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A New Species of SuspenseTens of thousands of monkeys and apes suffer in animal testing labs. If just one of them could speak, what might it say and whose interests would it threaten?Researcher Liane Vinson thinks she can handle her promotion to the primate lab at Pentalon, the world's biggest and most secretive animal testing facility. Going along to get along, she'll ignA New Species of SuspenseTens of thousands of monkeys and apes suffer in animal testing labs. If just one of them could speak, what might it say and whose interests would it threaten?Researcher Liane Vinson thinks she can handle her promotion to the primate lab at Pentalon, the world's biggest and most secretive animal testing facility. Going along to get along, she'll ignore both the vitriol of animal rights protestors outside the front gates and the cold calculus that her bosses use to distance themselves from their subjects behind closed doors.But when Liane discovers that one of her favorite apes, a young bonobo called Bea, has shockingly developed the ability to speak, all her doubts awaken--doubts about right and wrong, about following the rules, and about sacrificing individuals to the supposedly greater good.She'd spare the unique being the knife if she could, but only Axel Flickinger, Pentalon's cold-hearted CEO, holds the power of life and death within the closely monitored laboratory. If there's any chance of rescuing Bea, Liane will need to involve her neighbor, Mickey Ferrone, a rough-hewn veterinarian with his own grievances. Soon, at risk of life and limb, Liana and Mickey must challenge forces almost beyond their comprehension: a malevolent corporation, a venal federal government, and animal rights movement that's lost its way--and all of our assumptions about man's primacy in nature....

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Primacy Reviews

  • Peacegal
    2019-03-06 19:58

    Consider Primacy as the more hard-boiled counterpart to another recent novel with a similar theme, Unsaid. Both dealt with the idea of a superintelligent ape threatened by unscrupulous research scientists, and whose very existence is a challenge to the notions of human supremacy most homo sapiens hold dear. Natural comparisons will also be made to the wonderful and compelling film, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes."This is how reviewer Jennifer Parruchi of the animal advocacy website Our Hen House assessed the animal rights content of Primacy:One of the great things about Primacy is that these characters, and their stories, create the opportunity for the author to bring up many important questions for anyone who has ever cared about an animal. For the most part, he doesn’t shy away from these issues. Indeed, those on both side (or no side) of the vivisection debate will find much food for thought. It is a relief to me that animal research is not just portrayed as the gallant work of selfless scientists, but a business beholden to the whims of the marketplace as much as anything else. Arguments both for and against vivisection are presented within the text, and it's not just the simplistic media version of "Grandma vs. a rat." Kudos to Fishman for doing his research in this respect.While Fishman brings up many pressing topics about our responsibilities to other beings, most of the animal rights advocates in this book do not come off well. The fictional animal liberation group in the story Folks Against Unnecessary Lab Testing, is sort of a catch-all for stereotypes of activists. The Our Hen House Review notices this as well: Unfortunately, however, while the animal rights activists who make up the membership of FAULT are not portrayed as the enemy, or as complete crazies, they nonetheless come across as misguided. Their stance for total liberation of animals at any cost – rather than focusing on what is best for an individual animal – is, in my experience, totally uncharacteristic of animal rights activists, who truly value each individual (as well as total liberation). This flawed portrayal is, perhaps, not surprising, since Fishman, disappointingly, is careful to assert in the epilogue that he is not an animal rights activist, while asking readers to do their own research on the subject of animal testing.Animal advocates who read Primacy will no doubt instantly spot another inconsistency that doesn't ring true; namely, what is with all of the meat-eating animal rights activists? If you're willing to break the law and go to jail for your beliefs, as the activists in this story are, is it REALLY that difficult to order the vegetarian sub? Jennifer Parruchi writes:Perhaps telling of Fishman’s ambivalent, even contradictory, attitudes toward our proper relationship with animals is the fact that the book does not adequately go there when it comes to food, and the torture of animals on factory farms....[These issues] are simply glossed over, leaving a wasted opportunity for interesting discussion among the book’s protagonists.Despite a few disappointments, however, Primacy is a well-crafted science fiction thriller that takes the issue of animals in vivisection seriously, and presents these issues to a new audience that would perhaps never pick up a book on the philosophy of animal ethics.

  • Kathleen Smith
    2019-03-21 00:08

    Ok, here goes..I could barely wait to start this Novel. I was totally captivated for chapter upon chapter as the story of Bea and her brother started to build. I immediately loved Laine. And identified with her, as I worked at a Humane Society for 13 years. A kill shelter because of its large volumn. So doing your job and realizing it goes against all your spirituality is jaring. Then somewhere, at least for me, in the middle all these people crossed over each other, and I got lost. Then they would come back and I found the thread again. Then came the end. Again, powerfully, beautifully written. I will carry the picture and sound in my mind and heart for a long time. All I can say, is do not give up if you get lost, it will come back. Thank you Mr. Fishman for a very good story.

  • Zohar -
    2019-03-11 17:53

    “Pri­macy” by J.E. Fish­man is a fic­tional book which cov­ers a lot of ground, both geo­graph­i­cally and sto­ry­wise. The book is par­tially about ani­mal test­ing and con­tains some dif­fi­cult pas­sages, how­ever it's worth the effort.Liane Vin­son is a researcher in an ani­mal test­ing facil­ity for Pen­talon in Farm­ng­dayle, LI who just got a pro­mo­tion to work in the mon­key lab . How­ever, one of her favorite pri­mates, a bonobo called Bea, starts to dis­play the abil­ity to speak.Bea becomes an asset to ani­mal rights group and a lia­bil­ity to Pen­talon and the gov­ern­ment. Endan­ger­ing her own life and that of her neigh­bor, the vet­eri­nar­ian Mickey Fer­rone, Liane tries to save Bea from cer­tain death and bring her back home from which she was abducted.“Pri­macy” by J.E. Fish­man starts fast and never lets go. The story revolves around a research ape, type bonobo, who has devel­oped the abil­ity to speak. This great ape, named Bea, doesn’t talk in full sen­tences, but a word here or there. How­ever it is enough for Liane, the book’s hero­ine, to risk every­thing to save her.While the book could have eas­ily been rehashed as a genre type it reads fresh and excit­ing. Mr. Fishman’s pac­ing is flaw­less and the nar­ra­tive superbly enter­tain­ing. The writ­ing style is intel­li­gent and the action sequences are beau­ti­fully executed.When I first started to read this book I thought “not another ani­mal friendly book” and was wait­ing for the inevitable tirade to come about ani­mal test­ing and our treat­ment of our fel­low planet dwellers. To my sur­prise that tirade never came and the dis­cus­sion of the moral and eth­i­cal issues on both sides is han­dles very well. How­ever, ani­mal test­ing and research is por­trayed as evil.The book moves around geo­graph­i­cally, but in an even pace and the author doesn't sim­ply drop his char­ac­ters in an exotic locale but has a rea­son for them being where they are. I found the char­ac­ter­i­za­tion to be believ­able and dimen­sional, even the bad guys were devel­oped. My favorite char­ac­ter was a gov­ern­ment black ops agent for the…Department of Agriculture.While the book does involve some sci­ence, I can­not com­ment on the pas­sages for bet­ter or worst sim­ply because I don't know enough to do so. This is an intel­li­gent book and even though the premise might be far reach­ing, Mr. Fish­man cer­tainly took great care into mak­ing it believable.Author J.E. Fish­man had a very inter­est­ing career in the book busi­ness; his blog is fas­ci­nat­ing and enlight­en­ing. While I didn’t think that this book pro­vided me with many answers (if there are any), I do believe it posed many thought pro­vok­ing questions.For more reviews and bookish posts please visit:

  • Orbs n Rings
    2019-03-19 22:14

    Gripping, surprising thrills with a fascinating narrative that keeps the reader fully engaged.In PRIMACY the main character Liane Vinson seems like a regular gal getting on with life although not happy with what she does, she has convinced herself it is work and she could be worse off. Especially now with her new job promotion within Pentalon, a secretive animal testing and research facility. Liane had been working with rabbits, mice and rats but her new job has left her with feeling of doubt about her involvment in her new routine, when she finds herself working with a rare species of apes called bonobos. Liane begins to question the experiments being done to the primates, especially when two of the primates begin to show signs of speech. After deciding that saving the bonobos is more precious than her employment, Liane takes a huge risk and soon she is on the run through the streets of New York City. But not just from Alex Flickinger, Pentalon's CEO and his cold blooded sidekick Vlad Gretch, but also from Henley Pulsipher an undercover agent from the United States Department of Agriculture. Meanwhile in Africa near Congo Dikembe Kasa is having second thoughts about his recent poaching since his wife contacted Hemorrhagic Fever and died. Afraid he has been cursed he is on a mission to get back the konobos he had caught in the bush and sold off. Back in New York with help from her neighbor, now turned close friend Micky Ferrone, Liane fights her way through New York City as she learns who she can and cannot trust, while falling in love along the way. With a wide variety of interesting characters, Primacy does not disappoint in the engaging category. Catching my interest from the start I was lead on a journey that in no way left me hanging in the end. At first I thought Fishman was a little off when it came to Liane's character, as she seemed kind of crazed and having no solid plan as to where she was going or what she was going to do with her newly acquired stolen property. However Fishman slowly weaves in a plan and surprises along the way, I could not have guessed beforehand. I found Primacy to contain a quick pace that kept me guessing with many intense moments right to the very end.

  • Wendy Hines
    2019-03-23 00:07

    Liane Vinson is a veterinary technician in Pentalon, a big animal testing laboratory. After two years, she has been promoted to the primate lab. A pair of bonobo twins captures her interest, Bea and Isaac. They begin to mimic Liane and speak who at first is unclear what they are speaking but soon realizes it is not only their own form of dialect but is decipherable.When testing is done on the twins, Liane knows that they are on the verge of a scientific breakthrough. But when one of the twins undergoes surgery, Liane questions her own boundaries and decides to escape with Bea and return her to Africa.Her journey is tumultuous. While worrying about her mother, who desperately needs a kidney, to her new love interest, veterinarian Mickey Ferrone, Liane's life suddenly got rocky. Being chased by Pentalon security, the CEA of Pentalon, agents of the U.S. government, as well as Folks Against Lab Testing steers Liane and Mickey toward her old lover Corey, an eco-fanatic.Spanning several continents, a vast array of eccentric and versatile characters and an important moral dilemma at the heart, Primacy is a heart-thumping scientific thriller. We know there are animal research labs, but what really goes on behind those closed doors? If it's anything like depicted in Primacy, it will haunt you. But what if it saved someone's life? There are many questions brought up in Primacy and much food for thought. Bea will capture your heart, and the pace is quick and the writing keen. Highly recommend!

  • Mark
    2019-03-02 21:13

    Lianne Vinson, a research tech at Pentalon is hiding a secret. In her youth, she was actually arrested as a protester for animal rights, and now here she is working as a researcher and using animals as test subjects.Her overwhelming guilt finally boils over when twin bonobo chimps are brought to her lab. When she realizes this pair of loveable apes has the amazing power to speak, not just use sign language or mimic sounds, but actually form and pronounce words, she has to break them out. Foiled in her attempt she finally manages to release the female, the Pentalon authorities having already operated on and removed the larynx of the male twin for observation, and so Lianne and Bea have to flee and go underground.With the help of her veterinarian neighbor, Mickey Farrone—who is harboring a crush on her and would do anything to help—Lianne hooks up with her ex-boyfriend, Corey, who still heads up the secretive organization. Her goal is to get Bea back in the hands of the Congolese government and to place her with her family in the wild.As implausible as it might be that apes could actually evolve the capability to speak, Fishman does a magnificent job of under-playing this discovery and allows his readers to enjoy the story without heavy-handed application. This debut novel is a marriage of medical thriller, along the lines of Robin Cook, to fear on a scale you have never experienced, as typically brought to readers by Michael Crichton

  • Harry Kendall
    2019-03-02 18:06

    Primacy by J. E. Fishman is packed with incredible demonstrations of man's inhumanity to men/woman and animals. Yet, it is a shot of adrenaline into the advocacy of animal suffrage. Fishman utilizes techniques of the objective reality of journalism and the subjective reality of fiction. Primacy reads in part like an expose into corruption of the lucrative business of importing and exporting animals. That alone is worth three stars. Extensive descriptions, many of them rainbow colored, multi sub-plots, and strong character motivation in a roller-coaster sequence of events heightens the story's immediacy until the final moment mission is accomplished. Horror and gore a degree or two beyond ghastly really induces fingernail biting. Fishman masterfully illustrates the old adage; payback is a mad dog. Evil men die unmercifully, thus making the story morally realistic. Yes, Primacy is scary, but it is balanced by a spiritual strength and will-power that cements a strong personality of moral persuasion in its central character. Liane Vinson draws like-minded persons on her side in the battle of justice versus the amalgamation of vicious corporate power, government, and high-stake politics.

  • Joanna
    2019-02-20 21:06

    I juggled between 2 and 3 stars on this book and if I could have given it 2.5 I would feel better about the rating. This book was ok, I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. It wasn't a bad book, well written, good dialog, interesting chracters, but unmemorable with a predictable ending.But perhaps having read 500+ books it becomes difficult to rate something as great or think it was amazing.The premice behind the story wasn't very original. Maybe the fact that I recently saw "Rise Planet of the Apes" skewed my judgement some, and ruined the shock value of the book. Anyone that has seen the movie and read the book, I think will know what I mean. I can't say I read much real world thrillers, as I usually stick to fantasy/urban fantasy, sci-fi, and horror, but occasionally I venture out of my comfort zone and will read something completley different, but this story just didn't capture me. I wasn't sitting on the edge of my seat racing through the pages dying to find out what happens next. It felt more like a leisurley walk through a park.Like I said, not a bad book but not a great book either. Something to read on a rainy day to get you through the hours.

  • PopcornReads
    2019-03-05 21:10

    Book Giveaway & Review & Q&A with the Author:When I was approached about participating in a Virtual Book Tour for J.E. Fishman’s debut thriller, Primary, I was pretty much sold as soon as I read the concept. When I read Primacy, I was thrilled to find it is not only about a cause dear to my heart but it’s one hell of an action-packed thriller! Whether you love animals or you love thrillers, you’re going to want to read this one! Read the rest of my review, a Q&A with the author and enter the Giveaway at

  • Ginny
    2019-03-10 20:55

    I saw this book on the library shelf and even though I usually only read books that I've reserved, I checked it out. It was surprisingly good. I would have given this four stars except for one thing that bugged the heck out of me. Call me a grammar freak but even though Mickey was described as on the book jacket as rough-hewn, he is a veterinarian and it just wasn't believable to me that he would so frequently use the word "ain't." It made him sound uneducated, which he is not.

  • Ken Eveleigh
    2019-03-03 21:03

    I hesitated to read this book because it revolves around the subject of animal testing. You just know that things are going to happen that will upset you, maybe turn your stomach. And they do but there is also a hope and love in this thriller that kept me reading. The characters are well defined, the story moves right along, the good guys win, the bad guys lose. I think the penultimate scene is unlikely to happen in the real world but it's a good story.

  • Glenda
    2019-02-23 22:46

    I thought this story was ok and I think the fact that I felt it was 100 pages too long influenced my low rating. I think it could have been wrapped up in a lot shorter of a time period and I felt my interest waning at different times while reading the story. I did find the concept of a talking ape unique though!

  • C.
    2019-03-22 21:02

    An author soapbox filed with lazy, even mixed metaphors, and tedious cliches. Even if you agree with the message not at all subtly embedded in this story, it's so extremely heavy -handed that it starts out unbearable and only gets worse.I could not force myself to finish it.If this is what StoryBundle is offering now, I won't be buying ebooks from them any more.

  • Zeljka Ulan
    2019-03-08 00:09

    Absolutely loved it. Fishman's writing is dynamic and compelling. I love his writing style. He is a cross between T.C. Boyle and Jim Harrison and he is one of the rare writers who knows how to finish a novel well.Looking forward to his future works.

  • Antonia
    2019-03-12 22:46

    Although I liked the overall premise of the book, I wanted it to be more exciting. It took me quite a while to get to the end. Also, it was the Advance Readers Copy, not the final edition, and the numerous typos were distracting.

  • Kim
    2019-03-18 18:57

    The subject matter is not one that I had read before, but the story was very engaging and thrilling with lots of twists and turns. I would recommend reading it.

  • Shorewalker
    2019-02-27 00:08

    Author's first book had a good plot but wondered at times. The connection between events becomes blurred at times, none the less it was a fair read.

  • Bt
    2019-03-13 19:50

    i am like 200 pages in on the second day and i love this book its so great! I CANT BELIEVE i have read it so fast i will have to read it again!

  • Amy Rogers
    2019-03-16 02:03

    4 star science thriller (top 25% of the genre) about the rescue of a talking ape from an animal research lab. For my full review, see

  • Dean Turcotte
    2019-03-08 23:48

    Enjoyed the story along with making things right at the end