrorizing him and the company. Things end well or poorly, depending on your opinion.When Jay bought the old company, he mainly did it because he wanted to have Mary MacKensie working for him. Mary has an incredible attraction to Jay, which she doesn't quite understand, but Jay doesn't quite reciprocate. Mary possesses an ability to see and know things before they happen. Jay also has this and he needs Mary to channel the energy of the cosmos into the phones; you have to read the book to figure out what I'm talking about.It took me about 3/4 of the way through the book before I finally realized, although I had my suspicions, that Jay and Mary where modern day versions of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Jay's initials are JC and Mary is obvious. Once that clicked, a lot more of the story made sense. Jay is a selfless man that makes everyone want to help me and work with him. The book is not religious, but this was so obvious that it hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized it.The story is a great one and the technology, science and adventure is excellent. There is also a lot of genuine human warmth as the characters unfold and interact. I have to admit the JC was a bit of a turn-off to me at the end, but every author uses metaphors to tell stories. So why not do it the way Eric Green did.

  • Kathrin
    2019-03-03 14:36

    I have read this book three times. Each time I pick it up to check a memory, Jay Chevalier and his friend, Mary, pull me back in, as do Sammy Garland, Jimmy Hakken, Wendy Smith and all the rest. Whether these characters are hanging out in a poolroom, suspended from the top of a moving train, dodging bullets, or meditating on the divine energy that protects us, I am with them, holding on for dear life. And loving every minute of it. Eric, I hope you are at work on a sequel, or even a prequel. I long to spend more time with my "Live Cell" friends!

  • Tristram
    2019-03-04 11:42

    A tremendous debut novel. It's available now as an ebook for $0.99. Check it out!

  • Eric Green
    2019-03-10 14:43